Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola congratulates Liverpool players and the manager Jurgen Kloof after a hard-fought Premier League win after a long wait.

The Merseyside Red did the unthinkable as they shrugged off Manchester City’s threat to clinch the league title.

The Cityzens won the league with some games to spare and would have clocked the hundred points mark, only to lose some games against some minor oppositions like Watford along the line.

“I think this club in the last decade was the best team in terms of points, in terms of goals, in terms of everything, titles even. So congratulate Manchester City for that. I think we did it incredibly well.” said the Manchester City boss.


Liverpool are expected to replicate same feat as the new campaign gets underway.

Published by Ibiye Ambille

Senior editor, Loves talking football with added analysis.

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