Top 12 best Football websites in Nigeria

December 20, 2020 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Football is the most followed sport in Nigeria, as a result, there are millions of followers spread across the country.


The country’s love for football has led to the emergence of several media outlets, covering the nation’s football actives from the national league, to the national team.



However, getting the best news articles on a timely basis has always been a challenge, a reason why we took our time to research the best football news websites in Nigeria you can follow with ease.


1. Goal Nigeria


Goal Nigeria remains one of the most accurate football news website. The British Based Media outlet has a team dedicated to Nigerian football covering.


For the past decade, Goal has continued to promote the Nigerian Professional Football League to the outside world as well as teams playing continental football.


From high-quality journalism to in-depth coverage, the online platform boost of some of the best Nigerian football journalist.


They cover NPFL on daily basis as well as news from Nigerian footballers abroad.


Goal is the world’s largest online football destination, covering the biggest teams, players, and leagues.



2. All Nigeria Soccer


All Nigeria Soccer continues to outshine every other Nigerian owned Football website with its timely coverage of news and articles related to Nigerian footballers with their clubs.


They are one of the best when it comes to breaking football news and exclusive interview with some top stars abroad.

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They remain one of the most sourced Nigerian outlets out there.



The website is regarded as the most reputable outlet on the transfer market and Nigerian players abroad. They started publication in 2010.



Cited by top websites like Marca, Tipsbladet, Sport Express and Fanatik.


3. Own Goal Nigeria



Own goal prides itself as one of the few African websites covering local football content only. The website created in 2016, has grown to be a household name when it comes to Nigerian football.


Launched in January 2016 with just three writers, they’ve since expanded to as many as ten authors and still counting.


They are constantly sourced by various media outlets across the world have since been regarded as one of the most vocal sports outlets in the country.


According to the website’s analytics data, they receive over 350,00 monthly unique visitors.



Own goal publishes news articles daily without compromising on quality journalism.


Own goal Nigeria covered Leon Balogun’s move to rangers before it was officially carried by HITC.


4. Complete Sports



Complete Sports Newspaper if not the only Sports Newspaper has continued to dominate the Nigerian market on and off the internet.


The online platform has received lots of visits from within and outside Africa due to its ability to break exclusive news stories relating to Nigerian footballers and the likes.


Complete Sports is a 24/7 platform with in-depth coverage of sports in general.

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Complete Sports is Nigeria’s all-sports daily newspaper. It was first published in December 1995.


According to its official website, it is the most-widely-read sports publication in Nigeria. (All Media and Product Survey (AMPS) research, 2008 and 2009).


5. Brila FM (Online)


Regarded as one of the first sports dedicated radio station, Brila continued to press for dominance online.


So far, they are one of the most visited sports websites in the country with visitors from The US, Canada, UK, Brazil, etc.


Brila has also done lots of exclusive news reporting relating to Nigerian footballers and managers in the Nigeria Professional Football League and well as Super Eagles Stars.


They also had representatives in the Super eagles media team.


Founded on October 1, 2002, by Larry Izamoje as Nigeria’s first and only sports radio station. Brila FM has three sister stations located in Abuja, Kaduna, and Onitsha.



6. Soccernet Nigeria


Soccernet, one of the football-only websites in the country, has continued to publish articles related to Nigerian footballers abroad. Run by a team of writers, Soccernet Nigeria is a major destination for Nigerian football lovers home and abroad.


They cover news, articles, comments on Nigerian footballers in England, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, etc.



7. Football Live NG


Football Live NG cited in several European websites combines news one players abroad and the NPFL. They also publish exclusive news and interviews with top national team players.

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Football Live NG provides all the comprehensive and current activities of Nigerian players at home and Abroad, on the continent, and internationally.


8. Score Nigeria


Started small, score Nigeria is now a household name in Nigerian football, covering timely articles exclusively.


9. FC Naija


FC Naija covers world football teams and leagues like the Spanish La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga as well as teams like AC Milan, Manchester United, Manchester City.


They publish a mix of global topics as well as home based articles.


10. AOI Football


AOI Football prides as one of the top online source dedicated to covering Nigerian football news articles on daily basis. The website is also known for its exclusive breaking news from top Nigerian footballers home and abroad.




It might come as a surprise to many on this list, Soccer Hub is relatively new but has shown to be a great source for local and international football news content.



Founded in 2019, Soccer Hub has continued to publish high-quality news articles from the local league to the international scene.


12. Sporting Life Nigeria


Sporting Life covers daily national sport local and international sporting events and serves you all the details you need to know.

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