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Serie A Champions list

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Serie A Champions list

2020-21 Inter Milan

2019–20 Juventus

2018-19 Juventus

2017–18 Juventus

2016–17 Juventus

2015–16 Juventus

2014–15 Juventus

2013–14 Juventus

2012–13 Juventus

2011–12 Juventus

2010–11 Milan

2009–10 Internazionale

2008–09 Internazionale

2007–08 Internazionale

2006–07 Internazionale

2005–06 Internazionale

2003–04 Milan

2002–03 Juventus

2001–02 Juventus

2000–01 Roma

1999–00 Lazio

1998–99 Milan

1997–98 Juventus

1996–97 Juventus

1995–96 Milan

1994–95 Juventus

1993–94 Milan

1992–93 Milan

1991–92 Milan

1990–91 Sampdoria

1989–90 Napoli

1988–89 Internazionale

1987–88 Milan

1986–87 Napoli

1985–86 Juventus

1984–85 Hellas Verona

1983–84 Juventus

1982–83 Roma

1981–82 Juventus

1980–81 Juventus

1979–80 Internazionale

1978–79 Milan

1977–78 Juventus

1976–77 Juventus

1975–76 Torino

1974–75 Juventus

1973–74 Lazio

1972–73 Juventus

1971–72 Juventus

1970–71 Internazionale

1969–70 Cagliari

1968–69 Fiorentina

1967–68 Milan

1966–67 Juventus

1965–66 Internazionale

1964–65 Internazionale

1963–64 Bologna

1962–63 Internazionale

1961–62 Milan

1960–61 Juventus

1959–60 Juventus

1958–59 Milan

1957–58 Juventus

1956–57 Milan

1955–56 Fiorentina

1954–55 Milan

1953–54 Internazionale

1952–53 Internazionale

1951–52 Juventus

1950–51 Milan

1949–50 Juventus

1948–49 Torino

1947–48 Torino

1946–47 Torino

1945–46 Torino

1942–43 Torino

1941–42 Roma

1940–41 Bologna

1939–40 Internazionale

1938–39 Bologna

1937–38 Internazionale

1936–37 Bologna

1935–36 Bologna

1934–35 Juventus

1933–34 Juventus

1932–33 Juventus

1931–32 Juventus

1930–31 Juventus

1929–30 Ambrosiana-Inter

1928–29 Bologna

1927–28 Torino

1925–26 Juventus

1924–25 Bologna

1923–24 Genoa

1922–23 Genoa

1921–22 Pro Vercelli

1921–22 Novese

1920–21 Pro Vercelli

1919–20 Internazionale

1914–15 Genoa

1913–14 Casale

1912–13 Pro Vercelli

1911–12 Pro Vercelli

1910–11 Pro Vercelli

1909–10 Internazionale

1909 Pro Vercelli

1908 Pro Vercelli

1907 Milan

1906 Milan

1905 Juventus

1904 Genoa

1903 Genoa

1902 Genoa

1901 Milan

1900 Genoa

1899 Genoa

1898 Genoa



Serie A’s most successful teams

Since its inception back in 1929, the Italian Serie A has produced several winners in the past, including clubs that are no longer playing at the highest level.


Juventus – 36 Titles


YouTube video


Juventus is the most successful club in the history of the Italian Serie A, with over 36 league titles won since its inception of the club. From 2011, Juventus won nine consecutive league titles until 2019


Looking at the squad depth in the history of the Italian Serie A, you will find out how Juventus have spent so much money buying quality players for the senior team.


Comparing Juventus with Inter Milan and AC Milan in terms of trophies won, Juve arguably leading the chart. Inter Milan and AC Milan have also had their fair share of the league title in Italy.

Čestmír Vycpálek reign

The Czech republican manager took charge of the team between 1971 and 1974, winning a couple of trophies.

Giovanni Trapattoni

The Italian manager took over from the Serbian and continued from where he stopped.

Massimiliano Allegri

After Antonio Conte had started the dominating run in 2011, Massimiliano Allegri took over from him from 2014, leading the side until the end of his reign at the club in 2019.



Inter Milan – 18 titles


YouTube video



The Internazionale Milano, or officially Inter Milan, is one of the boys of Italian football and has had several titles. Inter have won 18 Serie A titles, matched on the same record with City rivals AC Milan.

Serie A winners list, Italian league Champions of all time 2


AC Milan – 18 titles


AC Milan has won 18 titles alongside Inter Milan.

Some prominent players that helped AC Milan in the past


Kaka – The Brazilian sensation is a talented player who was right on hand to help Milan win some of the trophies in the past. Undoubtedly one of the best of his generation, Kaka was a significant first-team player at Milan.

At least his contributions helped Milan achieve so much. There’s no way the history of Kaka would be documented without adding his achievements and contributions to the growth of the Italian Serie A side.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Super marksman himself, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has contributed to Milan’s domestic scene.


Genoa is one of the early winners of the league. The club won over nine titles within the early years of club football in Italy.



Bologna is another surprise team on the list with seven titles during the golden era of some of the biggest clubs like Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus.



Torino shocked the rest of Italy by winning the league in five consecutive seasons, with the likes of Juventus and Internazionale ending up as Runners up. They form a local rivalry with Juventus, known as the Turin derby. It was an excellent record set by the Turin based club.


Pro Vercelli

Pro Vercelli is also one of the early league winners in Italy, with seven league titles to their name.


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