Oldest football trophies in the world


Whether it’s a club or a national team, a football team, everyone included in the squad, reserve players, staff, all those people are trying to give their best for their team to win.


But what are all those people fighting for? Are these 22 players on the field fighting only for a win? Are these the only valuable individuals on the team? After a career of about 18 to 20 years, what will be the most important thing, how much money they earn? The answer is No! The trophies are the only thing that counts after the season ends after the player retires, and it has been so ever since the competitions began.


Here are some of the oldest football trophies in football.


1. English FA Cup trophy 1871/72

FA Cup 2020

The FA Cup is a famous English football competition. It is the oldest football competition in the world. Its roots date back to 1871 when the first season of this competition was played.


The FA Cup is a prestigious and respected competition in England and among fans and clubs. All professional clubs from the first four tiers of competitions in England, as well as semi-professional and amateur clubs, have the right to participate in the FA Cup.


The original trophy, made in 1871, was much smaller than today and cost £20. When Aston Villa won the competition in 1895, the trophy was stolen from the window of a football equipment supplier, where it was on display. It was never found. In 1895 the first replica of this trophy was made.

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In 1911 the trophy was redesigned entirely and was much bigger than the first one. This redesigned trophy also got replicas made in 1992 and 2014, which are in use today.


2. The Scottish Cup 1873/74


The Scottish Cup is among the oldest football competitions in the world, and it was held for the first time in 1873/74, and so is the trophy.


The trophy that the winner gets is made of silver, and it is the oldest trophy that has been preserved from the beginning. It is held at the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park. It is removed from there once every year to be presented to the winners, and after that, it is put back at the museum. The winner of the competition gets a replica.


3. Bundesliga Meisterschale 1949


The “Champions Bowl” is a trophy the German football association gives to the Bundesliga Champion.


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This trophy was made because the first trophy of the German football association, “Victoria,” was lost during World War 2. The Meisterschale looks like a bowl, and on it are written all German Champions since 1903. Because of it, this trophy was enlarged twice in 1981 and 2009. The teams that win this trophy are allowed to make smaller replicas of it for their museums.


4. Ballon d’Or 1956


When in 1955, the journalist Gabriel Hanot decided to choose the best football player in Europe with the help of his colleagues, he certainly did not know how much the prize he established would become appreciated in the football world. The following year, to mark ten years of its existence, France Football established the Ballon d’Or award.


History continued to write itself. Only 16 journalists voted then. The first winner of the Ballon d’Or was Englishman Stanley Matthews.

Initially, the idea was that journalists who follow football for some of the best European sports newsrooms choose the best European football player from European clubs once a year.

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It was like that until 1995, when the rules were changed, and voting was allowed for players who come from other continents but play for European clubs. That year, the Ballon d’Or was won by George Weah.


New changes came in 2010 when France Football and FIFA joined forces and started awarding the award jointly, but that lasted only until 2015, when the awards were separated again. Since then, the International Football Federation has been awarding the FIFA Best award independently.

It is one of the most prestigious awards for an individual football player in the world.


5. African Cup of Nations Trophy 1957


The trophy plays an important role in the life of the nations of the African subcontinent. It is one of the tops and most prestigious awards in African football that has been going on for decades. The country that has dominated the trophy the most in Egypt.


This trophy has been awarded since 1957, and, interestingly, the nation that wins three tournaments gets the trophy forever, so until now, it has been won by Ghana, Egypt, and Cameroon. Since 2002, a new trophy has been used for this tournament.