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Top 5 famous football teams who wear sky blue, navy and white jersey

Sky, blue, navy and white are some of the most famous colours worldwide, including football teams.

When it comes to football, teams in these colours are usually attractive and more appealing to fans and the audience compared to other colours.


Which soccer team is also known as the Sky Blues?

Although these colours are rare for teams to utilise as the primary colour, it might interest you to know that some of the biggest football teams worldwide wear them.


In this article, we at Interesting Football have highlighted the various teams worldwide who wear sky, navy,  blue and white jerseys.


Ranking the top 5 famous football teams that wear sky blue, navy and white


1. Manchester City


Manchester City, or simply Man City, is one of England’s most famous football teams. The Manchester-based club wears a unique Sky blue jersey which is currently one of the most attractive colours in the English Premier League.


In 1894, Man City moved to adopt their sky blue home shirts which are still the club’s preferred choice.

Manchester City is one of the most successful modern-day English football teams and has won the Premier League five times since 1992. The club’s first title in the Premier League era was in 2011/12, when it became a significant contender for the English Premier League title.


The Citizens have also finished the season as runners up in three seasons, making them one of the most competitive sides in the division behind Manchester United.

Man City also dominated the EFL Cup after winning the English Football League knockout cup competition four times in a row in 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20, and 2020–21. The club is also one of the most valuable football clubs globally, with most of its revenue accrued from matchday tickets, jersey sales, tv rights, etc.


In 2018, Man City became the only Premier League team to win the league with 100 points in a single season. The Cityzens won four domestic trophies the following season, including the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, and Community Shield.



The home colours are sky blue and white. Man City have also used several colours but has opted for Sky blue as its primary colour across competitions. The club also wears an all-white jersey with thin blue stripes used for away matches.


Man City adopts Turkey blue as its third colour. The club’s fans are known for displaying the club’s Sky blue jersey during home games played at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.


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2. Marseille


Marseille prides itself as one of France’s most supported football clubs alongside Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco, etc. The club used to be the order of the day in France, most especially in the Le Classique, the derby whom it contested with Paris Saint-Germain.

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Marseille is one of the most successful football clubs and the only club to have won the UEFA Champions League in France.

Marseille’s pedigree in the domestic scene dates back to the early years of French football when it dominated almost all competitions it participated.


Founded in 1899, Olympique Marseille is one of the few french teams that have spent most of its years in the top flight. The club has won the Ligue 1, Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue, Trophée des Champions, and UEFA Champions League.


Despite PSG’s dominance lately, Marseille remains a significant force in the domestic scene and European football competitions.



Marseille’s initial white shirts and shorts with blue socks played a crucial part in the club’s early years until 1986. In 1986, the club began to play with white shirts, white shorts and blue socks as the primary colours on its kits.


Today, all Marseille’s jersey features all white and sky blue stripes on the sleeves, arms and shoulders in some cases.


3. Lazio


Lazio is one of the most famous football teams globally that wear sky blue and white jerseys today. The Italian professional football club has worn the colour over the years, which is now part of the club’s history.


Lazio has spent most of its entire history in the top tier of Italian football. Although the club has not been that successful in the Italian Serie A, with just two titles compared to other big sides, it has won over seven Coppa Italia and three Supercoppa Italiana.


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Lazio is one of the traditional sides with sky blue as its primary colour. The club wears sky blue shirts and white shorts with white socks. The clubs’ choice of colours has been linked to the reminiscent of Rome’s ancient Hellenic legacy.



The club’s colours are white and sky blue. However, the club wore a shirt divided into white and sky blue initially. The club began to wear a plain white shirt but reverted to the current club colours seen today.

Lazio is one of the famous football teams with these unique colours on its kits.


4. Napoli


Napoli is another brilliant football club in the Italian Serie A and one of the most successful teams in Italian football today. The club has won two Série A, six Coppa Italia, two Supercoppa Italiana titles, and one UEFA Cup.


Napoli is one of the top-performing teams in Italy, historically having Argentine legend Diego Maradona as one of its top players at some point.

SSC Napoli wears sky blue shirts and white shorts.



The Sky blue and white jersey have been part of the club.


5. Grêmio


Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense is one of the biggest football clubs in Brazil historically. It is one of the most successful Brazilian football teams, with over 40 official trophies.

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Grêmio’s jersey is a tricolour scheme of blue, black and white.


Final words

Football teams in the world who wear blue and navy blue are also some of the most attractive. The uniqueness of these colours makes them stand out, and some of the top clubs that use these colours on their kits are Man City, Lazio, Napoli, Grêmio, etc.

Ibiye Ambille
Ibiye Ambillehttps://interestingfootball.com
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