Portugal Primeira Liga winners – List of Portuguese league Champions in history

Portugal Primeira Liga winners – List of Portuguese league Champions in history

May 5, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Portugal Primeira Liga winners – List of Portuguese Champions and the most successful teams in the history of the competition in country.


How many times have Porto won the portuguese league? 29 times.


How many times have Benfica won the Portuguese Primeira Liga? 38 times.


How many times have Sporting Lisbon won the Portuguese Primeira Liga? 18 times.


When it comes to the Primeira Liga, Benfica is the most successful team with over 37 titles won.


The Portuguese Primeira Liga is the top-flight football league in Portugal and has produced several notable winners since its inception.


Portugal, a major league producing top talented scattered across Europe is also known for its interesting league which has also produced worthy Champions in the past.


The Primeira Liga is considered the highest men’s professional football league contested by over 18 clubs across the country.

The league also has its mixed history surrounding it. During the early times, it was known as the Portugal Championship which also underwent several transformations.

The league is Also housed some of the most respected football clubs in European football including SL Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting Lisbon and Academica.


The inaugural edition of the Championship was lifted by giants FC Porto in 1934–35 season after its transformation to a national football Competition.


The club was also the first to win the first edition of the Taça de Portugal which is now played as a league cup involving top teams in the top division.


However, despite Porto’s ability to open the doors for others to come in terms of winning the league, SL Benfica is the most successful Champions of the Portuguese league with over 37 titles won altogether.


For Benfica, it was a quick dominance during the early era of the league that saw that win a lot of titles won during the 1960s to 1970s.


For Porto, trailing Benfica was not an issue even as the Porto based club boost over 28 league titles most of which were achieved in the early modern era of Portuguese football Competitions.


Porto dominated Portugal from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Since then, it has been a two-horse race even though Sporting Lisbon had always proved to be a strong contender of the league every season.


Other teams that have won the league following the two giants is Sporting Lisbon with over 18 league titles won in total.


Although these triumphs only came in the early years of the Primeira Liga in Portugal.

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Belenenses and Boavista have also had their fair share of the national title at least once in the history of participation in the country’s top tier football.


In the history of the Portuguese football league, only two cities (Porto,30 and Lisbon, 56) have produced winners.


Who earns the bragging rights? The two biggest clubs in the country have singlehandedly won almost all editions of the league only to be challenged by a more determined Sporting Lisbon.


Portuguese Championship vs Primeira Liga

The Portuguese Championship is was the first national football competition that was played on a knockout basis while the Primeira Liga was a league created to represent a common high-level league.


Today, the Primeira Liga remains the country’s top tier football competition and has produced several Champions most especially SL Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon.


The most successful Portugal Primeira Liga winners

SL Benfica

SL Benfica is a professional football club from Portugal based in the city of Lisbon and competes in the Primeira Liga, the country’s top tier football competition.


It is the most successful team in the country have won a total of 37 titles which is a record.


The club was not at the top during the inaugural season.


But gradually the Competition began to gain its stand, the Lisbon based team began to enter the scene.

The club from the Big Three clubs tag alongside Porto and Sporting Lisbon.


The club did remarkably well up to the point of being awarded the Portuguese Orders of Christ, of Prince Henry, and Merit.


The club remains the most decorated in the country with a rich history within and outside the country.


On the international scene, it was a big surprise as the Lisbon based team overcame the high flying Spanish and English sides to lift the European Cup back to back now regarded as the UEFA Champions League.


In total, SL Benfica boosts over 83 major trophies in its trophy cabinet. The club has had notable awards for its outstanding performance on the home front and in Europe.

Some of the achievements were the IFFHS Top 200 European clubs of the 20th century where Benfica was ranked 12th.


Unlike the English Premier League where Arsenal FC achieved the Invincibles Status, Benfica also did the same as they were undefeated throughout the the1972–73 season and were crowned Champions.


Golden Era

With a total of thirty-seven titles in the domestic league, the club also holds a record as the club that has defended all major trophies it has won as a professional football team.

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1935–36 season marked the club’s entrance which was filled with an unexpected performance from the team.


This win did not stop as it became a stroll in broad part for Benfica, who took hold of the league in three consecutive seasons from 1935–36 to 1937–38.

After that historic achievement, the club started to press for more titles including winning some back to back until 1966–67.


Benfica has won more titles in three consecutive seasons than any other team in the division.


Some historic achievement includes four Doubles a two Trebles.

It remains one of the most widely supported teams in the country and the most successful in both national and international trophies won as a club.

The remarkable achievements were also followed by some notable national honours presented to the club including Commander of the Military Order of Christ in 1932,
Officer of the Order of Merit in 1936 and Medal of the Order of Prince Henry in 1979.


Modern football
Benfica has also continued to shine in modern times winning four titles in consecutive from 2013–14 to 2016–17.

FC Porto

Porto is the second-best most successful football club in Portugal with over 28 league crowns in its existence as a professional football club.

Porto holds the record as the first team to lift the Portuguese league crown in its inaugural edition in 1934–35.


The team from the city of Porto have won a total of 79 major trophies, with 72 achieved in domestic competitions.


These Trophies includes 29 Primeira Liga titles with five of which were won consecutively between 1994–95 and 1998–99, a Portuguese football record held by the club.

In Portugal, Porto also enjoyed the Invincibles status twice between 2010–11 and 2012–13 seasons respectively without having a single defeat.

When it comes to European Competitions, Porto is by far better than its rivals Benfica, enjoying over seven trophies including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.


They are also the defending Champions of the elite league after lifting the crown at the end of the 2019–20 season.

Sporting CP

Sporting Clube de Portugal is a professional football club based in Lisbon.


The club is one of the big three times the country with over 18 league titles behind Porto and Benfica.

It is the third most decorated team in the country with 51 titles.


Sporting CP also won the league in four consecutive seasons.


Only two other teams have lifted the trophy which includes Belenenses and Boavista with one each.

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It contested mainly by three teams Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon since it’s inception as a professional league in the country.


These three clubs have always represented the country optimally in European competitions and have went further to lift important trophies including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.


For Porto, the club have also won the UEFA Super Cup once.


Other teams that have managed to lift the league crown are no match for the big three who have shared the entire seasons according.


Porto winning as Invincibles twice, Benfica same and Lisbon also lifting the crown in four consecutive seasons.


CP is the next big name in the country and have produced some notable players including Bruno Fernandes currently at Manchester United in the English Premier League.


Portugal Primeira Liga winners list – Most Champions and successful in history

2019–20 FC Porto
2018–19 Benfica
2017–18 Porto
2016–17 Benfica
2015–16 Benfica
2014–15 Benfica
2013–14 Benfica
2012–13 Porto
2011–12 Porto
2010–11 Porto
2009–10 Benfica
2008–09 Porto
2007–08 Porto
2006–07 Porto
2005–06 Porto
2004–05 Benfica
2003–04 Porto
2002–03 Porto
2001–02 Sporting Lisbon
2000–01 Boavista
1999–00 Sporting Lisbon


1998–99 Porto
1997–98 Porto
1996–97 Porto
1995–96 Porto
1994–95 Porto
1993–94 Benfica
1992–93 Porto
1991–92 Porto
1990–91 Benfica
1989–90 Porto
1988–89 Benfica
1987–88 Porto
1986–87 Benfica
1985–86 Porto
1984–85 Porto
1983–84 Benfica
1982–83 Benfica
1981–82 Sporting Lisbon
1980–81 Benfica
1979–80 Sporting Lisbon
1978–79 Porto
1977–78 Porto
1976–77 Benfica
1975–76 Benfica
1974–75 Benfica
1973–74 Sporting Lisbon
1972–73 Benfica
1971–72 Benfica
1970–71 Benfica
1969–70 Sporting Lisbon
1968–69 Benfica
1967–68 Benfica
1966–67 Benfica
1965–66 Sporting Lisbon
1964–65 Benfica
1963–64 Benfica
1962–63 Benfica
1961–62 Sporting Lisbon
1960–61 Benfica
1959–60 Benfica
1958–59 Porto
1957–58 Sporting Lisbon
1956–57 Benfica
1955–56 Porto
1954–55 Benfica
1953–54 Sporting Lisbon
1952–53 Sporting Lisbon
1951–52 Sporting Lisbon
1950–51 Sporting Lisbon
1949–50 Benfica
1948–49 Sporting Lisbon
1947–48 Sporting Lisbon
1946–47 Sporting Lisbon
1945–46 Belenenses
1944–45 Benfica
1943–44 Sporting Lisbon
1942–43 Benfica
1941–42 Benfica
1940–41 Sporting Lisbon
1939–40 Porto
1938–39 Porto
1937–38 Benfica
1936–37 Benfica
1935–36 Benfica
1934–35 Porto


The domestic scene, three times have won most of titles consistently which could be attributed to abundance of funds making it easier but players and run the their affair.


Despite this home dominance, Portuguese team are also respected internationally.



Highlighting the Portuguese Primeira Liga winners list, the most successful teams in the all-time history of the league.

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