Ross Barkley Nigeria: Everything you need to know

Ross Barkley Nigeria: Everything you need to know

April 4, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Ross Barkley is a british born professional footballler with roots linked to Nigeria through his father.


The English professional footballer was at some point talked about getting to play for Nigeria instead of England, his country of birth.


But this was never going to materialize since all his years, football career and life, in general, revolves around England.


Even though today it was clear he can go ahead to represent the Super Eagles of Nigeria, it still may not happen because it would take several processes.


Ross Barkley Nigerian roots explained, father name, parents


It is true the English professional footballer Ross Barkley is linked with Nigeria through his father.



As per an Interview granted by the English midfielder, who worked his way to the three lions of England revealed he wishes to see his father.


But where is his father, who is he?

Barkley’s father is a Nigerian named Effanga, a railway construction worker in the United Kingdom, who left his mother when he was a child (via brilafm).


At least, there was no connection as he would have wished for, he had no connection with his father at that time.



As per Allnigeriasoccer, he revealed Nigeria was one country he would have played for which said before England’s World Cup Qualifier match against Moldova


His career, stats in a nutshell


Started playing Football at Everton football Academy, he was successful and graduated from the Academy.

Ross Barkley Nigeria: The real story behind Nigeria snub, father roots


He was then promoted to the Professional level where he made his debut in 2011 against Queen Park Rangers which the Merseyside blue lost.

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He was also named man of the match.


Everton 2010–2018

He had over 150 appearances for the Merseyside blue, scoring twenty-one times in the process.


His contributions to the club were enormous.


During his time at Everton, he was loaned to Sheffield United in 2012 and Leeds United in 2013.


Chelsea 2018

Barkley joined London based club, Chelsea, in 2018 after his farewell message to Everton fans.


At the start of his career in the English club, he was enjoying a fresh start to life outside Merseyside.


However, the reign of former player Frank Lampard brought the decision to loan the midfielder star to fellow Premier League side Aston Villa.


At the international level, he played for the English national team at various levels including the three lions were helped England to clinch the UEFA Nations League bronze medal in 2019.



The real story and why Ross Barkley did not represent Nigeria at any level


Born 5th December 1993, Barkley has his African roots traced down to Nigeria. But he was all through English, representing the country at various levels of football including the U16, U17, U19, U21 and the senior national team, the three lions of England.


Why he did not represent the West African country is clear, that would be no clear way for this to happen since the connection with the country was very slim.


It was after he had made all appearance for his mother the issue of Nigeria came up under the radar. By then, all records, Achievements and success have been cemented with the English nation.

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Ross Barkley Nigeria: The real story behind Nigeria snub, father roots


However, there’s still the possibility, he would get the opportunity to know more about the country. At least it good that he is aware of his roots outside England.


Nigeria would have had a well-refined midfielder like Ross Barkley if it had occurred that Nigeria was the main Option


Looking back at how the Super Eagles of Nigeria have had series of problems in the midfield. Although not recent, Wilfred Ndidi emerged as one of the best not just in the country by the English Premier League.


The future and the way forward for Barkley

In 2020, he was loaned out to fellow Premier League club Aston Villa. He was also on the porch during Aston Villa’s humiliation of Liverpool, scoring seven goals to silence the whole world.


Barkley scored in the 55th minute to increase Aston Villa’s lead to five goals.




However, the current storm of players at Chelsea may not allow the English midfielder to command a place in the team just as he had done after he joined Everton in 2018 for 15 million pounds.


Recently, an article by Talk Chelsea ruled Barkley from returning to Chelsea as a result of not being good enough according to the online portal.



But there’s still a big door open for him. A versatile and good midfielder of his kind would not find it difficult at this time when it comes to getting a good club.


Would he ever get the chance to play for Nigeria in the future?


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Hopefully not, to play for the Super Eagles of Nigeria requires you to have clear roots with the country, although this may be overwritten as players can decide to play for any country they choose.


The main thing is, it would require a lot of work to be done before his switch could be made.


However, Nigeria also has an abundance of midfielders even though some may not be at the highest level just yet.


But the handlers of the team already have options and would not consider having the already lost star for any reason.

Ross Barkley Nigeria: The real story behind Nigeria snub, father roots


What nationality does Barkley represent?

England is his country of birth and his nationality lies the country even though today he decides to call it to quit with the national team.


Interesting Football View

Ross Barkley is a great player that would have added a lot of experience he has played for Nigeria.


His roots might be linked with the most populous blank nation on earth. But as things stand currently, it would take a lot if the chances of playing would even happen in the first place.


However, in Nigeria, there are still plenty of youngsters within and outside the country capable of filling the midfield gaps.


He is a great player and would always be referenced as one of the Nigerian-born footballers that never represented the country at all.


But it was unfortunate for the West African country to miss out on a great player like Ross Barkley.

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