Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time

Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time

April 2, 2021 1 By Ibiye Ambille

The Italian football winners list shows the complete list of titles won in the Italian Serie A since the inception of the competition.



The Italian Serie A just like other major European leagues has had several Champions in the past most notably Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan.



The country has been one of the most competitive league not until the early 2000s when Juventus started to enter the race.

Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time 5


The team from Turin has singlehandedly won the last previous editions without having heavy competition from the teams even though AC Milan and Inter Milan have not been at their best in recent years.


Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time

The Italian Serie A since it’s inception back in 1929 has produced several winners in the past including clubs that are no longer playing at the highest level.


Another name for the Italian league title is the Scudetto known in the Italian language as little Shield.



That been said, the Scudetto is also one of the biggest trophies within Europe and the world in general.


Even though much competition has not been the major headline, Serie A is still ranked among the top five football league in the world.



Starting from the 2011โ€“12 season, Juventus has won the last nine Serie A title, making them the record winners in the country.


Italian Serie A winners list, most Champions of all time

Who has won the most Serie A titles?

It is Juventus. The club from Turin has won 36 Italian Serie A title past and present which is currently the highest Achievements of any Italian club in the world.


Juventus – 36 Titles





Juventus is the most successful club in the history of the Italian Serie A with over 36 league titles won since the inception of the club.


Juventus saw these as the big boys of the league despite having other competitive teams like Internazionle, AC Milan and Napoli.



They have won the last previous nine editions of the competition. Juventus has won nine titles in the last ten seasons after AC Milan had won the 2010 edition.


How many Serie A titles have Juventus won in a row?


Since the 2011โ€“12 after Milan had won it, Juventus have won the league 9 straight seasons without much competition front the likes of Inter Milan, AC Milan, Napoli and Lazio.

This is record the Bianconeri can currently boast of having at the back of their name.



This could not be seen as lapses on the side of the other teams in the division. It just a show of class that other teams have failed to do in the past years.


Looking at the squad depth in the history of the Italian Serie A, you will find out how Juventus have spent so much money, buying quality players for the senior team.


Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time 1

Even in the past recent years, they have acquired some of the best players in the world like Cristiano Ronaldo who left Real Madrid for the Italian giants even the Turin based club fight to a UEFA Champions League.



The UEFA Champions League appears to be the only trophy that has been scarscarcethe trophy cabinet of the club. Juventus have only two Champions League titles back to back 1984โ€“85 and 1995โ€“96.

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Comparing Juventus with Inter Milan and AC Milan in terms of trophies won


Juve arguably leading the chart. Inter Milan and AC Milan have also had their fair share of the league title in Italy.


At least, Milan once it last in 2011 before Juventus began its onslaught on the domestic title.


Inter has won 18 Serie A title while AC Milan is with 18. Meaning the two Milan clubs are tied on the same number of domestic league titles.


With this Juve having 18, meaning they have won the competition 18 times more than the other two most popular clubs in Inter and AC Milan.

Juventus is currently the most successful club when it comes to club football in Italy.ย 

After relegation from the top division to The second division, the Italian Serie B, Juventus came back strong and better for the Serie A.


At least, winning the league eight consecutive seasons is a very high milestone.


The golden age

The club’s dominance started back in 1972 which continued until 1978. That is, the league was won in seven consecutive seasons at that time.


ฤŒestmรญr Vycpรกlek reign

The Czech republican manager took charge of the team between 1971 1974, winning a couple of trophies for the team.



Giovanni Trapattoni

The Italian manager took over from the Serbian and continued from where he stopped.


Massimiliano Allegri

After Antonio Conte had started the dominating run in 2011, Massimiliano Allegri took over from him from 2014, leading the side until the end of his reign at the club in 2019.


He made so many advances towards winning the Champions League but lost in the finals on several occasions.


In all, he did win the domestic double for Juventus. Allegri won four consecutive domestic doubles when the former Juventus player was in charge of the team.


Allegri brought several domestic trophies to the club including the Super Coppa Italia, Coppa Italia an the Scudetto itself.

However, winning the Champions League was a problem which led the end of relationship with himself and the club’s top hierarchy who had already mapped out a new formula that would help them get the UCL.



Would there be any other team to dominate the Serie A after Juventus?

It is a very big question as to which could emerge maybe in the nearest future to dominate just as the Juve had done in recent years.


However, it depends on the consistency and improvement on the side of other Italian league sides in the nearest future.



In 2021, Milan, Napoli and Inter Milan have stepped up, leaving Juve in the chasing pack.ย 



Although this could be attributed to the recent change in the managerial department of the club after former player and club legend Andrea Pirlo was brought on to replace Maurizio Sarri.

Failure in the UEFA Champions League has continued to be Juventus main source of worry. But at least, they one of the first clubs within the European top five leagues to have won 8 consecutive league titles.

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The future is still wide open for more domestic trophies.


Inter Milan – 18 titles




The Internazionale Milano or officially Inter Milan is one of the ones the boys of Italian football and have also quite several titles in the past.

Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time 2


In total, Inter Milan have won 18 Serie A titles matched on the same record with City rivals AC Milan.


The history surrounding the club shows Inter Milan has been busy in the past, winning trophies despite facing competition from then high profile sides like Bologna.


Formerly known as Ambrosiana-Inter, the blue stripes have also had their fair share of the Italian league title.



But how many Serie A titles have Inter Milan won?


18 titles and the majority of these titles were achieved from the early nineties down to the late nineties.


After lifting the titles in 1989, Internazionale has to wait for another 16 years to win it again in 2005. From this period, the club got back its glory days, winning the Serie A in five consecutive seasons.


When was the last time Inter Milan won the Serie A title?


2010. Since then, Inter Milan have not won any Serie A although they have come close on several occasions to win it but end up losing out.


Some of the players who contributed to Inter Milan success


Giuseppe Meazza


Javier Zanettiย 

See the full list on the bleacher report.


In 2021, Inter Milan is currently at the top of their game with some notable players like Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez, etc.ย 


They are currently heading towards another title which was the last won in 2010.


Since Antonio Conte joined the club, the players over there have increased level to the standard of the league which has already been set by Juventus.



AC Milan – 18 titles



When it comes to the most winners of the Serie A, AC Milan are joint second on the winner’s chart with 18 titles alongside Inter Milan.


The Milan boys also among the early winners of the league alongside Genoa and Juventus.

Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time 4


Milan made a huge statement after lifting the competition in 1901. Since then, they have become a household name in the history of the Italian football league.


Milan also enjoyed some of the great moments of Italian club football, winning the Scudetto three years in a row in 1992, 1993, 1994.


The last time AC Milan won the Serie A title?

The last time AC Milan won the Italian Serie A was in 2011.

Although the glory days of AC Milan may have gone down the drain, the Milan boys are gradually rebuilding for the future with the intentions of matching the records already set by Juventus.


Some prominent players that helped AC Milan in the past


Kaka – The Brazilian sensation is a talented player who was right on hand to help Milan win some of the trophies in the past. Undoubtedly one of the best of his generation, Kaka was a very important first team player at Milan.


At least, his contributions helped Milan achieved so much. There’s no way the history of Kaka would be documented without adding his achievements and contributions towards the growth of the Italian Serie A side.

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In all, Kaka is one of the greatest talents has emerged in football. His exploits at Milan helped him gain relevance from some of the world biggest clubs like Real Madrid where he eventually moved to.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Super marksman himself Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been one the major contributor to Milan’s in the domestic scene.


Genoa is one of the early winners of the league. The club won over nine titles within the early years of club football in Italy.




Bologna is another surprise team on the list with 7 titles during the golden era of some of the biggest clubs like Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus.


Seven in total was the number of Serie A trophies Bologna managed to squeeze out despite heavy competition from the aforementioned clubs in the division.


They are joint third and fourth with Torino that has also won 7 titles in the past.




Torino based in the city of Turin alongside Juventus.


Torino shocked the rest of Italy by winning the league in five consecutive seasons with the likes of Juventus and Internazionale ending up as Runners up.


It was a big record set by the Turin based club. They form a local rivalry with Juventus known as the Turin derby.


Pro Vercelli

Pro Vercelli is also one of the early league winners in Italy with seven league titles to their name.


Highlighting the Italian Serie A winners, the all-time Champions list


Here are the list of Serie A winners so far (all-time winners)

2020-21 Inter Milan

2019โ€“20 Juventus

2018-19 Juventus

2017โ€“18 Juventus

2016โ€“17 Juventus

2015โ€“16 Juventusย 

2014โ€“15 Juventusย 

2013โ€“14 Juventus

2012โ€“13 Juventus

2011โ€“12 Juventus

2010โ€“11 Milanย 

2009โ€“10 Internazionale

2008โ€“09 Internazionale

2007โ€“08 Internazionale

2006โ€“07 Internazionale

2005โ€“06 Internazionale

2003โ€“04 Milan

2002โ€“03 Juventus

2001โ€“02 Juventus

2000โ€“01 Roma

1999โ€“00 Lazio

1998โ€“99 Milan

1997โ€“98 Juventus

1996โ€“97 Juventus

1995โ€“96 Milan

1994โ€“95 Juventus

1993โ€“94 Milan

1992โ€“93 Milan

1991โ€“92 Milan

1990โ€“91 Sampdoria

1989โ€“90 Napoli

1988โ€“89 Internazionale

1987โ€“88 Milan

1986โ€“87 Napoliย 

1985โ€“86 Juventus

1984โ€“85 Hellas Verona

1983โ€“84 Juventus

1982โ€“83 Roma

1981โ€“82 Juventus

1980โ€“81 Juventus

1979โ€“80 Internazionale

1978โ€“79 Milan

1977โ€“78 Juventus

1976โ€“77 Juventus

1975โ€“76 Torino

1974โ€“75 Juventus

1973โ€“74 Lazio

1972โ€“73 Juventus

1971โ€“72 Juventus

1970โ€“71 Internazionale

1969โ€“70 Cagliari

1968โ€“69 Fiorentina

1967โ€“68 Milan

1966โ€“67 Juventus

1965โ€“66 Internazionale

1964โ€“65 Internazionale

1963โ€“64 Bologna

1962โ€“63 Internazionale

1961โ€“62 Milan

1960โ€“61 Juventus

1959โ€“60 Juventus

1958โ€“59 Milan

1957โ€“58 Juventus

1956โ€“57 Milan

1955โ€“56 Fiorentina

1954โ€“55 Milan

1953โ€“54 Internazionale

1952โ€“53 Internazionale

1951โ€“52 Juventus

1950โ€“51 Milan

1949โ€“50 Juventus

1948โ€“49 Torino

1947โ€“48 Torino

1946โ€“47 Torino

1945โ€“46 Torino

1942โ€“43 Torino

1941โ€“42 Roma

1940โ€“41 Bologna

1939โ€“40 Internazionle

1938โ€“39 Bologna

1937โ€“38 Internazionle

1936โ€“37 Bologna

1935โ€“36 Bologna

1934โ€“35 Juventus

1933โ€“34 Juventus

1932โ€“33 Juventus

1931โ€“32 Juventus

1930โ€“31 Juventus

1929โ€“30 Ambrosiana-Inter

1928โ€“29 Bologna

1927โ€“28 Torino

1925โ€“26 Juventus

1924โ€“25 Bolognaย 

1923โ€“24 Genoa

1922โ€“23 Genoa

1921โ€“22 Pro Vercelli

1921โ€“22 Novese

1920โ€“21 Pro Vercelli

1919โ€“20 Internazionale

1914โ€“15 Genoa

1913โ€“14 Casale

1912โ€“13 Pro Vercelli

1911โ€“12 Pro Vercelli

1910โ€“11 Pro Vercelli

1909โ€“10 Internazionale

1909 Pro Vercelli

1908 Pro Vercelli

1907 Milan

1906 Milan

1905 Juventus

1904 Genoa

1903 Genoa

1902 Genoa

1901 Milan

1900 Genoa

1899 Genoa

1898 Genoa.ย 


This article highlights Italian Serie A winners list, Champions in history

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