US Open Cup winners, list of Lamar Hunt US Open Champions in history

US Open Cup winners, list of Lamar Hunt US Open Champions in history

May 28, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Lamar Hunt US Open Cup winners.


The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup is an annual knockout American Soccer tournament organized by the United States Soccer Federation for teams in the US.


It is regarded as the oldest Soccer Competitions in the country and the second most popular after the United States Major League Soccer.



Cool facts

How many US Open Cups have the Sounders won? Seattle Sounders have won the US Open Cup four times.


How many teams are in the US Open Cup? Over 100 teams were scheduled to take part in the 2020 edition. Subsequently, more teams are expected to enter the competition.


How old is the US Open Cup? It is more than 105 years old and was established in 1914.


What teams play in the US Open Cup? Teams from the MLS, USL Championship, USL League One, Amateur teams, US Adult Soccer and US Club Soccer.


How do you qualify for the US Open Cup? All US-based teams are qualified to take part in the Competition.


Founded in 1914, about Hundred teams or more participates in the national knockout Cup Competition with the winner crowned Champions of the US.


Initially, during the early years, it was known as the National Challenge Cup before it was changed to the US Open Cup and now Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.


In the history of the competition, Bethlehem Steel and Maccabee Los Angeles have are the most successful teams with five titles each more than any other team in the country.


Since its establishment in 1914, a total of six three different teams have emerged Champions.


Brooklyn Field Club became the first team to lift the trophy in the 1913–14 season.


Lamar Hunt US Open Cup prize money? The overall champion is awarded $300,000 while the runner-up receives $100,000, with others from the lower leagues receiving $25,000.



Teams from the MLS have dominated the Competition since 1996.

Lamar Hunt US Open Cup winners list, all-time most successful teams

Maccabee Los Angeles

When it comes to the US Open Cup winners list, Maccabee Los Angeles are the most successful teams in the country.


The club has won five titles alongside Bethlehem Steel with the same number of wins.


The last time Maccabee Los Angeles won the trophy was in 1981. The club achieved success in the 20th century.

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Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel is no joint most successful winners of the US Open Cup with five titles alongside Maccabee Los Angeles.


The two sides claimed more titles than any other side in the old era of the Cup tournament.


Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is the only MLS team in the MLS era to win more US Open Cup titles than any other side with four wins.

Chicago Fire’s last triumph was in 2006.

Greek American AA

Greek American AA is a joint second most successful team with four titles.


Philadelphia Tridents
Philadelphia Tridents is another side with four titles.


Seattle Sounders FC

Seattle Sounders FC is the second MLS team with more US Open Cup titles behind Chicago Fire. Sounders have won four Cup titles.

Fall River Marksmen

Fall River Marksmen have also won four titles.

Sporting Kansas City

Sporting Kansas City is the third MLS side with more up to three titles. The club’s most recent win was in 2007.


Stix, Baer and Fuller – 3 Titles

New York Pancyprian-Freedoms – 3 Titles

D.C. United – 3 Titles

Brooklyn Italians – 2 Titles

Brooklyn Hispano – 2 Titles

Los Angeles Galaxy – 2 Titles

FC Dallas – 2 Titles

Most successful MLS teams


Chicago Fire – 4 Titles
Seattle Sounders FC – 4 Titles
Sporting Kansas City – 4 Titles
D.C United – 3 Titles
Los Angeles Galaxy – 2 Titles
FC Dallas – 2 Titles


US Open Cup winners list in full

2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19
2019 Atlanta United FC
2018 Houston Dynamo
2017 Sporting Kansas City
2016 FC Dallas
2015 Sporting Kansas City
2014 Seattle Sounders FC
2013 D.C. United
2012 Sporting Kansas City
2011 Seattle Sounders FC
2010 Seattle Sounders FC
2009 Seattle Sounders FC
2008 D.C. United
2007 New England Revolution
2006 Chicago Fire
2005 Los Angeles Galaxy
2004 Sporting Kansas City
2003 Chicago Fire
2002 Columbus Crew
2001 Los Angeles Galaxy
2000 Chicago Fire
1999 Rochester Rhinos
1998 Chicago Fire
1997 FC Dallas
1996 D.C. United
1995 Richmond Kickers
1994 Greek-American A.C
1993 El Farolito Soccer Club
1992 San Jose Oaks
1991 Brooklyn Italians
1990 A.A.C. Eagles
1989 St. Petersburg Kickers
1988 St. Louis Busch Seniors
1987 Club España
1986 St. Louis Kutis S.C
1985 Greek-American A.C
1984 New York AO Krete
1983 New York Pancyprian-Freedoms
1982 New York Pancyprian-Freedoms
1981 Maccabee Los Angeles
1980 New York Pancyprian-Freedoms
1979 Brooklyn Dodgers S.C.
1978 Maccabee Los Angeles
1977 Maccabee Los Angeles
1976 San Francisco I.A.C
1975 Maccabee Los Angeles
1974 Greek American AA
1973 Maccabee Los Angeles
1972 Elizabeth S.C
1971 New York Hota Bavarian S.C
1970 Elizabeth S.C
1969 Greek American AA
1968 Greek American AA
1967 Greek American AA
1966 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
1965 New York Ukrainians
1964 Los Angeles Kickers
1963 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
1962 New York Hungaria
1961 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
1960 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
1959 McIlvaine Canvasbacks
1958 Los Angeles Kickers
1957 St. Louis Kutis S.C
1956 Harmarville Hurricanes
1955 S.C. Eintracht
1954 New York Americans
1953 Chicago Falcons
1952 Harmarville Hurricanes
1951 New York German–Hungarian S.C
1950 St. Louis Simpkins–Ford
1949 Morgan Strasser
1948 St. Louis Simpkins–Ford
1947 Ponta Delgada S.C
1946 Chicago Viking A.A
1945 Brookhattan
1944 Brooklyn Hispano
1943 Brooklyn Hispano
1942 Pittsburgh Gallatin
1941 Pawtucket F.C
1939–1940 Baltimore S.C, Sparta Fallstaff
1939 Brooklyn St. Mary’s Celtic
1938 Chicago Sparta
1937 New York Americans
1936 Uhrik Truckers
1935 St. Louis Central Breweries
1934 Stix, Baer and Fuller
1933 Stix, Baer and Fuller
1932 New Bedford Whalers
1931 Fall River Marksmen
1929–30 Fall River Marksmen
1928–29 New York Hakoah
1928 Chicago Bricklayers
1927 Fall River Marksmen
1925–26 Bethlehem Steel
1924–25 Shawsheen Indians
1923–24 Fall River Marksmen
1922–23 Paterson F.C
1921–22 Scullin Steel
1920–21 Robins Dry Dock
1919–20 Bethlehem Steel
1917–18 Bethlehem Steel
1916–17 Fall River Rovers
1915–16 Bethlehem Steel
1914–15 Bethlehem Steel
1913–14 Brooklyn Field Club

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The Competition is a single-elimination soccer tournament contested by over a hundred teams across the country.


For the US Open Cup, participating teams from the Major League Soccer, the USL Championship, USL League One, amateur teams from the Premier Development League (USL League Two), National Premier Soccer League, United States Adult Soccer Association, and US Club Soccer.

First Round

This round is usually contested by teams from the United States amateur soccer Competitions.


The first round consists of three different rounds which serve as qualifications for Amateur teams who then advance to the second round.


Dates: Usually played on weekdays in May.


Second Round

In the second round, Amateur Soccer teams who advanced from the first round will face teams in the USL division.


The pairings are based on geographical location.



Progressing teams from the second round will face each other in a bid to advance to the fourth to face professional teams in Major League Soccer.

Dates: usually played in June.

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Fourth Round

The fourth Round is where MLS teams will begin participation in the tournament.



The teams which advances or the winners of their respective games in the third round will progress to the quarter-finals of the US Open Cup.


Dates: usually played in July


The remaining four teams from the quarter-finals will battle for a place in the finals.


Dates: usually played in August


The final is the match played to determine the winner or who should be crowned Champions of the United States.


Dates: usually played in September

The winner of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup automatically qualifies for the CONCACAF Champions League the following year.


More facts

Early success by Random teams

The early years of the US Open Cup saw teams across the country lift the national crown.


This was the moment that Maccabee Los Angeles and Bethlehem Steel made way to the top of the all-time standings.


During the period, it was more like an open battle for teams across the country.


MLS era

Since the emergence of Major League Soccer, there has been clear domination from teams in the United States franchise league.

Teams from the MLS have singlehandedly won the Competition more times than teams from other leagues since the year 2000.

Although this dominance all started in 1996 with DC United becoming the first MLS team to lift the trophy.


Since that triumph, Rochester Rhinos became the only non-MLS side to win it in 1996 by beating an MLS side in the final.

Name Change

Starting from 1999, the United States Soccer Federation changed the name of the Competition to Lamar Hunt US Open Cup in honour of one of American soccer’s most important patrons, Lamar Hunt.


This decision automatically changed the Cup title of the tournament to the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.


The US Open Cup is the most competitive domestic soccer Cup trophy in the United States having teams from the MLS, USL Championship as well as other important soccer divisions in the country.


Also, amateur teams are allowed to participate.


The US Open Cup is the most popular domestic Soccer Cup tournament in the country.


This article highlights the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup winners list, Champions in history.

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