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Why Bundesliga is one of the best and why you should follow

The German Bundesliga arguably is one of the best football league competition in Europe and the world at large.


The league consists of clubs like FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 04 and RB Leipzig as well as Borussia Monchengladbach.



The original and long-standing member of the league is Hamburger SV, who preserved it’s status as the only Bundesliga original founders not to have relegated to the second division.



Hamburger SV stayed on top for over  54 years, 261 days, 0 hours, 36 minutes and 2 seconds after the kick-off of their maiden game in 1963 which was eventually won by 1.FC Koln.


In this article, Interesting Football gives you straightforward insight, data, and opinions on why the Bundesliga is one of the best leagues and not a farmers league as some critics call it due to Bayern Munich dominance.



If you study closely, the Bundesliga has a lot of followership, although it would not be compared with the amount of audience the Premier League has.


Even at that, the gap between the two leagues remain minimal and not quite noticed.


Our study highlights why the Bundesliga is the best league to follow as a result to the fun, passion and play surrounding it.


Here’s what we found…


Breeding ground for young players with lots of talent and potentials.


You hardly see other leagues across Europe give ample opportunity to young players to thrive.


In the Bundesliga, young players have a high chance of being in the matchday squad, not only that but they also make up the starting eleven.


To back this up, the DFL head of German football recently reduced the age limit in the league to 16 years.



You know what that means, young players with lots of potentials who couldn’t showcase their talents can now do so at the big stage.



With the highest average attendants rate across Europe, any young player with skills can get noticed in no distant time.


The player that would benefit from the recent rule is Youssoufa Moukoko who is Dortmund’s U19 star in as of 2020.


He’ll probably kickstart his journey to greatness from next season when Dortmund decides to throw unto the big stage.



Borussia Dortmund is a top club in Germany and across Europe to place more emphasis on young players.


Dortmund has been hailed for its prudent approach to football.


What they’ve done, simply put, looking at potentials and turning them into world stars.


Here’s an example.

Robert Lewandowski – Dortmund to Bayern Munich and now a world star. Finished seventh-best during the FIFA player of the year award in 2019.

Why Bundesliga is one of the best and why you should follow 2
Bayern Munich – DW Newspaper



Erling Braut Haaland – Red Bull Salzburg, now wanted by big clubs in Europe.

Why Bundesliga is one of the best and why you should follow 3
Erling Braut Haaland – Daily Mail


Jadon Sancho (Dortmund) – Manchester City reject, from being rejected to a world football most wanted man. One of the most prolific and exciting players in the German Bundesliga.

Why Bundesliga is one of the best and why you should follow 4
Jadon Sancho – Daily Express UK


The league virtually nurtures young players into works stars.


Another case study is of the United States Men’s National Team ( USMNT)


Several United States footballers, some of which play for the national team.


Christian Pulisic (Dortmund before moving to Chelsea)

Gio Reyna

Weston McKennie


These players have gone on to represent the Nation’s national team and performed quite well.


Footballers play with passion


Why Bundesliga is one of the best and why you should follow 5
Union Berlin fans celebrate first ever promotion to the German Bundesliga – Talksport Uk/ Getty Images


If you’ve been following the Bundesliga in recent years, you’ll notice that most of the players play their hearts out.


Without mincing words, the players in the Bundesliga appear to have more passion for playing for their respective clubs than playing for the money. Although money is what everyone needs.


Robert Lewandowski’s incredible ball control was a huge hit as he created a replica of the league’s official logo.



Other players who are a joy to watch during matchdays include;

  • Erling Braut Haaland
  • Jadon Sancho
  • Thomas Muller
  • Serge Gnabry
  • Kai Havertz
  • Timo Werner
  • Dayot Upamecano


The league boost players ranging from world-class defenders, midfielders, attackers, and goalkeepers.



Gulacsi became Leipzig’s first goalkeeper not to have conceded a goal against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena.



Fewer cases of Racism (Reduced)


Some fans would tell you the rather watch the Bundesliga because of its hype.


The fans over there are little well behaved at most times compared to the rest of the leagues across Europe.

Why Bundesliga is one of the best and why you should follow 6
Bundesliga hard core fans talking about new club’s promotion tagged Non-traditional club – AS English


The Press in Germany is a little bit involved compared to the over-hyped nature of some of the big leagues in the continent.


You wouldn’t rule out the fact that the league has had its a fair share of Racism cases, but it is a little bit minimal compared to their competitors.



Bundesliga is more family-oriented. Watching some of the matches on TV as the Camera spans across the stands, you’ll see how the fans are seated.


Some of the clubs special make arrangements for kids and elderly ones. The league is more hospitable.


Highest average attendance every matchday


The German Bundesliga has one of the highest average attendants during matchdays.

The Bundesliga is behind the English Premier League.


The league right from time has been able to develop a huge fan base both home and abroad.


Increased number of Competition in the UEFA Champions League.


The emergence of RB Leipzig as a strong contender in the German space has increased the competition in the Champions League to three.


Ever-present Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund complete the list.


Leipzig’s emergence from the third tier known as the 3.Liga into the Bundesliga has further created a fierce competition both in the league and in the Champions League.



Case study: RB Leipzig eliminated Tottenham Hotspur in during the round of 16 of the Champions League. Beating Spurs home and away.



Bayern Munich won all six matches during the Champions League group stage with Tottenham Hotspur in the same group.



You no know how entertaining the Bundesliga have become in recent years, despite being tagged as a one-man show.


Following the Bundesliga will not only give you beautiful football, but you also stand a chance to see traditional football as young players fight for position with the big boys.


The use of technology

According to The Union Journal, Bundesliga aims to catch up with the Premier League, La Liga through the use of technology.


Indeed, this we’ve seen with the recent introduction of Amazon AWS.


How to follow the Bundesliga


On social media (Twitter), you can follow the official handle of the Bundesliga English version

Web: Bundesliga official website


Websites and blogs

Bulinews (Covers all things Bundesliga)

SportBild (Covers Bundesliga news)

Interesting Football Bundesliga ( Covers Bundesliga news exclusively)


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