Premier League winners – List of EPL Champions, most successful teams

Premier League winners – List of EPL Champions, most successful teams

May 1, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

On the Premier League winners list, which club has emerged as the most successful? Who has been crowned Champions most times in Premier League?


This is a big question in the minds of most English football followers looking at the Competitiveness of the league right from its inception from the Football League to the Football League First Division and now into the Premier League era.



The English Premier League winners are the list of clubs that have won the EPL since its inception with numerous club’s emerged as Champions on the all-time list.


Since its inception back in 1888–89, the league was first won by Preston North End, who had a successful season than to reclaim the top price of English football.


When it was revamped to the status of the Premier League back in, giants Manchester United won the first edition as the Premier League or the EPL in Manchester United.


Since then the red devils have won a total of 20 league titles which is a big record in English football.


Another team that has also won the league a quite number of times just as Man United is Liverpool with 19 titles last won during 2019–20.


A season which saw the Merseyside red win the EPL, Champions League, Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup at the expense of Brazilian Série A side Flamengo.


Other notable champions include Arsenal 13, Everton 9, Manchester City 6, Aston Villa 7, etc.


Highlighting the most successful Premier League winners of all time


Manchester United

Manchester United from the city of Manchester remains the most successful football club in the English Premier League with well over 20 league titles.


Most of which were won during the new Premier League era.


Although the red devils also had their fair share of the title during the Football League First Division era.


Man United based in Greater Manchester competes in the country’s top-flight football league and plays at the Old Trafford stadium.


The club is arguably the country’s most successful team with 20 domestic league titles, 12 Emirates FA Cup titles, five EFL Cups and a total of 21 Community Shield which is a record held by the club.


At the international scene, United boost of three UEFA Champions League titles, one European Super Cup and a single UEFA Europa league title won in 2017 which has been the club’s last on the continent.


Golden Era

The first league title for United came during 1907–08.


The club followed up with the title-winning campaign to lift it once again after three years in 1910–11.


After that, the trophy became out of reach for Manchester United, who began searching for another title but could not get it.


However, after another 41-year wait, the Red devils lifted the trophy after heroics and more of an inspirational run courtesy of legendary manager Sir Alexander Matthew Busby.


From that point up until now, the red devils have not failed to register its name on the list of winners in an interval.


The club also came back to win the league back to back between 1955–56 and 1956–57.


As if this was not enough for the club to own as an achievement in the English title winners hall of fame, United won the title once again, but this time, it was for five titles in the space of six years.


This also included winning the title in three consecutive seasons.


These were all achieved between 1995–96, 1996–97, 1998–99, 1999–2000 and 2000–01.


United also replicated the same achievement after the early 2000s triumph by lifting the EPL in another three consecutive seasons between 2006–07, 2007–08 and 2008–09.


This was a remarkable achievement, making the club stand out amongst the list of English league winners all time chart.


The last time United lifted the trophy was during the 2012–13 season. Since then, the club has come close to winning it but failed in the end.


From league most successful team to global brand

The club’s successful outings during the early 2000s earned them a place in the global space as one of the biggest sports enterprise in the world alongside Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.


Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign at the club was more than appreciative of the club’s fans and followers across the world. Right now, there are few club’s in the EPL that can challenge for a place in the history books with Manchester United.

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Some of the clubs include Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and recently Manchester City.


The club is currently traded in the New York stock exchange as MANU.


Notable managers of the club

Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful Coach that had ever managed Manchester United as a football club in England.


The Scottish manager also doubles as the longest serving manager at the club after he was appointed in 1986.


Records: The Scotsman won over 13 Premier League titles for the club, five English FA Cup titles, four Football League Cup and a record Community Shield won 21 times better than any other team in the division.


At the international scene, Ferguson also wrote the club’s name on the all-time list after lifting two UEFA Champions League titles between 1999 and 2008.


That same season, Ferguson took the club to a historic triumph at the FIFA Club World Cup, beating Liga Deportiva Universitaria Quito, an Ecuadorian professional football club.


He is currently regarded as one of the club’s legendary managers in the club’s Hall of fame.


Matt Busby

Matt Busby dubbed the Manchester United saviour was called to take care of the club during the struggling times.


He became the first manager to lead the club to an EPL triumph in 1952. Busby changed a lot of narratives during his tenure as manager of the club.


Today, he is remembered, for his role in the club’s development during the troubling times.


Heard about the Busby Babes?

They were are a group of players during Man United early years as a football club, recruited for the youth development squad and further progressed to the senior team under the guidance of Matt Busby.


According to findings, they were young and talented players.



Liverpool FC or Liverpool for short is an English professional football club based in Liverpool and often referred to as Merseyside Red.


They are the second most successful all-time English Premier League winners with 19 titles, have won the last titles during the 2019–20 season.


That year, Liverpool won the treble including the FIFA Club World Cup, the UEFA Champions League and the EPL league title.


In total Liverpool have won over seven FA Cups, a record eight EFL Cups, and fifteen FA Community Shield which is far less than the Man United record.


On the international scene, Liverpool FC is the most successful English club in European football competitions haven won the UEFA Champions League a record six times.


They are also Cup holders in the FIFA Club World Cup won during the 2019-20 season at the expense of Brazilian Série A side Flamengo in the final.


Golden Era

Liverpool won its first-ever Premier League title in 1901 and had to wait another five years before adding another title to its cabinet which was the second.


The Merseyside Red followed up with its success after the 1901 triumph. The club won the league back to back between 1921–22 and 1922–23.


Some years later, it was Liverpool’s turn to record its name on the list as clubs that have won the title in successive seasons.


This time, they won it three years in a row from 1981–82, 1982–83 and 1983–84.


The last time the club were crowned Champions of England was in the 2019–20 season led by German tactician Jurgen Klopp, who came close to winning the title the previous season.


Notable managers

William Edward Barclay and John Mckenna

The duo is regarded as the front liners of Liverpool’s success as a club as lead the team to its first-ever title in the Lancashire league.


The brilliance of the duo also helped the Kops enjoyed a blissfull time in the second División with two titles.


They held a record which is still held high in the overall history of Liverpool football club.


Bob Paisley

The Anfield landlords enjoyed a memorable experience during the time of Bob Paisley as the manager of the club.


During his reign between 1974 to 1983, over Six league titles were achieved.


His contributions towards making Liverpool FC a global brand today earned him a place in the history books of the club.


Jurgen Klopp

The manager that brought joy and happiness to hearts and minds Liverpool FC is German manager Jurgen Klopp, who left his former club Borussia Dortmund to take up the challenge handed to him in England.

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Clearly stated, Klopp’s mission was to return the club to contention for the league title.


On the part of Klopp, his move to Liverpool had been successful so far.


In his reign at the club, he won the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup and once making the club winners of a major trophy after a long wait.


Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC is a professional football club based in the English Capital City London, regarded as one of the most important or the EPL Big Six teams.


The Gunners as they popularly known is known for their ability to emerge as the fourth best team in the league year after year.


Although this has long gone as the club has been witnessing a sharp decline in form recently.


When it comes to Winners of the English Premier League, Arsenal is standout as one of the best teams in the all-time EPL winners list with eleven titles including a season of wonders known as “The Invincibles“.


Arsenal has won a total of 11 premier league title which includes an unbeaten title known as “The Invincibles” , a record which no other team in the EPL have been ably achieved.


Although some clubs have come close to achieving it. Clubs like Liverpool.


More Trophies won by the club includes the record Fourteen English FA Cups, two times so in the EFL Cup, 16 Community Shields.


They are the most successful club from London alongside Chelsea, the club’s main city rival tagged the London Derby.


The Golden Era

Arsenal entered the Premier winners list in the 1930–31 season where they emerged as Champions of the league.


The following season, they could not defend the crown which they won.


However, the club took England by surprise by winning the EPL title in three consecutive seasons between 1932–33, 1933–34 and 1934–35.


After another two year wait, the Gunners added another league title to its cabinet again in 1937–38.


A total of five Premier League titles were achieved by Arsenal in the space of eight years.


Following this successful outing in the early times of the club, a steady rise in form became the order of the day.


The last time Arsenal won the league was in the 2003–04 season.

The Invincibles

Arsenal is the second English club to earn the Nickname the Invincibles which was first earned by Preston North End, the first Premier League Champions.


In the 2003–04 EPL season, Arsenal led by Arsène Wenger finish the full season without a single defeat in the league and was crowned Champions of the league.


Notable managers

Arsène Wenger

French manager Arsène Wenger is the club’s longest-serving and the most successful in the history of the club.


In his reign at the club, he won over three Premier League titles which added the Gunners to the Premier League all-time winners list top table with a total of eleven.


Others include four English FA Cups.


Herbert Chapman

Chapman was known for his role in the overall change experienced at the club.


He was notably known for his introduction of the attacking football style.


Also, he introduced the club’s famous Red and white stripes shirt which is now the club’s traditional colour year after year.


George Graham

Graham was a player in the past before returning as a coach. He won two First Division league titles and FA Cup.



Everton FC

Everton FC is a professional football club based in Liverpool and competes in the EPL and are fourth on the Premier League all-time winners list.


Everton FC is the closest to the Big Six in the EPL in terms of Premier League trophies won.


Everton is even better than two other clubs that make up the big six today with nine league crowns.


Everton won its first league title in the 1890–91 season.


In modern football, the club is yet to win the Premier League and are most often seen as middle table finishers at the end of every season.


Aston Villa

Aston Villa is a professional football club based in Birmingham.


Aston Villa has won the Premier League seven times during the Football League First Division era. Also, the club boosts seven FA Cups and five EFL Cups.

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Manchester City

Manchester City is the sixth joint Premier League all-time winners alongside Sunderland and Chelsea.



Sunderland also prides itself as six-time EPL Champions.



Chelsea’s major club success started in the early 2000s. The Blues won the league back to back in 2004–05 and 2005–06.


Another achievement came during 2009–10. Five years later, the club added another trophy and only picked another one in the 2016–17 campaign.


Notable Premier League Managers


Sir Alex Ferguson

The Scotsman was in charge of Manchester United and won several trophies as a manager.


Some of the titles won by the manager include Premier League titles, Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, FA Community Shield, FA Cups and League Cups.


Arsène Wenger

Arsène Wenger elevated Arsenal to iconic status after achieving an Invincible Status which made Arsenal the only club in the Premier League Era to achieve it.


In his reign, he won the league title, FA Cups and always ensured the Gunners finished in the top four against participation in the UEFA Champions League the following season.


Jose Mourinho

Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham.


The Portuguese manager is another iconic manager in EPL managing Chelsea, Manchester United and recently Tottenham Hotspur.


Pep Guardiola

The name of Pep Guardiola has continued to ring in the ears of Premier League followers even as the Spanish manager led the Cityzens to back to back Premier League wins.


He is also a winner when it comes to the EFL Cup.


Jurgen Klopp


Klopp arrived at Liverpool and did not settle for less.


The German tactician who left his former club Borussia Dortmund for a new Challenge in the Premier League won the treble during the 2019-20 season.


Liverpool won the league, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup the same year.


Premier League winners – List of EPL most successful Champions in full

Premier League Era

2019–20 Liverpool
2018–19 Manchester City
2017–18 Manchester City
2016–17 Chelsea
2015–16 Leicester City
2014–15 Chelsea
2013–14 Manchester City
2012–13 Manchester United
2011–12 Manchester City
2010–11 Manchester United
2009–10 Chelsea
2008–09 Manchester United
2007–08 Manchester United
2006–07 Manchester United
2005–06 Chelsea
2004–05 Chelsea
2003–04 Arsenal
2002–03 Manchester United
2001–02 Arsenal
2000–01 Manchester United
1999–2000 Manchester United
1998–99 Manchester United
1997–98 Arsenal
1996–97 Manchester United
1995–96 Manchester United
1994–95 Blackburn Rovers
1993–94 Manchester United
1992–93 Manchester United

Football League First Division

1892–93 Sunderland
1893–94 Aston Villa
1894–95 Sunderland
1895–96 Aston Villa
1896–97 Aston Villa
1897–98 Sheffield United
1898–99 Aston Villa
1899–1900 Aston Villa
1900–01 Liverpool
1901–02 Sunderland
1902–03 The Wednesday
1903–04 The Wednesday
1904–05 Newcastle United
1905–06 Liverpool
1906–07 Newcastle United
1907–08 Manchester United
1908–09 Newcastle United
1909–10 Aston Villa
1910–11 Manchester United
1911–12 Blackburn Rovers
1912–13 Sunderland
1913–14 Blackburn Rovers
1914–15 Everton
1919–20 West Brom
1920–21 Burnley
1921–22 Liverpool
1922–23 Liverpool
1923–24 Huddersfield Town
1924–25 Huddersfield Town
1925–26 Huddersfield Town
1926–27 Newcastle United
1927–28 Everton
1928–29 The Wednesday
1929–30 Sheffield Wednesday
1930–31 Arsenal
1931–32 Everton
1932–33 Arsenal
1933–34 Arsenal
1934–35 Arsenal
1935–36 Sunderland
1936–37 Manchester City
1937–38 Arsenal
1938–39 Everton
1946–47 Liverpool
1947–48 Arsenal
1948–49 Portsmouth
1949–50 Portsmouth
1950–51 Tottenham Hotspur
1951–52 Manchester United
1952–53 Arsenal
1953–54 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1954–55 Chelsea
1955–56 Manchester United
1956–57 Manchester United
1957–58 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1958–59 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1959–60 Burnley
1960–61 Tottenham Hotspur
1961–62 Ipswich Town
1962–63 Everton
1963–64 Liverpool
1964–65 Manchester United
1965–66 Liverpool
1966–67 Manchester United
1967–68 Manchester City
1968–69 Leeds United
1969–70 Everton
1970–71 Arsenal
1971–72 Derby County
1972–73 Liverpool
1973–74 Leeds United
1974–75 Derby County
1975–76 Liverpool
1976–77 Liverpool
1977–78 Nottingham Forest
1978–79 Liverpool
1979–80 Liverpool
1980–81 Aston Villa
1981–82 Liverpool
1982–83 Liverpool
1983–84 Liverpool
1984–85 Everton
1985–86 Liverpool
1986–87 Everton
1987–88 Liverpool
1988–89 Arsenal
1989–90 Liverpool
1990–91 Arsenal
1991–92 Leeds United

Football League

1891–92 Sunderland
1890–91 Everton
1889–90 Preston North End
1888–89 Preston North End



The English Premier League have produced several notable Champions in the past and present.


The English league or the EPL have had several winners on its list including Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton.


The article describes the Premier League winners list, an all-time EPL most successful clubs and Champions.

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