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New York Red Bulls Academy Tryouts 2024: How to join & cost



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The New York Red Bulls Academy is the soccer and youth development department owned by New York Red Bulls FC in Major League Soccer.



The sole purpose of the Academy was to build young players to a world-class level and to promote most of the graduates to the professional team in the MLS.


The youth development squad is one of the fastest-growing in the United States and has had many successes since its establishment years ago.

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The Red Bull Academy has professional soccer coaches and talent scouts to monitor emerging young players constantly.


Eligible players are handed an opportunity to join the main Academy, and they’re expected to pass through the various development levels, including the U15, U17, U23 and the professional soccer development squad.


5 Ways to apply for the New York Red Bull Academy in 2024


1. To apply, head to the club’s official website and read the terms of youth programs

2. Apply via the club’s trial session URL.

3. Fill in your details and submit them to confirm your interest

4. Wait for a response from the team’s representatives.

5. Follow the terms


You would be invited for the upcoming trials, although chances are 50/50 due to the high volume of applicants nationwide. The program is open to United States citizens and permanent residents.


How to get scouted by New York Red Bulls Academy

The club runs a series of partnerships with other soccer development clubs.


  • Participate in local tournaments or join a local team

The Academy sends scouts and coaches to various elite soccer development programs to catch the best players from the grassroots.


This is achieved through partnerships with local Soccer development teams in the region or nationally.


The moment a player is recognised, the club contacts the player and coaches of the local team to discuss further terms and ways to sign the Player.


When suitable arrangements are made, the player is expected to join the team at the beginning of the new season or as per the position of the Academy staff who seek to capture the player.


There’s also a scouting program used to identify players in major or minor Youth Soccer tournaments weekly or monthly.


  • Scouting and Youth identification programs

The club also has a working partnership with a well-established scouting network nationwide, which provides player referrals or recommendations based on reports.


There’s also the identification of players through the club’s Youth program across various locations throughout the year.


Where is the Academy located?

RBNY Academy Tryout application, Red Bull Arena, 600 Cape May Street, Harrison, NJ, 07029


Other ways to join New York Red Bulls Academy

Join the Pre Academy

The New York Red Bulls Pre-Academy is designed to help young players find the fastest route to gain entry into the club’s main trials after going through a series of training and a few camping experiences.


It is good for young players willing to enter the Academy without the need to spend much or go through the hassle of searching for alternatives to joining the club’s development team.


Located in New York City, players within and outside the region should use this opportunity to join the main youth setup. The Pre Academy features some of the best arrays of young talents.


Also, the club handlers are expected to pick the best-performing young players and incorporate them into the main development team.


The Pre Academy includes boys and girls teams. Even though you are not in the main section, you still have the opportunity to play with the best players in the region, providing the best sporting facilities for them to succeed.


Other benefits include learning under a well-experienced and grade-A licensed soccer manager employed by the club youth development department.


New York Pre-Academy for Boys

The club opens its doors for young boys to showcase their talents and further boost their chances of being selected and also improve their level of professional soccer through constant development.


To ensure players enrol for the Pre-Academy boys section, tryouts are organised in the New York region every year.


Players can only participate if they possess the invitation ID for the event, and performance would be assessed by top scouts and coaches from the club.


How to apply for New York Red Bulls Pre Academy for Boys

You can apply for the program through the club’s official website.


Fill in your correct details, then submit. Now, wait patiently as a club representative will call you to discuss your chances of making it to the team, including consent from parents or guardians.

Visit here to apply.

Also note that due to a high number of applications, you may not receive a response on time.


How to join New York Academy Pre Academy for Girls


Young girls interested in securing a place in the Pre-Academy Girls team should sign up for the program through the club’s official website dedicated to covering the program.


Players should fill in the correct details and submit them.


A representative will contact you to plan with you the next line of action.

Visit here to apply


The Pre-Academy for Girls is a special soccer program meant for developing your girls to the level of professional soccer. This section allows young girls within and outside the region to work towards securing a place in the main team.


Young girls between 10 and 15 years old would be eligible to apply for the program. The program features teams from U13 to U15 and will be provided with top-class facilities and professional coaches.


New York Red will provide a dedicated training environment and facilities for young girls interested in participating in the program.


Features of the team

* You play about four high-level tournaments

* MLS pre-season tournament experience

* Three months of indoor training exercises

* Professional support and training from coaches and scouts.


There are various levels you must pass through before you can gain entry into the professional team. This starts from player development to schools up to the reserve squad.


What to know about the levels in the academyย 

Level 7

Level 7 offers various classes of player development, from camps to clinics and outreach programs. It offers various development training classes for players, coaches, and organisations.


Level 6: Regional Development Schools

This is a program set out to find young players between the ages of 7 and 14 years. They’re offered the chance to join the Pre Academy team for either boys or girls.


Entry into this level is strictly based on an assessment by expert coaches and scouts.

The Regional Development Schools also offer camps and open registration programs for travel-level players.


Level 5: Pre Academy

The New York Red Bulls Pre Academy is the next bus stop heading to the main soccer Academy of the club. It is a direct pass to the main Academy team without the hassle of application or other tryouts.


Level 4: New York Red Bulls Academy

This is the main ava of the team that competes in MLS Next and other regional, national, and international competitions.


Level 3: U23

This is the professional development squad. It consists of Academy graduates who are eligible to represent the senior team.


Level: 2 NYRB II – Reserve Team

The NYRB II serves as the professional reserve team for the senior team. It is a link between the Academy graduates and the first team played by the professionals.


Level 1: First Team

The first team is the main professional team, which plays in Major League Soccer as a franchise team member of the Western Conference.


The club is one of the top sides in the division and has constantly emerged as tops in the Eastern Conference over the years.


How to succeed in the Regional Development Schools tryouts

Train regularly

The best way to succeed during trials of this nature is regular training at home.


As you continue to train, you’ll be used to a better style of play, as we can impress coaches when it matters.


Scouts and youth soccer development coaches are always looking for young players capable of producing the best results in the field of play.


Training makes you a better player, and as such, you should take it upon yourself as a duty to perform your training.


One of the reasons why professional soccer players have gone on to be successful is their ability to perform regular training.


Pick a particular role and work on it

Dedicate yourself to a specific role that you are capable of handling. You can seek advice from your coach about the position to play.


Once you are addicted to a role, your chances of success become much faster than usual.


What makes you stand out amongst the rest is your ability to convince the scouts and coaches of your preferred role.


Top soccer players who are successful today with their respective clubs are perfect or near-perfect in their playing position.


Final Thoughts

The New York Red Bulls Academy is one of the fastest-growing soccer development academies in the United States, which has also produced notable players for the senior team.


If you succeed, you must pass through the lower ranks and stay dedicated.

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