Turkish Super Lig Champions, list of Turkish league winners history

Turkish Super Lig Champions, List of winners of the league in history.


Who are the current Turkish champions? İstanbul Başakşehir is the current Turkish Super Lig Champions after lifting the 2020/2021 league season.


What is the most popular club in Turkey? Fenerbahçe is the most popular football club in Turkey followed by Galatasaray and Beşiktaş.


Who has the most Turkish league titles? Fenerbahçe has the most Turkish league titles with 28 titles won in total.


How many times has Galatasaray won the Turkish league? Galatasaray have won 22 Turkish Super Lig titles behind all-time Champions Fenerbahçe who lead the winner list with 28 titles.



The Turkish Super Lig is Turkey’s top tier professional football league which has been one of Europe’s followed league’s producing notable Champions in the past and present.


The First Turkey Super Lig season started in 1924 and Harbiye have crowned Champions of the league.


The club could not defend its title since the league could not hold the following season as a result of circumstances beyond the control of the league’s organizers at that time.


The Super Lig era which is the current adopted Competition was started in 1959 and Fenerbahçe were crowned Champions that year.


Turkish Super Lig Champions, list of Turkish league winners in history



When it comes to the Turkish Super Lig, Fenerbahçe is the most successful team in the country with 28 titles won.


Most of these titles were achieved in the early years of the football league in Turkey.


For Fenerbahçe, it was not an easy stroll, but the club still holds the record of lifting the league title in four consecutive seasons from 1943 to 1946.


Since the start of the 21st century, Fenerbahçe has won seven trophies which adds up the total number of league trophies to 28.



Galatasaray is the second most successful Turkish Super Lig champions in the history of Competitions with over 23 titles won.


The record held by Fenerbahçe was also equalled by a brilliant Galatasaray setup who came out strong against all odds to lift the trophy on four consecutive seasons just as how Fenerbahçe did.

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Galatasaray won the four consecutive titles from 1996–97 to 1999–2000 football season.


Today, Galatasaray remains a strong force in the history of Turkish football even though Fenerbahçe appears to be better in terms of the trophy in the past and present.


Since the start of the 21st century, Galatasaray has won more trophies than rivals Fenerbahçe.


In total, Galatasaray has won a total of eight compared to their rivals seven titles.


This also includes back to back wins between 2017–18 and 2018–19.



Beşiktaş is another top team in the history of Turkish football and is third on the all-time winner’s list of Turkish Super Lig with 20 titles.


This shows the Competitiveness of the league compared to the German Bundesliga, Série A and Ligue 1 where a single team can win four to six successive titles.


Beşiktaş won its first trophy in 1934. Unlike Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray, Beşiktaş has no history of three or four consecutive league titles achieved by these two clubs.


However, the club has won the league back to back on different occasions.


Today, Beşiktaş is also one of the most respected football clubs in Turkey and European football in general alongside Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.


In modern times, the club has enjoyed four league triumphs with the recent in the 2016–17 season.



Trabzonspor is the football club on the list of Champions of the most successful football clubs in the history of the Turkish league with six League titles won.


Trabzonspor won its first title in 1975–76 and did so by making it back to back league titles by winning the title the following year in 1976-77.


Trabzonspor is miles away from the top three teams in the Turkish league.


The last time Trabzonspor won the Turkish league title was in the 1983–84 football season.


Most of the club’s achievement was gotten during the 20th century.


The Turkish Super Lig champions are the winners of the Turkish league every season.

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Since its inception, Fenerbahçe has won more titles than any other side with 28 followed by Galatasaray and Beşiktaş.


Trabzonspor is the next and the list and are fourth on the all-time winner’s list with six Trophies.


Other teams that have won the league includes Harp Okulu 3, Gençlerbirliği 2.


Other teams that have won the league season at least once it the history of the competition including İstanbul Başakşehir 1, Ankara Demirspor, Göztepe 1, Muhafızgücü 1, İstanbulspor 1, Güneş 1, Eskişehir Demirspor 1, MKE Ankaragücü 1 and Bursaspor with 1 title.


Turkey league Champions, list of winners in history – full list

2020-21 Beşiktaş

2019–20 İstanbul Başakşehir

2018–19 Galatasaray

2017–18 Galatasaray

2016–17 Beşiktaş

2015–16 Beşiktaş

2014–15 Galatasaray

2013–14 Fenerbahçe

2012–13 Galatasaray

2011–12 Galatasaray

2010–11 Fenerbahçe

2009–10 Bursaspor

2008–09 Beşiktaş

2007–08 Galatasaray

2006–07 Fenerbahçe

2005–06 Galatasaray

2004–05 Fenerbahçe

2003–04 Fenerbahçe

2002–03 Beşiktaş

2001–02 Galatasaray

2000–01 Fenerbahçe

1999–00 Galatasaray

1998–99 Galatasaray

1997–98 Galatasaray

1996–97 Galatasaray

1995–96 Fenerbahçe

1994–95 Beşiktaş

1993–94 Galatasaray

1992–93 Galatasaray

1991–92 Beşiktaş

1990–91 Beşiktaş

1989–90 Beşiktaş

1988–89 Fenerbahçe

1987–88 Galatasaray

1986–87 Galatasaray

1985–86 Beşiktaş

1984–85 Fenerbahçe

1983–84 Trabzonspor

1982–83 Fenerbahçe

1981–82 Beşiktaş

1980–81 Trabzonspor

1979–80 Trabzonspor

1978–79 Trabzonspor

1977–78 Fenerbahçe

1976–77 Trabzonspor

1975–76 Trabzonspor

1974–75 Fenerbahçe

1973–74 Fenerbahçe

1972–73 Galatasaray

1971–72 Galatasaray

1970–71 Galatasaray

1969–70 Fenerbahçe

1968–69 Galatasaray

1967–68 Fenerbahçe

1966–67 Beşiktaş

1965–66 Beşiktaş

1964–65 Fenerbahçe

1963–64 Fenerbahçe

1962–63 Galatasaray

1961–62 Galatasaray

1960–61 Fenerbahçe

1959–60 Beşiktaş

1959 Fenerbahçe


Súper Lig




1957–58 Beşiktaş

1956–57 Beşiktaş

1950 Fenerbahçe

1947 Beşiktaş

1946 Fenerbahçe

1945 Fenerbahçe

1944 Beşiktaş

1943 Fenerbahçe

1941 Beşiktaş

1940 Fenerbahçe

1939 Galatasaray

1938 Güneş

1937 Fenerbahçe



1951 Beşiktaş

1950 Göztepe

1949 Ankaragücü

1947 Ankara Demirspor

1946 Gençlerbirliği

1945 Harp Okulu

1944 Fenerbahçe

1942 Harp Okulu

1941 Gençlerbirliği

1940 Eskişehir Demirspor

1935 Fenerbahçe

1934 Beşiktaş

1933 Fenerbahçe

1932 İstanbulspor

1927 Muhafızgücü

1924 Harbiye


Competitiveness of the Turkish Super Lig

The Turkish league is heavily contested football Competitions in turkey and have consistently produced different winners.


The league appears to be shared between the big three namely Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş who remain the pioneer clubs in the country.

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The Turkish league is one of the most competitive in terms of teams performance domestically.


The defending champions of the league İstanbul Başakşehir took the country by surprise by lifting the title despite heavy Competition from the big three.


Since the league triumph by İstanbul Başakşehir, the club has continued to be a tough opposition including at the international scene where they defeated the likes of Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League.


Leading Turkey’s coefficient in the UEFA Champions League, İstanbul Başakşehir could manage few wins and represented Turkey at the level it could afford.


The popularity of the Turkish league


The Turkish Super Lig is among the top popular football leagues in the European continent and has witnessed a flurry of players from different parts of the world.


Most especially players from the English Premier League often end up playing for clubs in the league which has further expanded the media coverage from mainstream Europe to Turkey.


Today, the league in Turkey is also regarded as one of the best football leagues in the world according to the performance of clubs from the country in continental tournaments.


Turkey is the top hub for players wishing to grow their football to the next level.


Performance in European competitions

Over the years, teams from the Turkish league have continued to perform at the highest level including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa league.


Teams from the division have constantly emerged tops even though the competitive nature of the European competitions is high.


The high financial power which Spanish teams, English teams and Italian teams posses overshadow the league. However, Turkish Super Lig teams have continued to press forward.


Notable names on the continent includes Beşiktaş, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe



This article highlights the Turkish Super Lig Champions, a List of winners of the Turkish league in history since its inception as a national football top tier league.


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