Scottish League Cup winners list, Betfred Cup Champions in history

Scottish League Cup winners list, Betfred Cup Champions in history

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Scottish League Cup winners list, all-time Betfred Cup Champions in history.


The Scottish League Cup is an annual football tournament played by teams in the Scottish Professional Football League system.


Cool facts

Who has won the most Scottish League Cups? Rangers FC is the most successful team with 27 titles.


Who won Scottish League Cup 2021? St Johnstone won the 2021 Scottish League Cup which is also the club’s first title.



Are Celtic still in the Scottish Cup? Celtic are second all-time winners of Scottish League Cup and have participated every season.


Do Scottish League Cup winners get into Europe? No, it was stopped after Scotland slots in UEFA competitions reduced as a result of poor performance over the years.



Founded in 1946, it is regarded as one of the oldest League Cup tournament and is currently known as the Premier Sports Scottish League Cup for Sponsorship reasons with Premier Sports TV.


In Scotland, it is regarded as the second most important domestic cup tournament.


In the history of the Scottish League Cup, the Rangers are the most successful team in the country with over 27 titles.


Scottish League Cup winners list, most successful teams in history


Rangers FC

When it comes to the Scottish League Cup, the Rangers are the most successful team in history with 27 titles.


The club’s domination in the annual knockout Competition started as early as the 1960s and lasted until 2011.


During these years, the Rangers had won the Scottish League Cup in an interval of at least three to four years.


The first time the club lifted the trophy was in 1947 and two years later in 1949. These wins marked Ranger’s entrance into the League Cup scene.


1961 and 1962 seasons, Rangers claimed two more titles making it four in the space of twelve years.


Although these were just the early years in the club’s dominance in the oldest national league cup Competition.


Rangers continued to win the League Cup consistently until the last title in 2011.

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Since then, the club has not won a single title but came close in 2020.


In the history of the club, the League Cup was the main stronghold even though the Scottish Premiership title was won more times.


Rangers have also lost eight times in the Scottish League Cup final most recently in 2020.


How the club had a fine run in the Competition is still one of the remarkable achievement made in history.


Compared to Celtic, the Rangers are best although the Celts are behind with 19 League Cup titles.


Since the triumph in 2011, it has been Celtic all through.


Rangers had three consecutive wins in the process from the 1987 and 1989 season.


Between these wins, the had cases were the old Firm derby was played in League Cup.



Celtic FC is the second most successful team in Scottish League Cup history with 19 titles.


The Celts are slightly behind their bitter rivals Rangers FC in this Competition with a trophy difference of about eight.


Although Celtic had enjoyed more success in the 21st century, the Celts also had a wonderful run during the early years of the competition.


Celtic’s first title won its first title in 1957 and successfully defended it the following year.


This time, it took the club another eight years to win the trophy in 1966.


This, Celtic made history by creating a Scottish League Cup record after winning the title in five successive seasons.


A record which record titleholders Rangers FC are unable to match since the early era up until today.


Celtic in the modern era of the League Cup


Celtic’s first title in the modern era was in 2001. This was followed closely by another win in 2006.


Celtic began dominating the scene once again starting from 2015 and has continued until 2020.


Celtic holds the worst record with the number of losses in any final amounting up to fifteen times.



After Rangers and Celtic dominance, Aberdeen is the next team and are the third most successful team in Scottish League Cup with six titles.

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The club would have won more titles only to lose up to nine times in past finals.


The club won its first title within the first ten years of the competition’s history in 1956 and a second twenty-one years later in 1977.


Aberdeen won two titles in the 1990s and once since the start of the 21st century during the 2013-14 football league season in Scotland.


The club prides itself as the third-best in the Competition after Rangers and Celtic who leads the all-time winner’s list with a very high margin.


Hearts of Midlothian

Hearts are the next team on the block with four titles which were all achieved during the early years of the competition.


Hearts first title was in 1955 and the last was in 1963.


Hearts of Midlothian also won the League Cup back to back in 1959 and 1960.


The club has also lost three times and the most recent was during the 2013 final to St Mirren who claimed the first title with that win.



Hibernian is another side on the Scottish League Cup winners list with three titles.


Hibs won its first title in 1973, a second 19 years later in 1992 and the last time the club tasted victory in the Competition was in 2007.


The club has also lost seven times in past finals which is more than the number of titles won in history.


The club is the third-worst loser with the seven losses that were recorded.




Dundee is also another side in the Competition that successfully defended their title.


The club won the 1952 edition and the following season in 1953.


The last time Dundee won the Scottish League Cup title was in 1974.


The club has also lost in three past finals.


East Fife

East Fife remains the only side with a perfect record in the oldest National League Cup tournament with three wins without a loss in any final.

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The first title was achieved in 1948 and the last was in 1954.

Dundee United


Dundee United is the last time with more than one title in League Cup history.


The club won the 1980 edition and successfully defended it the following year in 1981.


Other teams with at least one title


Kilmarnock – 1 Title

Motherwell – 1 Title

Partick Thistle – 1 Title

St Johnstone – 1 Title

St Mirren – 1 Title

Livingston – 1 Title

Raith Rovers – 1 Title

Ross County – 1 Title


Scottish League Cup winners list in full


2020–21 St Johnstone

2019–20 Celtic

2018–19 Celtic

2017–18 Celtic

2016–17 Celtic

2015–16 Ross County

2014–15 Celtic

2013–14 Aberdeen

2012–13 ST Mirren

2011–12 Kilmarnock

2010–11 Rangers

2009–10 Rangers

2008–09 Celtic

2007–08 Rangers

2006–07 Hibernian

2005–06 Celtic

2004–05 Rangers

2003–04 Livingston

2002–03 Rangers

2001–02 Rangers

2000–01 Celtic

1999–00 Celtic

1998–99 Rangers

1997–98 Celtic

1996–97 Rangers

1995–96 Aberdeen

1994–95 Raith Rovers

1993–94 Rangers

1992–93 Rangers

1991–92 Hibernian

1990–91 Rangers

1989–90 Aberdeen

1988–89 Rangers

1987–88 Rangers

1986–87 Rangers

1985–86 Aberdeen

1984–85 Rangers

1983–84 Rangers

1982–83 Celtic

1981–82 Rangers

1980–81 Dundee United

1979–80 Dundee United

1978–79 Rangers

1977–78 Rangers

1976–77 Aberdeen

1975–76 Rangers

1974–75 Celtic

1973–74 Dundee

1972–73 Hibernian

1971–72 Partick Thistle

1970–71 Rangers

1969–70 Celtic

1968–69 Celtic

1967–68 Celtic

1966–67 Celtic

1965–66 Celtic

1964–65 Rangers

1963–64 Rangers

1962–63 Heart of Midlothian

1961–62 Rangers

1960–61 Rangers

1959–60 Heart of Midlothian

1958–59 Heart of Midlothian

1957–58 Celtic

1956–57 Celtic

1955–56 Aberdeen

1954–55 Heart of Midlothian

1953–54 East Fife

1952–53 Dundee

1951–52 Dundee

1950–51 Motherwell

1949–50 East Fife

1948–49 Rangers

1947–48 East Fife

1946–47 Rangers



The Scottish League Cup is the second most popular domestic Cup Competition in Scotland.



The Competition in the past couple of years had been one-sided. Although the early years were more Competition.



The Scottish League Cup is one of the oldest national League Cup and has produced notable winners in the past and present.


This article highlights the Scottish League Cup winners list, Champions in history.

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