Spanish Super Cup winners list, Champions of Supercopa de España in history

Spanish Super Cup winners list, Champions of Supercopa de España in history

May 27, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Spanish Super Cup winners, list of Supercopa de España Champions in history.


Cool facts

Who has won the most Spanish Super Cup? Barcelona has won the most Spanish Super Cup with thirteen titles.


Who qualifies for Spanish Super Cup? Winners and runners up of Copa Del Rey and Winners and runners up of La Liga all in the previous season.


How many Spanish Super Cup has Real Madrid won? Real Madrid has won 11 Super Cup titles.


Who won Spain Super Cup 2021? Athletic Bilbao won the 2021 Spanish Super Cup.


Spanish Super Cup or the Supercopa de España is an annual football tournament played by teams from Spain.


The short tournaments are organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation and are contested by teams from the La Liga as well as the domestic Cup.


Every Year, two teams from the Copa Del Rey from the previous season (Champions and runners up) and La Liga teams from the previous season (Champion and runners up) face off.


The short tournaments initially operated as a two-team Tournament.


Founded in 1982, a total of yen different winners have emerged excluding the old Supercopa de España known as Copa Eva Duarte which lasted until 1953 and was last won by FC Barcelona.


Since the establishment of the Supercopa de España, the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona have emerged victorious more than any other team with thirteen trophies.


The Spanish Super Cup have also undergone series of transformations until the current name and format was eventually adopted.

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To increase more participation in even as Real Madrid and Barcelona were making more headlines, the opportunity was also handed to teams from the domestic Cup tournaments such as the Copa Del Rey which is the oldest tournament in Spain.


Spanish Super Cup winners list – Supercopa de España most successful teams



When it comes to the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona is the most successful team in the country with thirteen and is the only club outside Real Madrid with more domestic Titles aside from the Spanish La Liga.



Barcelona’s first title was achieved in 1983. The Blaugrana won another title eight years later and was achieved back to back from 1991 to 1992.


The Catalans remained consistent in the Supercopa de España and have always appeared in the competition played by Champions and Runners up of the Copa Del Rey and the La Liga.


In the modern era of the Supercopa de España, Barca has won up to eight titles more than any other side.


Although this is the only domestic Cup Competition where Barcelona’s dominance is not seen.


The club has also ended up as runners up on over eleven occasions and was semi-finalists once.


Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the second most successful team in Spanish Super Cup with eleven titles and are two wins away from equalling the record set by Barcelona who leads with thirteen trophies.


Madrid’s first hand on the Supercopa de España ended in three consecutive wins starting from 1988, 1989 and 1990.

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The Los Blancos followed up with a series of successes, winning a total of five Spanish Super Cup titles in the space of ten years.


Since the start of the modern era of Spanish football, Real Madrid has won up to six Supercopa de España with the most recent in 2020.


The Madrid city-based club has also ended up as runners up on five occasions and semi-finalists once.


Athletic Club Bilbao

Athletic Club Bilbao is the top side outside the duo of Real Madrid and Barcelona with more domestic titles.


The Bilbao based club has won a total of three Cup titles and is third on the all-time winner’s list.


Bilbao has also ended up as runners up on two occasions but has never exited from the showpiece in the semi-finals.


Bilbao won its first Supercopa de España in 1984 and the most recent triumph was in 2021.


Deportivo La Coruña

Deportivo La Coruña is the fourth most successful in the Competition with three titles joint on the same number with Athletic Bilbao.


La Coruña first title was in 1995 and the last time the club achieved success was in 2002.


Atlético Madrid

Atlético Madrid is the first most successful team in the history of the Spanish Super Cup with two titles in 1985 and 2014.


Atlético is one of the worst losers haven lost in five finals.


Other notable teams in the Spanish Super Cup winners list


Valencia – 1 Title

Sevilla – 1 Title

Real Zaragoza – 1 Title

Real Mallorca – 1 Title

Real Sociedad – 1 Title


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Supercopa de España winners list, Champions in history

2020–21 Athletic Bilbao

2019–20 Real Madrid

2018 Barcelona

2017 Real Madrid

2016 Barcelona

2015 Athletic Bilbao

2014 Atlético Madrid

2013 Barcelona

2012 Real Madrid

2011 Barcelona

2010 Barcelona

2009 Barcelona

2008 Real Madrid

2007 Sevilla

2006 Barcelona

2005 Barcelona

2004 Real Zaragoza

2003 Real Madrid

2002 Deportivo La Coruña

2001 Real Madrid

2000 Deportivo La Coruña

1999 Valencia

1998 Real Mallorca

1997 Real Madrid

1996 Barcelona

1995 Deportivo La Coruña

1994 Barcelona

1993 Real Madrid

1992 Barcelona

1991 Barcelona

1990 Real Madrid

1989 Real Madrid

1988 Real Madrid

1987 Not held

1986 Not held

1985 Atlético Madrid

1984 Athletic Bilbao

1983 Barcelona

1982 Real Sociedad




The Spanish Super Cup or the Supercopa de España is the third most popular football tournaments within the Spanish audience and across the world with Spanish interest.


It follows the Copa Del Rey and the La Liga which remain the top audience destination not just in Spain alone, but across the world.




It could be seen as the second most competitive in Spain since the winners of the La Liga square up against Copa Del Rey winners and losers from the previous season.




This article highlights the Spanish Super Cup winners list or the Champions list of the Supercopa de España.





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