Young Africans (Yanga SC) rank in Africa 2021: 74th, arising need for improvements

Young Africans (Yanga SC) rank in Africa 2021: 74th, arising need for improvements

May 16, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Young Africans (Yanga SC) Sports Club is a professional football club from Tanzania and competes in the Tanzanian Premier League currently ranked 74th in Africa with arising


Young Africans (Yanga SC) is currently ranked 74th on the African continent according to the CAF five year ranking system introduced by the Confederation of African Football.


The club’s state in continental engagements does not replicate the true history behind the club’s success in the early years of Football in Africa.


As per the rankings, Young Africans have just a single point over the last five years and are ranked 74th on the African continent.


But what could have led to Yanda SC poor performance at the continental level? Compared to the their counterparts Simba SC, Young Africans may not be on the right part in terms of recruiting the best legs capable of challenging top teams outside the country.

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Looking at the success recorded by Simba SC, you can spot out how the club have been able to retain it’s best legs amid lucrative offers for a move abroad.


Simba has singlehandedly turned the business of Football in Tanzania more lucrative by offering huge sums of money in terms of wages to some of it’s best legs.


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22nd timeTanzania Premier League winners, Yanga SC used to be a major force in Africa.


The High and Low points in the history of Young Africans (Yanga SC)

Founded in 1935, Young Africans have won over 22 Tanzania Premier League titles including four FA Cups.


The club also standouts as one of the biggest in East Africa, winning the CECAFA Club Championship five with the last title in 2012.


Young Africans has also represented Tanzania in the CAF Champions League multiple times alongside Simba SC which is regarded as the best Tanzanian club on the continent lately.

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CAF Club competitions performance and why Young Africans rankings have dropped


The best outing Yanga SC had was during the 1998 edition where the club got to Group stage of the Competition.


Since the start of the 21st century, the club have never gone beyond the second stage.


In the CAF Confederations Cup in 2018, the club enjoyed a blissful outing by getting to Group stages.


How Yanga SC can bounce back to the top echelon of football on the continent

Probably, the club has to make major changes in the most viral areas.


Players should be recruited and quality players already in the team should be retained just as how their counterparts Simba SC have done over the years to prevent some of the best legs from leaving for European offers.


Yanga SC used to be a top side on the continent and this status has to be brought back.

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Yanga CAF Records (appearances 8)

1997 (Preliminary Round), 1998 (Group stage), 2001 (Second Round), 2006 (Preliminary Round), 2007 (Second Round), 2009 (First Round), 2010 (Preliminary Round), 2012  (Preliminary Round), 2014 (First Round), 2016 (Second Round), 2017 (First Round).


CAF Confederation Cup: (5 appearances)

2007 ( Intermediate Round), 2008 (First Round), 2011 (Preliminary Round), 2016 (Group stage) 2018 (Group stage).

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