OFC Champions League winners list, Champions in history

May 12, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

OFC Champions League winners list, Champions in history.


Who is the most successful team in the OFC Champions League? Auckland City from New Zealand is the most successful team with 9 titles.


OFC Champions League prize money? Starting from the 2021 season, the OFC Champions League winners will pocket the winner, $50,000 as price money.


The runners up will also pocket $75,000 and teams that finish third and fourth respectively will be given $25,000.


OFC Champions League 2020? The 2020 OFC Champions League was cancelled and no Champion emerged.


Who is the defending Champions of the OFC Champions League? Hienghène Sport is the defending Champions of the OFC Champions League after winning the 2019 edition.


The OFC Champions League is an annual football tournament contested by teams in the Oceania region and organized by the OFC Football body.


The Competition since its inception has produced several notable winners in the past and present.


Hienghène Sport is the defending Champions of the OFC Champions League after winning the 2019 edition.


The 2020 edition was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic.


In the mix of the list of Champions of the OFC Champions League, Australian teams also have a record as a nation with that titles won although not until Australia’s switch to the AFC football Confederation in Asia.


The OFC Champions League also known as the O-League is a premiere men’s professional football Competition Since its establishment in 1987.


OFC Club Championship was the initial Competition before its rebranding to OFC Champions League or the O League for short.


The winner is determined by the aggregate scoreline and away goals rule over a two-legged tie played on a home and away basis.


The 2019 edition was a single final compared to the format used previously.

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Hekari United is the first non-New Zealand side after the Australian breakaway to become Champions of OFC Champions League and this was achieved in 2010.


When it comes to club football in the OFC, New Zealand has the most successful teams closely followed by some promising performance from Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.


For New Zealand, topsides including Auckland City, Team Wellington and Waitakere United dominating the continent singlehandedly.


Since the breakaway caused by Australian teams, New Zealand has remained the top nations on the continent.


In the early years of the OFC Champions League, Australian teams dominated proceedings. Australian side Adelaide City won the inaugural season in 1987.


OFC Champions League winners list, Champions in history


Auckland City

Titles 9

Years Won: 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.


When it comes to the OFC Champions League, Auckland City is the most successful team in the Competition with over 9 titles won with its first title in 2006.


This success was closely followed by another success Three years later as Auckland City lifted its second OFC Champions League title in 2009.


However, these wins further opened new doors for the club to begin its dominance in the Oceanian football scene.


This time, Auckland City won the OFC Champions League in seven successive seasons beginning from 2011 to 2017 which is currently a record held by the club as the most number of successful titles defended.


This made Auckland City shot itself to the limelight as the Premier club of Oceanian club football.


This achievement ensured the New Zealand club represented the continent in the FIFA Club World Cup in seven straight years.


For Auckland, it would have been another title-winning party only for a brilliant performance from fellow country club Team Wellington to snatch the title away from them.

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Auckland City also holds a perfect record in Oceania as the team with most OFC Champions League titles and the only team in the modern era that is yet to lose a final as a defending Champions.


Waitakere United

Titles 2

Years Won: 2007, 2008

Second in the OFC Champions League winners list is Waitakere United with two titles.


The New Zealanders did so by becoming Champions in two successive seasons between 2007 and 2008.


After this finals, Waitakere also lost in two finals in 2010 and 2013 to Hekari United and Auckland City in the final.


The club’s first title in 2007, Waitakere United defeated Fijian side Ba Football Club in the final match over two legs.


The first leg ended 2-1 in favour of the Fijian side even as the New Zealanders rallied to win the title in the second leg scoring a single goal to lift its first title on away goals rule.


The second title was a clear 6-3 aggregate scoreline win over Kossa football club.


Today, Waitakere United pride’s as the second most successful team in the OFC Champions League winners list with two titles behind Auckland City with nine titles.


Other top teams that have written their names on the all-time OFC Champions League winners list


Team Wellington – 1 Title


Adelaide City – 1 Title

(Australia – now AFC)


South Melbourne – 1 Title

(Australia – now AFC)


Wollongong Wolves – 1 Title

(Australia – now AFC)


Sydney FC – Title

(Australia – now AFC)


Hekari United – 1 Title

(Papua New Guinea)


Hienghène Sport – 1 Title


OFC Champions League winners list, full Champions



2020 – Cancelled

2019 – Hienghène Sport (New Caledonia)

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2018 – Team Wellington (New Zealand)

2017 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2016 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2014–15 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2013–14 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2012–13 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2011–12 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2010–11 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2009–10 – Hekari United (Papua New Guinea)

2008–09 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2007–08 – Waitakere United (New Zealand)

2007 – Waitakere United (New Zealand)

2006 – Auckland City (New Zealand)

2005 – Sydney FC (Australia)

2001 – Wollongong Wolves (Australia)

1999 – South Melbourne (Australia)

1987 – Adelaide City (Australia)


Performances by country

New Zealand 12

Australia 4

New Caledonia 1

Papua New Guinea 1


Australian teams early dominance

The first four editions of the OFC Champions League winners were Australian teams most of which are now semi-professional teams in their respective leagues except Sydney FC.


The teams dominated the region before the breakaway. This would have created heavy dominance of Australian teams in Oceania or probably created Competition between Australia and New Zealand.


New Zealand teams dominance

New Zealand teams have dominated the O League with a total of twelve titles from three different teams including Auckland City 9, Waitakere United 2, and Team Wellington 1.


The OFC Championship League was dominated by teams from New Zealand over the past years with Auckland City winning seven straight titles.


However, Hekari United broke the jinx in 2010 and Hienghène Sport in 2019 nine years later.



The Competition is more popular in the OFC football region but is believed to have attracted followers from Asia most especially towards the final rounds.



This article highlights the OFC Champions League winners list, most successful Champions in history.

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