UEFA Europa League prize money 2021/ 2022: teams, qualifications

UEFA Europa League prize money 2021/ 2022: teams, qualifications

June 27, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

UEFA Europa League prize money 2021/2022 season, teams, and qualification.


Ahead of the new season, the UEFA Europa League prize money has been revealed and promises to be much better than previous seasons.



The Europa League is the European second-tier professional football Competition played by teams that are not participants of the UEFA Champions League.


The competition runs alongside the Champions League and has produced notable winners in the history of its inception.


The UEFA Europa League prize money for winners is at €8,600,000 while the runners up would take home €4,600.00.


Compared to be Champions League, the Europa League winners receive lesser amount of money although its value is higher than that of the UEFA Europa Conference League.



Spanish La Liga side Villareal CF are the defending champions of the competition after edging Premier League side Manchester United in the 2021 final.


UEFA Europa League prize money for the 2021/2022 season explained

In this article, we’ll highlight every bit you need to know about the UEFA Europa League winners and runners up prize from every stage to the final.


Although most people might not see the Competition as big as the Champions League, it also holds high prestige across the world.


The good thing about the Competition is the guaranteed place in the UEFA Champions League for the following season for the winning side.


Also, they’re capable of making more money beginning from the group stages up to the knocked stage and down to the final match.



Compared with other European club soccer competition, the Competition uses the same money allocation formula to distribute funds to participating teams across the continent.


Also, teams receive funds based on performance throughout the Competition.


Another aspect that affects the money distribution process is the market which includes broadcast rights and advertisers.



How much will the UEFA Europa League 2021/2022 winners earn?

As per UEFA, the winners of the 2021/2022 UEFA Europa League will pocket €8,600,000 and the runners up will also pocket €4,600.00.


This money value is far lesser compared with the Champions League and better than the UEFA Europa Conference League, the third tier league.


The group stage participants are also not left out on the huge money distribution pool.


For participating in the group stages, clubs stand a chance to pocket €3,630,000.


Teams that earn a win in each group stage campaign would receive €630,000 and €210,000 for a team that picked up a draw.



There’s another huge bounty available for participating in the group stages just as it is done in the Champions League.


The winners of each group would receive €1,100,000 and the runners up would also receive €550,000.



For the knockout stages, there’s also mouth-watering financial incentives attached with it.



Advancing to the knockout stages would attract €500,000 for round 32. Advancing to the round of 16 attracts €1,200,000.


Teams in the quarter-finals would receive €1,800,000 and the semi-finals would also receive €2,800,000.


UEFA Europa League winners prize money breakdown for the 2021/2022 season

Winners €8,600.000

Runners up €4,600,000

Semi final €2,800,000

Quarter finals €1,800,000

Round of 16 €1,200,000

Round of 32 €500,000

Group winners €1,100,000

Group runners €550,000

Draw in group stage €210,000

Group win per match €630,000

Playoffs €3,630,000

Third Round qualifying €280,000

Second Round qualifying €260,000

First-round qualifying €240,000

Preliminary round qualifying €220,000


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What the prize money means for smaller clubs

The UEFA Europa League provides an avenue for smaller European clubs to get additional money from participating just as it is done in their respective domestic leagues.


In some European lower leagues, the prize money given to the league winners or cup Champions is not a high as the one given in European Competitions.



Also, competition in the group stages knocked stage altogether makes more money for the club which is a plus that would further boost their financial level for the season.


Another part is the Popularity, relevance and recognition it brings to smaller European Soccer clubs.


At least, clubs would be known which is expected to attract potential partners or advertisers that would bring in more money to the club.

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Other aspects include gate takings that would be generated as a result of home fans as well as travelling fans.


The Europa League main provides an avenue for smaller clubs to generate more money through match bonuses, tv rights, gate takings, deals and more.


The increase of the UEFA Europa League prize money would help participating clubs coup with any other expenses relayed to putting up their team as well as other expenses.



With more partners and advertisers expected to come in, the future prize money is expected to increase which would further boost the level of competition just as it is seen in the Champions League.



The high financial revenue is one of the reasons clubs are always fighting to finish in the Champions League zone at the end of every season within their respective domestic leagues.



For smaller clubs, it is mainly to increase money, boost chances of making European success and more.


How it stands for average or big sides

Although it was made mainly for smaller teams unable to make the Champions League, bigger teams would still enjoy almost the same benefits.


The availability of an automatic Champions League berth for the following season makes it great for teams aiming to get into the UCL the following season.


For bigger teams who fail to make it to the UCL knockout stages, the UEL provides an avenue to reach the group stages automatically the following season by winning it.


Topsides including Sevilla, Manchester United, Chelsea, Villarreal CF have all used the UCL title as a means to enter the Champions League directly.


UEFA Europa League Qualification

How to qualify for 2021/2022; UEFA Europa League? As per requirements, clubs that finish the previous season outside the UEFA Champions League spot will stand a chance to qualify for the Europa League.


The final breakdown

As the second tier European Soccer continental showpiece, about 58 teams from the 55 UEFA member associations participate are expected to take part in the 2021–22 UEFA Europa League.


Teams that qualify for the Competition will be selected based on the UEFA coefficient ranking.


Associations 1–5: Teams ranked with this level would have the luxury of fielding two teams.


Associations 6–15: At least one team is expected to qualify. Nations that fall in this category.


About 37 teams that fell out from the 2021–22 UEFA Champions League would be moved to the Europa League.


Starting from the 2022/2023 season, UEFA Europa Conference League winners will qualify for the Europa League.


The Conference League has the following rounds

Third qualifying round

Play-off round

Group stage

Knockout round play-offs


The odds of the competition winners as well as the prize money

Highlighting the top teams and what to expect


1. Napoli

Napoli is one of the biggest sides heading into the Competition this season.


Having some of the best players in the Italian Serie A including Victor Osimhen, Dries Mertens, Insigne, Politano, etc. Napoli has a clear chance of succeeding.


2. Leicester City

After having a remarkable outing last season, Leicester City narrowly missed out on Champions League qualification for the second year running.


For the head coach Brendan Rodgers, he would have to build from the Europa League this time.


Last time, the club got close to a winning position but got eliminated by a surprise team.


The mistakes from the last campaign are not expected to repeat themselves this time.


3. Real Sociedad

Started the Spanish La Liga season quite well in the previous campaign, along the line went soar as they could only settle for a Europa League spot.


Real Sociedad is one of the Spanish sides with a good record in the competition alongside Sevilla, Real Betis, Granada, etc.


4. Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt would try to build from the second tier competition this time despite starting well in the previous Bundesliga campaign.


5. West Ham United

The Hammers will be looking to replicate the same form they had before the closing stages of the English Premier League last season.

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Tutored by David Moyes, West Ham narrowly missed out on Champions League Qualification after a long fight.


With some of the best young players, West Ham has the chances of advancing to a title-winning position.


6. Real Betis

Real Betis is known for its consistency and Qualification for the competition over the last few years.


In its history of participation, the the club has never failed to go beyond the group stages in most cases.


Betis would be looking to recount for lost years with an improved outing this time.


7. Antwerp

This is indeed another memorable moment for Royal Antwerp.


Although the club would have to go through the playoffs, they’re high hopes of advancing to the next stage.


8. Olympique Lyonnais

The return of Lyon to the European scene after a year out means a lot for one of the biggest french clubs in European football.


Lyon has been consistent over the years but lost out on contention last campaign. That been said, the club prepares for a fresh start in Europe from the second tier.


9. Bayer Leverkusen

The club might have lost several stars to European heavyweights, there are still ways open to light up the European scene for Leverkusen.


10. Lokomotiv Moscow

Lokomotiv Moscow had a fine run in Europe last year and would be hoping for an improved outing this time.

11. Olympique Marseille

Olympique Marseille is the second french representative in this year’s campaign. Lyon are expected to improve on previous years campaign in the competition.


12. Braga

Braga is another top side and is also one of teams to watch when the competition kicks off.



The Value of the UEFA Europa League


The competition is the second most valuable continental showpiece in Europe behind the Champions League and above the UEFA Europa Conference League which was newly created as the third tier.


Its value has increased over the years even as winners are granted an automatic place in the Champions League the following campaign.


The additional financial revenue it brings to participating clubs makes the competition even more relevant.


Another big part is the participation of Europa League Champions in the folder seasons UEFA Super Cup against winners of the UEFA Champions League.


The Super Cup is regarded as Champions of Champions which also has its financial incentives added to it.


As winners of the UEL, you stand a chance of getting additional money if you could win the Super Cup.


Chances the prize money would increase

As things stand currently, it is the second most popular European Soccer Competition and is also one of the most followed around the world.


Every year, more partnership deals are signed with various businesses across the world.


The Competition has had companies like Western Union, Hankook, LG OLED, etc.



This shows there’s recognition around the world.


Meaning, the financial value would increase with more sponsors and partners expected to come into the competition.


Although the Champions League has almost all partnership deals, the Europa League is also not left out even as more partners continue to emerge.


How UEFA stands to benefit from this

UEFA benefits from the sponsorship deal with cooperating organizations around the world seeking to boost their business to the next level.


UEFA would also gain through Television broadcast rights as well as other partnership deals.


Participating teams for the 2021/2022 season

West Ham United, Real Sociedad, Real Betis, Lokomotiv Moscow, Olympique Marseille, Leicester City, Eintracht Frankfurt, Braga, Lazio, Bayer Leverkusen, Napoli, Olympique Lyonnais.


St Johnstone, Jablonec, Anorthosis Famagusta, Fenerbahçe, AZ, Randers, Zorya Luhansk, Sturm Graz, Antwerp.


More teams are expected to enter through the various qualifying rounds.


Participating member nations

Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, Cyprus, Serbia.


Scotland, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, Kazakhstan, Poland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Republic of Ireland.


Finland, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Armenia, Malta, Estonia, Georgia, Wales, Montenegro, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Andorra, San Marino.

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About the 2021/2022 season

The 2021/2022 season will be the 51st season of the continent’s second-tier football competition.


The tournament begins from 5–26th August 2021 for the qualifying rounds while the competition proper would begin from 16th September 2021 to 18th May 2022.


The final of this season’s Competitions would be played at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán in the Spanish City of Seville.


The winners of the season’s Competitions would qualify automatically for next season’s UEFA Champions League and also play in the 2022 Super Cup.


For the new season, the away goals rule will no longer be used as a criterion to award qualification for teams.


Villareal CF is the defending Champions of the company after winning the 2020/2021 edition against Manchester United.


About the UEFA Europa League

The competition is the second-tier football competition played by teams from the UEFA confederation eligible to take part after passing through the qualifying rounds.


The competition is ranked as the second-tier football club Competitions below the Champions League and above the new UEFA Europa Conference League.



Teams are selected to take part in the second-tier continental showpiece based on Qualification in various national leagues.


Additionally, the winners of the UEFA Europa Conference League the previous season would qualify for the group stages directly.


Founded in 1971, it was later rebranded as the Europa League in 2009 and has produced notable winners in the past.


Winners of the Competition would compete in the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup the following season.


In the history of the Competition, teams from Spain boost more titles than other nations.


Sevilla is the most successful team in history including three consecutive wins in the process.


The increase in the prize money for the competition means a more competitive approach by participating clubs in the second tier football competition.


Europa League vs Champions League


The Europa League is meant for Cup winners of various national cup competitions as well as teams that fell out from Champions League group stages by finishing third.


It is the second tier european football competition played by clubs from UEFA member nations.


While for the Champions League is meant for Champions or top two, three and four teams from the top european football leagues.


It is also available for UEFA Europa League winners of the previous campaign.


It is the top tier football competition played across the continent by clubs from UEFA member nations.


It is the biggest, followed, priced and most prestigious football club competition in the world today.


Europa League vs UEFA Europa Conference League

The Europa League is the second tier competition and the most popular behind the Champions League.


The UEFA Europa Conference League is a newly created competition to further help more teams participate in European football competitions.


It is the third tier competition that promises to be big as the years go by.


It is expected to help smaller teams across the continent gain more exposure, money and opportunity to feature at the biggest stage.


The winners also stand a chance of qualifying directly for the Europa League the first season.


What to expect from this season campaign

The presence of top teams including Napoli, West Ham United, Bayer Leverkusen, Leicester City, Fenerbahçe as well as Champions League fallout teams would spice up the occasion.


This season promises to be different with more money involved in it this time.


How to watch the Europa League on TV

You can catch all actions live on your Television via your television subscription open to all countries and regions.


You can check out the list of international broadcasters to know how to follow the competition in your region.


The increase in the 2021/2022 UEFA Europa League prize money is expected to further increase its competitiveness.


The new financial incentives means more money for teams across the various stages of this year’s campaign.



This article highlights the UEFA Europa League prize money, teams, qualification.

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