West Ham biggest rivals ranked – Top 5 teams


West Ham may not be your football heavyweight, but they do present some level of competition in English football, leading to the establishment of rivals.


Apart from that, West Ham United is located in London, the city which has the highest number of clubs in the Premier League and thus has several rivals they do compete with.


So who are the biggest rivals of West Ham United? 

The Hammers have been consistent in the English Premier League for years and actively compete against some of the biggest teams in the division. And the club’s biggest rivals are as follows.


1. Millwall

This is by far the oldest rivalry the club shares in the city. This was because companies in the same locality founded the two clubs.


Violent conductors sometimes mar West Ham fixtures with Millwall in the stands by fans, which could damage facilities.

Throughout the meeting between the two clubs, West Ham United has recorded more victories than Millwall FC.


Tottenham Hotspur (East vs North London)

West Ham is located in West London and shares a rivalry with Spurs, who are on the opposite side of the city. It was fueled by players from both, some of whom had left the Hammers to join Spurs.

West Ham fans

The appointment of Harry Redknapp, who was in charge of the Hammers between 1994 and 2001 at Tottenham Hotspur, deepened the rivalry between the two sides. To date, Spurs and West Ham have continued to compete against each other at the highest level of English football.


Chelsea (East vs West London)

West Ham’s rivalry with Chelsea has been a friendly one. The Hammers, who are located in the Western part of the city, have Chelsea, who are the Westerners, as rivals. The two sides have met consistently in the English Premier League and other competitions.


Sheffield United

Although it is not a rivalry to a construction extent, there existed a tension between them due to the signing of Argentine forward Carlos Tevez, who helped the Hammers preserve their top-flight status at the expense of Sheffield United. The Blades were relegated to the Championship due to the outcome of the fixture.