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Portland Timbers Academy Tryouts 2024: cost, location, contacts




Portland Timbers Academy is the youth soccer development team of MLS outfit Portland Timbers FC.



The Academy is one of the good respect in the United States as it relates to Soccer development.


How to join Portland Timbers Academy – tryouts 2024


Portland Timbers Academy tryouts operate on an invitation-only basis. What this means is interested players must apply to be considered for an invitation.


After your application is received, the club’s Academy staff will evaluate each application and extend invitations based on the Academy’s timelines, needs, and most importantly the player’s performance level.


The Portland Timbers Academy organizes tryouts for invited players throughout the year.


The Process

1. Head over to the Portland Timbers trials page.

2. Fill out the form carefully

3. Submit and wait for feedback

4. Attend trials when you receive an invitation describing the date/time as well as other information needed.


Portland Timbers Academy Teams, age grade, leagues & Competition


The team features several age groups. The teams include U19, U17, U15, etc.


Leagues & Competitions: The team participates in the newly formed MLS Next (know more about the MLS Next)


Portland Timbers Academy Location, training centre

The Portland Timbers Academy is located and trains at the Adidas Training Facility located in Beaverton, Oregon, United States.



Portland Timbers Academy teams are fully funded for programming the entire year.


Portland Timbers USL Team

Portland Timbers 2 is the second Professional Soccer club of the Portland Timbers.


Portland Timbers 2 is played by top Academy graduates from the Timbers Academy that are ready for professional soccer. The club serves as a bridge between the newly promoted professions with the main MLS team.


All players compete in the USL Championship throughout the calendar.


Also Read: USL Championship Salary explained.

Players at this stage are eligible to sign a Professional contract with the main team.

The Portland Timbers 2 began to play in the 2015 USL Championship club plays its home games at Merlo Field.


The original purpose of the club is to bridge a gap between the academies and the first level team (MLS team). It is also a better way for the club to observe, monitor the level of progress of individual players.


Other ways to join the Portland Timbers Academy


Residency Program

This special program offers resources by providing top-class coaching, facilities, and an environment to create for the future. Residency Program is an avenue for young talented soccer prospects within the Portland metropolitan area.


Players selected will join the residency, by spending the school year/academic year in a team home with a family environment close to the Academy’s training ground.


Discovery Program

The discovery Program is more like a talent identification experience for the club.


Discovery Program is a special player identification and development system that helps in the identity of young players with the desire to play soccer within the Portland metropolitan area.


Players selected during the Program will be closely monitored by the club. The club will track the progress of each identified player and provide support in a potential move to fully integrate them into the main Academy.


Affiliate Clubs

Portland Timbers FC partners with another amateur as well as Professional Soccer development teams to identify, track and monitor players.


Some of the affiliate networks

Oregon Youth Soccer Association

Adidas Portland Timbers Alliance Clubs


Top benefits of the Academy

Learning beyond soccer: Coaches are on hand to teach you everything you need to know in soccer as well as other aspects of society.


Train under experienced coaches: They boast of having some of the best and accredited soccer scouts, coaches and staff in North America.


Top class facilities: Leverage the opportunity of having to train under world-class facilities and upgrade your game to the next level.


Opportunity to play with professionals: Players or Academy graduates are handed an opportunity to play alongside the professionals.


As a graduate, you’ll have a shot in the USL Championship with Portland Timbers 2.


Tips and how to succeed when invited for trials


1. Choose a particular role you can confidently play


In the current era, you should always go for a soft target. What I mean, you should consider playing a role you can confidently handle.

On the field of play, if your capacity carries you in the attack role, then you should stick to it and work out ways to perfect it.


Soccer grows with passion and you’ll only enjoy it when you play in your desired role.



2. Learn basics skills and techniques in soccer


Knowing Soccer rules will go a long way in your career development. Soccer rules are a set of instructions that guide you to become a better player on and off the pitch.


One of the most important areas scouts are always watchful of is your ability to control the ball.


Ball control is another area you must work your way through without which your chances in tryouts would have no headway.


To avoid issues, take your time to learn the basic skills in soccer including heading, shooting, running, positioning, etc.


On your own, you should try to learn something new every single time you embark on training.


3. Embark on personal training early

Early to bed, early to wake as the popular saying goes. That said, you should consider preparing for trials early enough by going through series of training on your own.


As an individual, if you find it difficult to manage your work hours, you can still achieve hours of your training by creating a mini-training schedule for yourself.


Training keeps your body up to shape for the challenges ahead. As an athlete, training should form a big part of your everyday habit because it is the secret weapon to your success in any venture.


4. Know what scouts want

Do not comprise on this because scouts are more technical in terms of their criteria for selection of players into any team they represent.


For top professional scouts, it takes just a few minutes to judge your level of soccer and you must make that count whenever you are presented with an opportunity to play.


Your chances of getting into the Academy increases the moment you can win the heart of a scout. This is because scouts hold provides the best recommendations for the club to adhere to.


5. Become a soccer addict

The only way you can be obsessed with Soccer is to devote most of your time to anything related to soccer.


To achieve this, you need to follow a particular Soccer club within your locality. You equally support an international soccer team based in North America or Europe.


Another way is to begin following top soccer leagues in the world including the English Premier League, Bundesliga or the MLS here in America.


Look for every opposition that will draw you closer to soccer or development related to soccer.


Final Thoughts

The Portland Timbers Academy offers you a pathway with added benefits including travels, participation in MLS NEXT as well as an opportunity to sign a professional contract.

Portland Timbers boast of having some of the best training facilities in the United States and you can take advantage of it by walking your way through the Academy.


Sign up today, register, become a member and turned your passion (soccer career) to the next level.

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