Top 5 best soccer leagues in North America 2021

Top 5 best soccer leagues in North America 2021

March 27, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

North American soccer is has continued to grow due to the continues development work on the continental club tournament.


The CONCACAF Champions League fiercely contested by teams from the United States of America and Mexico is also one of the strongest club continental competitions after the European Champions League.



The competition is contested by teams from the northern part of the continent as countries like United States and Mexico having four slots each, the central and caribbean nations.



Some major clubs like América, Monterrey.


Mexico has continued to dominate the continental scene despite the glowing state of teams from the United States Major League Soccer.



The United States follows the Mexicans, although Mexican teams has continued to dominate the competition every season.



Ranking the best football leagues in North America in 2021 Statistically


1. Mexico – Liga MX


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The Mexican Liga MX remains the best soccer competition in Northern america with over four teams automatically qualifying for the competition.



The Liga BBVA MX for sponsorship reasons is the top professional football competition of the Mexican football league system. It is league contested by 18 clubs with plans to add 2 more teams.



The season is split into two tournaments:


The Apertura, which starts in the summer, and the Clausura, which starts in the winter.


A Four-sided tournament is held at the end of each season.


The top four teams in the table at the end of the regular season of the tournament qualify to the liguilla playoffs.



Eight teams qualify for another playoff that determines the next 4 liguilla spots.


2. United States Major League Soccer – MLS


The Major League Soccer (MLS) is the number one soccer competition in the united States contested by teams from Canada.

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Split into two groups namely Eastern and Western Conference, a total of 26 are grouped according to their conference placing.


3. Costa Rica (Liga FPD)

Liga de Fútbol de Primera División (Liga FPD) and or Liga Promérica for sponsorship reasons is the top hierarchy of Costa Rican football.


It has 12 teams, the team that finishes bottom of the league each season will be relegated to the second division known as the Liga de Ascenso.


4. Honduras – Honduran League


Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional de Honduras.


Liga Salva Vida or the Honduras Professional Football League is the first and highest division of football in Honduras.


The league is divided into Opening (autumn) and Closing (spring). A mini playoffs determines the winner at the end with the first 4 clubs selected to take part in in play-offs to decide the champion.


5. Canada – Canadian Championship


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The Canadian Championship (French: Championnat canadien)



The first or considered as the second soccer tournament organized in the country after the Major League Soccer.


It is an annual soccer tournament contested by teams in the premier Canadian professional teams.


The winner of the league is awarded the Voyageurs Cup and a right to play in the CONCACAF Champions League using the Canadian berth.


Reference (CONCACAF Champions League).



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