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Real Madrid biggest wins against Barcelona

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Firstly, “El Clasico,” or ‘The Classic,’ is the name for every match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Originally it only applied to Spanish league matches between the two giants, but it has come to be used for their clashes in all competitions. 


It could be said that the intense rivalry as we know it today was born in the 1940s, thanks to numerous heated encounters between the two sides. Among them was the biggest draw recorded between these two teams: 5-5 in 1943. Here are some of the biggest Real Madrid wins against the greatest rival.


Real Madrid 11 – 1 Barcelona, 19 June 1943 Copa Generalísimo (Copa del Rey)


Many dispute this win because of the political situation in Spain back then. However, it will remain written in history that in one El Classico match, Real Madrid scored 11 goals against Barcelona.


It was the second leg of the Copa del Rey match, and after Barcelona won 3 – 0 in the first match, everyone expected something like this from Real Madrid, but certainly not 11 goals in the net of the greatest rival.

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Real Madrid 8 – 2 Barcelona, 3 February 1935 La Liga


The biggest win in El Classico in the league match ever also belongs to Real Madrid. Maybe in recent times, we are more used to watching tight El Clasico duels with small goal differences at the end, but in the past, things like this happened often.


Real Madrid 6 – 1 Barcelona, 18 September 1949, La Liga


Real Madrid dominated Barcelona in the 1949/50 season, but in the end, this team didn’t win the title as their city rival Atletico Madrid ended up as champions.


However, in El Classico in Madrid that season, Real Madrid put six goals in the net of their greatest rival. Striker Pahino was the man of the match as he scored a hat trick.


Real Madrid 5 – 0 Barcelona, 5 October 1953, La Liga


Barcelona was very inferior to Real Madrid during the 1950s and 1960s. Some say that it was the best period in this club’s history, and we can see that most of these huge wins Real Madrid had during this period.


Alfredo Di Stefano was the main player of Real Madrid at the time, and he proved it in this El Clasico, scoring twice against fierce rivals.

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Real Madrid 5 – 0 Barcelona, 7 January 1995, La Liga


Here is one El Classico from recent times. We can say that the 1990s were more like Barcelona’s years as this club started to finish at the top half more often, and they had more success in Euro competitions.


However, Real Madrid managed to win against Barca again with a huge goal difference in 1995. In Madrid’s squad, Ivan Zamorano was the best player as he scored a hat-trick in the first half, Luis Enrique, the former Barca player, also scored, and Amavisca completed the 5:0 result.

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