UEFA Euro Championship winners list, Champions in history

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UEFA Euro Championship winners list, Champions and most successful national teams in history. List of European Cup winners


The UEFA European Championships winners is a list showing the Champions of the competition since its inception in 1960.


Which countries have won the Euros? Germany, Spain, France, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Soviet Union and Portugal have won the Euro.


Which country has the most Euro Cups or Who won the Most euros? Germany and Spain have the most Euro Cups with three titles each.


The UEFA European Championships is a men’s professional football tournament organized by UEFA for senior national teams specifically for UEFA members nations.


The winner of the Competition is crowned Champions of Europe for the next four years before another edition will take place.


After the FIFA World Cup, Euros is considered the next biggest Football Competition in the world before others including Copa America, Gold Cup, Asian Cup and African Cup of Nations.


In the history of the UEFA Euro Championship, Soviet Union became the first team to lift it during the 1960 edition hosted by France.


When it comes to the UEFA Euro Championship winners list, Germany and Spain are the most successful teams with three titles each closely followed by France with two titles.


Since the inception of the Competition, ten different winners have emerged in the fifteen tournaments held.


It was a big surprise to see the giant European continent had no senior team Competition actively working at the time, although it was first proposed in 1927.


Unlike Europe, Copa America began earlier than the Euro with Uruguay as the most successful team.


Most successful teams in the UEFA Euro nations Championship



Titles – 3

Years Won: 1972, 1980, 1996.

When it comes to the UEFA Euro nations Championship, Germany is the most successful team in the continent and are joint-most alongside Spain with three titles respectively.


Germany won its first title in 1972 held by Belgium and eight years after, Germany added a second title in 1980 held in Italy.


Following up with this success, Germany could only lift the trophy again in 1996 hosted by England.


The German Machines have failed to win the Competition since the start of the modern era of football.


However, the country has edged closer on several occasions but have failed to reach a title-winning position as it did in the early years of the tournament.

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Titles – 3

Years Won: 1964, 2008, 2012.

Spain is also another top side when it comes to the UEFA Euro Nations Championship with three titles and is joint number one alongside Germany.


At the moment, Spain holds the record as the only team in the history of the Competition to win consecutive titles, winning the UEFA Euro Championship back to back between 2008 and 2012.


Spain’s first title came in 1964 which was the second edition hosted on the country’s home soil.


The Spaniards are considered tournaments top shots in the modern Euro Championship tournament.


Spain’s Euro 2008 triumph

The country’s men’s senior national known as the La Roja (The Red One) won the 2008 UEFA Euro Nations Championship hosted by Austria and Switzerland.


In the final match, Spain defeated Germany to emerge Champions of the continent, stopping the Germans from becoming record winners of the Competition.


In the final which was held in the Austrian famous city of Vienna, Fernando Torres 33rd minute goal was more than enough to seal the win for the Spanish side.


For Germany, it would have marked the country’s fourth title.


Spain’s Euro 2012 triumph

The tournament was hosted by Poland and Ukraine. In the final, Spain hammered Italy by a 4-0 scoreline to lift a third UEFA Championship title.


Goals from four different players including David Silva, Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata was more than enough for Spain to see off a poor and indecisive Italian side on the night.


The game was played in the Olympic Stadium in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv in front of over 63 thousand spectators.



Titles – 2

Years Won: 1984, 2000.

France is the second most successful team when it comes to the UEFA Euro Nations Championship with two titles.


The French won the 1984 edition it hosted. The second Euro trophy was however lifted in the year 2000 hosted by Belgium and Netherlands.


France 2000 Euro win


In the final match, Runners up Italy were on the verge of lifting a Euro and were almost edging towards the final sound of the whistle before Wiltord on the death of 90 (90+3).

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However, France eventually won the title courtesy of a Golden goal scored by Trezeguet in the 103rd minute of the game.


France has crowned Champions of the UEFA Euro Nations Championship in 2000 which made it the country’s second title behind Spain and Germany in the first position with three titles respectively.


Soviet Union

Titles – 1

Years Won: 1960 (First Edition of the competition hosted by France).


The Soviet Union became the first nation to be crowned Champions of Europe in the inaugural edition hosted by France in 1960.


Then called the European Nations Cup, the Soviet Union defeated Yugoslavia in the final after extra time to lift its first title.


The final was held in Parc des Princes stadium in Paris France and which now serve as the home ground for Paris Saint-German.



Titles – 2

Years Won: 1968, 2021.

Italy has also won the UEFA Euro Nations Championship once in the entire history of the country’s participation in the continent’s highest men’s national football tournament.


Italy’s triumph was in 1968 which is hosted and was the third edition of the continental showpiece.


In the final played at the Stadio Olimpico stadium in the city of Rome in front of over 32 spectators, two goals from Riva and Anastasi was enough to seal the win.


Italy came close in two finals including the most notable finals against Spain in 2012 and against France in 2000.


Czech Republic

Titles – 1

Years Won: 1976.

Czech Republic has also won the title once.



Titles – 1

Years Won: 1988.

The Dutch national men’s Football team is another side that has won the Euros at least once and this was achieved during the 1988 Edition held in Germany.


The Netherlands defeated the Soviet Union by a 2-0 scoreline to lift its first title.


Legend Marco van Basten Gullit scored both goals to help The Netherlands see off the Soviet Union in the final match played in the Olympiastadion, in Munich Germany.


The Dutch national team could only manage a single Euro Championship with it’s golden generation.



Titles – 1

Years Won: 1992

The Danish national football team also boost the European Championship at least once in its entire history.


Denmark emerged Champions of the 1992 edition hosted by Sweden.


In the final match, Denmark caused an upset by defeated giants Germany by 2-0 scoreline courtesy goals from Jensen 18th minute and Vilfort 78th goal to win its first title.

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The triumph sent waves across Europe, announcing Denmark’s arrival in European Football Competitions.



Titles – 1

Years Won: 2004.

The Greek national men’s national football team is also winners of the Euro Nations Championship won in 2004 hosted by Portugal.


The Greek national team surprised the whole of Europe by lifting the competition against all odds having some of the tournament finest players including Theodoros Zagorakis, Angelos Charisteas etc.


Greece emerged Champions defeating host nation Portugal in the final match played at the Estádio da Luz stadium in the city of Lisbon.


Greece only goal came off the boots of Charisteas in the 67th minute which was preserved until the sound of the final whistle.


This was the first time Greece emerged Champions of the continent.



Titles – 1

Years Won: 2016.

Portugal won the Euro 2016 Edition hosted by France.


The Portuguese were runners up in the 2004 Championship hosted on its home soil.


Portugal claimed its first-ever Euro title courtesy of Eder’s 109th-minute goal scored in extra time.


UEFA Euro Nations Championship winners list – full Champions


2020 – Italy – Held 2021

2016 Portugal

2012 Spain

2008 Spain

2004 Greece

2000 France

1996 Germany

1992 Denmark

1988 Netherlands

1984 France

1980 Germany

1976 Czechoslovakia

1972 Germany

1968 Italy

1964 Spain

1960 France





The UEFA Euro Nations Championship is the second most popular national team football Competition in the world behind the FIFA World Cup.


The Competition draws around 290 million worldwide viewers





The Tournament for European countries is one of the most competitive in the world.


A total of 24 teams make it to the final competition from a total of 55 teams that are eligible to enter the qualification series.




The UEFA Euro Nations Championship is the top men’s national football Competition organized by UEFA with 24 teams participating in the main Competition.


This article highlights the UEFA Euro Nations Championship winners list and most successful Champions in history of the Competition.

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