Tanzania Premier League winners list, Ligi Kuu Bara Champions in history

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Tanzania Premier League winners list Ligi Kuu Bara Champions in history


The Tanzanian Premier League or the Ligi Kuu Bara is the top flight of the Tanzanian football league system which has produced notable winners in the past and present.


The league is regarded as one of the fastest growing football leagues in Africa recently which can be attributed to successes recorded by the likes of Simba SC and Young Africans (Yanga SC) in African football club Competitions.


Several Champions have emerged in the Tanzanian League. Most notably, Simba SC and Young Africans lead the way for others to follow.


The two clubs have won more trophies than the rest of the chasing park.


The League in Tanzania was formed in 1965 and has undergone several transformations until its current form.


Since the establishment of the league, a total of twelve different winners have emerged although three teams including Young Africans (Yanga SC, 22), Simba SC 21 and Maji Maji 3, have won the most trophies.


Tanzania Premier League winners, list of Champions in Ligi Kuu Bara in history


Young Africans (Yanga SC)

Titles – 22

When it comes to the Tanzanian Premier League, Young Africans or Yanga SC is the most successful team in the country with a total of 22 titles won.

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Young Africans won the fourth edition of the Premier League 1968 and went on to win five consecutive league titles which were later broken by Simba SC who came back stronger from 1976 until 1980.


Still won the title in three consecutive seasons once and back to back wins on three different occasions.


However, Simba SC has dominated the past few seasons of the domestic league in the country.


1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 (joint record consecutive wins).


Simba Sports Club

Titles – 21

Simba Sports Club is regarded as the big brothers of modern Tanzania football which is a result of the club’s ability to perform at the highest level.


Simba SC formerly known as Sunderland won the inaugural edition of the league in 1965 and successfully defended it the following year in 1965.


After Young Africans had achieved the record by winning five straight titles, Simba SC did the same to equal Yanga SC record beginning from 1976 to 1980.


Simba SC is not all about the domestic scene, but on the international stage as well.


In the past couple of years, Simba has singlehandedly elevated the status of football in the country by advancing to the knockout stages of CAF Competitions including the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederations Cup.

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The high point of Simba SC was the group stage performance of the 2020/2021 CAF Champions League, where “The Kings” finished top of Group A in a group consisting of Al Ahly Egypt, AS Vita Club and Al Merrikh.

Simba SC are now ranked 13th best football club in Africa .

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Maji-Maji Football Club

Titles – 3

Maji-Maji is a professional football club based in Songea.


They are the third most successful team in the history of the league with 3 titles.


Amid the consistent dominance of the league by Simba SC and Young Africans, Maji Maji could still manage to hit the ground running.


Its first title came in 1985, and it was successfully defended the following season in 1986.


The last time Majimaji won the league was in the 1998 Tanzania Premier League season.



Titles – 2 (Zanzibar League Club).

Another team on the list is Malindi with two titles. The Unguja based club resides in the Tanzanian Indian ocean Island of Zanzibar and the most decorated from the Island.


Malindi forms part of the Zanzibar League today.


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Full list of Tanzania Premier League winners list


2019–20 Simba SC

2018–19 Simba SC

2017–18 Simba SC

2016–17 Young Africans

2015–16 Young Africans

2014–15 Young Africans

2013–14 Azam FC

2012–13 Young Africans

2011–12 Simba SC

2010–11 Young Africans

2009–10 Simba SC

2008–09 Young Africans

2007–08 Young Africans

2007 Simba SC

2006 Young Africans

2005 Young Africans

2004 Simba SC

2003 Not held

2002 Simba SC

2001 Simba SC

2000 Young Africans

1999 Prisons

1998 Majimaji F.C

1997 Young Africans

1996 Young Africans

1995 Simba SC

1994 Simba SC

1993 Simba SC

1992 Malindi

1991 Young Africans

1990 Pamba

1989 Malindi

1988 Coastal Union S.C.

1987 Young Africans

1986 Majimaji F.C.

1985 Majimaji F.C.

1984 KMKM

1983 Young Africans

1982 Pan African S.C.

1981 Young Africans

1980 Simba SC

1979 Simba SC

1978 Simba SC

1977 Simba SC

1976 Simba SC

1975 Mseto S.C.

1974 Young Africans

1973 Simba SC

1972 Young Africans

1971 Young Africans

1970 Young Africans

1969 Young Africans

1968 Young Africans

1967 Cosmopolitans S.C.

1966 Simba SC

1965 Simba SC


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This article highlights the Tanzania Premier League winners, list of Champions of the Ligi Kuu Bara.

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