UEFA Champions League winners list, all-time most Champions

The UEFA Champions League is the highest men’s professional football competition held seasonally and has produced several winners since it’s inception.


UEFA Champions League winners list, all-time Champions


The list of winners has been growing season after season and owing to its fame, entertainment it brings, there’s a high rate of followership across the world.



When it comes to the Champions League competition, Real Madrid from Spain is the most successful and the best team to have played in the competition.



They have won a total of 15 titles. The Los Blancos were crowned Champions three seasons in a row during Zinedine Zidane’s early years at the club.



Established in 1955, the tournament was initially called the European Cup.



About the Champions League and qualification to play 


The league is meant for teams that finish at the top half (top four) withing the strongest leagues of Europe.


Other smaller Leagues are only given one to two teams.


These smaller leagues would have to begin from the qualification stage before gaining entry to the competition proper.


UEFA created a ranking system to seed teams for the tournament. Also, there’s a ranking system for clubs according to their previous performance in the competition.


Majority of the clubs have a target at the end of every season which is the Champions League berth. Teams are willing to forfeit a cup game just to reach the Champions League the following season.


This is as the result of the popular it’s brings to clubs, fame and higher financial incentives which are paid to clubs by UEFA at the end of every campaign.


It is the most prestigious football competition in the followed followed by the Copa Libertadores.

At the end of every season, teams in the top leagues around Europe always set a target to get a place in the following season. In the history of the competition, it has forced several clubs to spend huge sums of money.


Clubs in the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and the Serie A spend big just to secure a place in the tournament.


It would be recalled, Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo for record fee as a measure to that would help them in their quest to win the trophy.


Clubs in the past have also sacked managers because they failed to secure Champions League positions or failed to go beyond the qualification series.


Champions League winners


Real Madrid is the most successful Champions of the UEFA Champions League with over 13 titles won including the inaugural season.


From 1955 till now, a total of 22 different teams have won the competition.



In terms of UEFA Champions League wins by country, Spains carries the record with 18 wins from two clubs with Real Madrid having won most of it compared to their counterparts from Barcelona.



UEFA champions league winners by country


1. Spain – 18

Spain controls the highest number of Championship won amongst two clubs. Looking at the history chart of the competition, you’ll see how Spanish made their way through.


Spanish teams dominates the all-time winners list by country and this was achieved singlehandedly by two clubs in Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Madrid alone won thirteen titles, winning the trophy in three consecutive seasons.


2. England – 13

England is the second. The was a result of Liverpool’s consistency in the competition with several titles under their belt.


English teams have also forced their way through the all-time winners chart. Teams like Liverpool, Manchester United have had their own fair share of trophy in the past.


Liverpool are the most successful English team in the competition before the likes of Manchester United, Nottingham Forest.


3. Italy – 12

The glory days of Inter Milan and AC Milan were behind Italian success in the competition.


Inter Milan has won more alongside Juventus.


The most successful teams of the champions league


Real Madrid

Madrid or Royal Football Club of Madrid is a Spanish professional football club which is regarded as one of the most successful clubs in the history of club football closely followed by Barcelona.



The club made a statement in the world by winning five consecutive European Cups and also winning the Spanish La Liga five times in the space of seven years.



Real Madrid holds the record with 13 titles in the champions league and four UEFA super cups.


They’ve also won seven club world cups.

The times when Alfredo Di Stefano, Santiago Bernabeau, Zinedine Zidane were active footballers, the club also won the trophy.

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The Los Blancos during their golden age won several laurels having the likes of Kaka, David Beckham, Alfredo Di Stefano, Santiago Bernabeau and a host of others.


There’s no other way to describe the historical achievement of Real Madrid. The club’s blistering form earned them the award of the best club of the Century.


They were also given the best award for the best club of the 20th Century by FIFA and UEFA.


Madrid’s domination simply looks like a tradition or birthright and the club have never failed to go beyond the quarter final stages of competition.



With six Champions League trophies, Liverpool remains the most successful Premier League side in the competition following an outstanding performance during the early nineties.


There’s no other way to describe the history of the club without mentioning it’s Champions League heroics.


The club’s recent victory was during the 2018-19 season which they won, defeating fellow English side Tottenham Hotspur.


After a long wait, German tactician Jurgen Klopp guided the team to the trophy after loosing to Real Madrid in the previous final.



Here’s the Champions League all-time winners list


1955–56 – Real Madrid (Spain)


1956–57 – Real Madrid (Spain)


1957–58 – Real Madrid (Spain)


1958–59 – Real Madrid (Spain)


1959–60 – Real Madrid (Spain)


1960–61 – Benfica (Portugal)


1961–62 – Benfica (Portugal)


1962–63 – AC Milan (Italy)


1963–64 – Inter Milan (Italy)


1964–65 – Inter Milan (Italy)


1965–66 – Real Madrid (Spain)


1966–67 – Celtic (Scotland)


1967–68 – Manchester United (England)


1968–69 – AC Milan (Italy)


1969–70 – Feyenoord (Netherlands)


1970–71 – Ajax (Netherlands)


1971–72 – Ajax (Netherlands)


1972–73 – Ajax (Netherlands)


1973–74 – Bayern Munich (Germany)


1974–75 – Bayern Munich (Germany)


1975–76 – Bayern Munich (Germany)


1976–77 – Liverpool (England)


1977–78 – Nottingham Forest (England)


1979–80 – Nottingham Forest (England)


1980–81 – Liverpool (England)


1981–82 – Aston Villa (England)


1982–83 – Hamburger SV (Germany)


1983–84 – Liverpool (England)


1984–85 – Juventus (Italy)


1985–86 – Steaua București (Romania)


1986–87 – Porto (Portugal)


1987–88 – PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)


1988–89 – AC Milan (Italy)


1989–90 – AC Milan (Italy)


1990–91 – Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)


1991–92 – Barcelona (Spain)


1992–93 – Marseille (France)


1993–94 – AC Milan (Italy)


1994–95 – Ajax (Netherlands)


1995–96 – Juventus (Italy)


1996–97 – Borussia Dortmund (Germany)


1997–98 – Real Madrid (Spain)


1998–99 – Manchester United (England)


1999–2000 – Real Madrid (Spain)


2000–01 – Bayern Munich (Germany)


2001–02 – Real Madrid (Spain)


2002–03 – AC Milan (Italy)


2003–04 – FC Porto (Portugal)


2004–05 – Liverpool (England)


2005–06 – Barcelona (Spain)


2006–07 – AC Milan (Italy)


2007–08 – Manchester United (Italy)


2008–09 – Barcelona (Spain)


2009–10 – Inter Milan (Italy)


2010–11 – Barcelona (Spain)


2011–12 – Chelsea (England)


2012–13 – Bayern Munich (Germany)


2013–14 – Real Madrid (Spain)


2014–15 – Barcelona (Spain)


2015–16 – Real Madrid (Spain)


2016–17 – Real Madrid (Spain)


2017–18 – Real Madrid (Spain)


2018–19 – Liverpool (Spain)


2019–20 – Bayern Munich (Germany)


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