The Richest & Best football clubs in Zambia Ranked in 2021

The Richest & Best football clubs in Zambia Ranked in 2021

July 14, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

The Richest and the Best football clubs in Zambia Ranked in 2021.


Zambia is one of the top football destinations in Africa having some of the best clubs including Zesco United, Nkana, Zanaco FC, Power Dynamos, etc.



Zambian clubs have also continued to perform at the highest level when it comes to continental soccer Competitions like the CAF Champions League, CAF Confederations Cup, etc.

Cool facts

Which club is the best in Zambia? Based on recent performance, ZESCO United is the best football club in Zambia while Mufulira Wanderers is the most successful with over 50 trophies won.


How many teams are in the Zambian Premier League? There are eighteen teams in the Zambian Super League.


The Zambian Super League represents the best football clubs in Zambia.


The league was founded in 1962 and has continued to grow.


The football scene in the country is one of the most competitive in Africa and has continued to produce teams that actively participate in continental competitions.


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Today, Zambian teams are one of the best in Africa. The Super League is also one of the top-rated soccer leagues on the continent.


In Zambia, Zesco United, Nkana, Zanaco are the top richest football clubs.


The Richest Football Clubs in Zambia 2021


1. ZESCO United
2. Zanaco FC
3. Power Dynamos
4. Nkana
5. Red Arrows
6. Nchanga Rangers
7. Mufulira Wanderers
8. Buildcon
9. Prison Leopards – Source.


Although not as big as its counterparts in other African countries like the PSL in South Africa and Premier League of Egypt, the Zambia Super League worth is within the region of $5 to $10M based on tv rights money.


As per SuperSport Television broadcast rights, the league winners would receive K300,000 with an additional 500,000 as prize money for the league.


Most successful teams in Zambia


1. Mufulira Wanderers

2. Kabwe Warriors

3. Nkana

4. ZESCO United

5. Zanaco

6. Green Buffaloes

7. Power Dynamos

8. Kabwe Warriors


Ranking the best football clubs in Zambia Statistically


1. Nkana

Full name: Nkana Football Club

Nickname(s): Red Devils


Nkana is a Zambia Professional football club based in Kitwe that competes in the Super League.


Nkana stands as the most popular and the most successful Zambian Super League club with 13 league titles.


In terms of overall performance, Mufulira Wanderers are the all-time most trophy-winning team in Zambia with over 50 trophies.


The relegation of the team to the second division had been the only difference separate it from the rest of the top teams in the country.



Founded in 1935, Nkana is also one of the oldest football clubs in Zambia.


Nkana is also the most popular football club in Zambia with the highest fan base known for their noisy behaviour during matchdays most especially against top sides like ZESCO United, Zanaco, etc



Nkana Football Club trophies and Achievements

Nkana is considered the second most successful in terms of overall performance in the country only leading the Zambia Super League with 13 titles

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Zambia Super League – National

Nkana won its first league title in 1982, twenty years after the league was founded in 1962.


The club successfully defended the title it won the following year in 1983 with a third in 1985.


Beginning from this era, Nkana continued with this fine run.


Nkana also won the league in three finals seasons between 1988, 1989 and 1990.


The club’s success began from the 1980s until the early 2000s.



Nkana’s most recent league triumph was in 2020.


Titles: 13


Zambia Cup – National

Nkana’s first shot at the Zambian Cup was in 1986 with a second title in 1989. The club made it three consecutive Zambian Cup title wins beginning from 1991, 1992, and 1993.



The last time the club lifted the trophy was in 2000.


Titles: 6


Other top trophies

Zambian Charity Shield 18

Zambian Challenge Cup 7


In the 1990s, the club had a successful outing in CAF Continent Competitions.



Kitwe Derby: Nkana vs Power Dynamos F.C


The two teams are city rivals. The winners of every derby are credited with the bragging rights as the best team in the city.


The club also shares other notable rivalries with other Super League clubs including ZESCO United, Zanaco, Green Buffaloes.



2. Mufulira Wanderers

Mufulira Wanderers is a Zambian Professional football club based in Mufulira, they currently play in the National Division One.


Mufulira is the overall most successful team in Zambia with over 50 trophies.


The club’s success was all achieved during the 20th century.


Mufulira Wanderers Football Club trophies and Achievements


The club boost over 50 trophies in its existence as a Zambian soccer club.


Zambia Super League – National

The club won its first trophy in 1963, followed by another three-year successive title from 1965, 1966 and 1967.


The last time the Mufulira Wanderers lifted the league title was in 1996.


Titles: 9


Zambia Cup – National

This is another domestic trophy where the club had claimed the title in three consecutive seasons between 1973, 1974, 1975.


Titles: 10


Other trophies

Zambian Challenge Cup – 9

Heinrich Cup/Chibuku Cup/Heroes and Unity Cup – 7

Champion of Champions Cup – 7

Zambian Charity Shield – 6

Inter-Rhodesia Castle Cup – 1



The club boasts of the most loyal supporters even though it was relegated to the second division and had struggled over the years.



3. ZESCO United

ZESCO United owned by the State-owned power company is one of the biggest football clubs and the richest in Zambia.


Founded in 1974, ZESCO United grew to become a premier African football club with its involvement in CAF club competitions.


Although its early years in the domestic scene was not at the highest level, ZESCO United rose to the occasion beginning from the early 2000s.



ZESCO’s first-ever recognized trophy was the second division title which the club won in 1980.



Since the beginning of the 21st century, ZESCO United has achieved the status of Zambia’s biggest and most performing team alongside Nkana, Zanaco, etc.

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ZESCO United trophies and Achievements

Almost ZESCO United’s success began in the 21st century with the Zambia Cup as its first trophy won in 2006.


Zambia Super League – National

The club emerged as Champions of the league in 2007.


That year, ZESCO made it four trophies even as the club also emerged Champions of the Super League, ABSA Cup, Zambian Charity Shield, Zambian Coca-Cola Cup.


Titles: 9


Zambian Cup – National

2006 was the first and the last time the club won the National Knockout Cup Competition.


Titles: 1


Other top trophies


ABSA Cup – 6

Zambian Charity Shield – 3

Zambian Coca-Cola Cup – 2

Zambian Division One – 2


4. Zanaco

Zanaco is a professional Zambian soccer club that competes in the Super League.


Zanaco gradually gained prominence beginning from the 1980s which was the period it was founded as a football club.


The club prides itself as one of the most successful and decorated Zambian clubs.



Despite starting early, Zanaco could only claim a stake in the league title beginning from 2002.


Zanaco trophies and Achievements

Zanaco is one of the most successful Zambian Soccer clubs of all time.


Zambian Super League – National

Beginning from 2002, the club successfully defended the title in won the following year in 2003, marking its entrance to the scene.


The club made it back to back wins once again between 2005 and 2006.


Zanaco claimed its last league title in 2016 but has continued to compete with the highest standard.


Titles: 7


Zambian Cup – 1


The club has won the National Knockout Cup Competition just once in 2002.


Titles: 1


Other top trophies

Zambian Challenge Cup – 3

Zambian Coca-Cola Cup – 2

Zambian Charity Shield – 3

Barclays Cup – 1


5. Green Buffaloes

Green Buffaloes is a professional football club based in the city of Lusaka that competes in the Super League.


Dominating the domestic scene most especially in the 1970s, Green Buffaloes grew to become one of Zambia’s most successful football clubs.


The club is linked with the country’s national army. Unlike other clubs in the country, Green Buffaloes won a treble on two different occasions in 1975 and 1979.


Unlike ZESCO United, Nkana and Zanaco, Green Buffaloes did not enjoy much success in CAF club competitions.


Green Buffaloes trophies and Achievements


Zambia Super League – National

Buffaloes won the domestic league titles in three successive seasons beginning from its first title in 1973 to 1975.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the club is yet to win the league.


Titles: 6


Other top trophies

Shield Challenge Cups – 4

Charity Shield Cup – 3

Heroes and Unit Cups – 2

Champions of Champions -3

BP Challenge Cup – 1

Mosi Cup Champions – 1

Barclays Cup – 1


Green Buffaloes is also one of the top-performing clubs in the Super League.


6. Power Dynamos

Power Dynamos is currently regarded as one of the most entertaining football clubs in Zambia with a rich set of European soccer styles.


The team is also a traditional side when it comes to football in the country.

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Founded in 1971, Power Dynamos grew to become one of the most respected football clubs in Southern Africa after it emerged Champions of the old African Cup Winners’ Cup in 1991.


Power Dynamos trophies and Achievements


Zambian Super League – National

The club’s first triumph was in 1984, but there was a seven-year wait for another title which came in 1991.


In the 1990s, Power Dynamos claimed three league titles in 1991, 1994 and 1997.


The last time the club won the league title was in 2011.


Titles: 6


Zambian Cup – National

Power Dynamos enjoyed more success in the National Knockout Cup Competition with over seven victories.


Titles: 7


Other top trophies

Zambian Challenge Cup – 2

Zambian Charity Shield – 7

Zambian Coca-Cola Cup – 1

Zambian Barclays Cup – 2

African Cup Winners’ Cup – 1



Power Dynamos contest heavy rivalry with Nkana and ZESCO United who are two of the biggest in the country.


Power Dynamos have been consistent over the past few seasons.


7. Kabwe Warriors

Kabwe Warriors is a professional football club based in Kabwe. The club competes in the Super League.


Kabwe is regarded as the second most successful team in Zambia behind Mufulira Wanderers who leads the all-time chart with over 50 trophies.


Kabwe Warriors trophies and Achievements

Super League: National – 5

National Cup: National – 5

Zambian Challenge Cup – 8

Zambian Coca-Cola Cup – 1


About Football in Zambia

Football remains an unchallenged sport in Zambia as a country.


The sport remains the top choice across the country with a huge following on the national team known ad the Chipolopolo.


At the club level, the Zambia Super League or the Premier League is the number one domestic Competition that attracts fans from different regions across the country.


Also, the performance of clubs like ZESCO United, Nkana, Zanaco, Red Arrows in CAF competitions has further increased the level of participation on the part of fans.


Not forgetting Zambia’s 2012 AFCON triumph after beating Ivory Coast in the finals hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.


Zambia has continued to grow its football and has also had some notable names on the international scene including Christopher Katongo, Collins Mbesuma, Kennedy Mweene, etc.



The domestic league is also one of the most competitive leagues on the African continent having teams like ZESCO United, NAPSA Stars, Zanaco, Red Arrows, Green Buffaloes competing with the highest standard.


The league’s revenue has grown over the years more estate with the introduction of SuperSport Television as the sole broadcast partner of the league.


Football in Zambia is a lucrative Sport. Today, Zambian clubs are also widely recognized as some of the best on the continent.


The performance of clubs at the international scene has moved the club the league into the top spot in the African league rankings.



The article highlights the best football clubs in Zambia, the most successful, most popular and the richest in the country.

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