New England Revolution Academy: tryouts 2021, location, cost, contacts

New England Revolution Academy: tryouts 2021, location, cost, contacts

August 23, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

New England Revolution II Academy: tryouts, location, cost, contacts.


New England Revolution Soccer development academy is the youth development wing of Major League Soccer franchise team New England Revolution.



The Academy has been part of the club’s history and success recorded since its establishment as a soccer club member of the MLS.



Over the years, some important players from the team have been promoted, some of which have gone on to represent the senior or professional team in the MLS.


Cool facts

Is New England Revolution Academy free? The New England Revolution Youth Academy is offered free of cost as they are fully funded by the New England Revolution Soccer Club.


As result expenses of all players in the Academy related to competition are paid for by the club.


Where is the New England Revolution Academy? The New England Revolution Academy is situated close to the Revolution Training Center in Foxborough,



Do you have to pay to play in Revolution Academy? The Academy is fully funded program, running without the pay to play system. Players are allowed to participate in tryouts for free.


How to join New England Revolution Academy – tryouts 2021


Tryouts for New England Revolution Academy is on an invitation only basis.


Interested players would have to submit before they’ll be considered for a place in the tryouts.


Follow the New England Revolution Academy Registration for tryouts here


1. Head to the New England Revolution tryouts page here.


2. Fill in your most correct details


3. Inside the form field, add a link to a video of yourself you’d already recording or a training video (recommended).


3. Click on the submit button

4. Be on alert for feedback from an Academy representative.


5. Follow every instruction that would be given to you if they contact you and attend trials only on the date you were given.


Tip: The best way to convince the club’s representatives to consider you for a place in tryouts is by uploading a video of yourself in training showing skills you are capable of providing.


The good thing about it is, the video will be accessed prompting your quick invitation or selection as a special candidate for the tryouts.


New England Revolution Academy tryouts cost, contacts


The Program is offered at no cost or fee to participate.


The Program also covers every other aspect that relates to soccer development.


All covered expenses include training, facilities, Adidas uniforms and training gear, and game/tournament-related travel expenses.


For further information, you can contact the Academy via

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New England Revolution Academy Location, training centre


The New England Revolution Academy is at Revolution Training Center in Foxborough, Massachusetts, United States.


Residency Program


The Revolution Residency Program would fast tracks the development of young players.


Players selected for the Residency Program are allowed to live full-time on-site.


The players will be supervised by Academy staff.


The Program includes added benefits like having more access to the club’s training facilities with ease.


This means players would only take a short walk to Gillette Stadium and the Revolution Training Center.


With access to the Audi Performance Center at the Academy Residency House, players will benefit from the supplemental field and gym sessions with increased access to first and second-team training sessions.


Another added benefit is the enrollment of residency players in an online high school.


New England Revolution Academy Teams

Teams: U14, U15, U16/17, U18/19.


New England Revolution USL Championship Team


New England Revolution II

As a graduate of the Academy, your next shot is with the team that play in the USL Championship, the Revolution II.


Here, you’ll play soccer Professionally alongside other fellow Professional players from other clubs.


You’ll also get paid as a member of the team.


Based on your overall performance, you could be drafted into the main team that play in the MLS within a short time.


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The other benefit of the Revolution II is the opportunity to get noticed by other Professional teams that could even enquire to secure your services.


Other ways to get into the New England Revolution Academy


Player Development Program

The Player Development Program offers a wide range of options for young players to take up their game to the next level.


Players will be taught in different areas of Soccer in all aspects of the game, including ball mastery, speed of play, coordination and balance and movement with and without the ball.


This special program aims to help players adapt to the game.


Developmental Programs Available


1. Summer Camps

2. Elite Programs

3. Team and Association Programs


1. New England Revolution Summer Camps

The Summer Camp is another special program to help players achieve more.


Here, Coaches will be on hand to offer players the best as it relates to developing the mindset of the players.


Players would have a free role when it comes to training which is expected to boost their level of creativity, individuality, and imagination.

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In a state of the art facilities available at their disposal, the focus will be on moves, ball mastery, fakes, feints, finishing, and speed of play.


Summer Camp is another avenue to further boost your soccer skills and take your game to the next level.



2. Elite Programs


The Elite Player Pathway

The Elite Player Pathway is the Premier training destination for players in the region.


The Elite Player Pathway is a tryout-based program that allows players to train with highly experienced coaches hired by the club.


In this program, players will train in a conducive environment like the Gillette Stadium.


At the end of the Elite Player Pathway Program, players selected could be on their way to the main Academy team.


Click here for tryouts information.

3. Team and Association Programs

Town Association


This program focuses more on the technical side as players would have the opportunity to train under a member of the Revolution Academy technical staff who will conduct high-level training sessions.


Individual Teams

Teams training will be hosted in the local community.


This unique addition to the Revolution Academy is the ideal preseason or in-season training for travel, premier or high school programs.


Interested players can contact the Academy via: Call (508) 384-9242 or email revolutionacademy@revolutionsoccer.


What you are expected to learn as you join the New England Revolution Soccer Academy


The club thanks to it’s an array of experienced staff and coaches would teach you more about your career part, Soccer.


As a member, you’ll also have the chance to participate in regional as well as International Soccer Competitions capable of taking your career higher.


Another benefit is the closeness you get to the club’s Professional setup in the MLS.


You’ll have the opportunity to train alongside the Professional thereby learning new concepts and ideas as it relates to the beautiful game of soccer.


Players that are ready for professional role will represent the New England Revolution II in the USL Championship.


Goalkeeper Training

Thanks to the New England Revolution Academy staff, players with goalkeeping as their preferred position will be taught in various areas that would make them better players.


Some of the top training includes ball Mastery, ball watching, diving and good goalkeeper positing skills.


There’s more to what you can learn or achieve as a member of the Academy.


Ball Mastery

One of the main areas that make a player stand out is the ability to control and make decisive decisions with the ball on the field of play.


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Trained coaches will teach you various ways that will help your ball Mastery skills.


These and more are the areas they’ll focus on.


Ways to succeed during tryouts


Tryouts are once or twice a year programs run by clubs in a bid to recruit players into various age or gender-based categories.


You should try your best to ensure you are considered for selection, this can be achieved by impressing scouts.


1. Begin with your home training exercises

The best way to keep fit is to train regularly. Although this is a hard part for most players.


You can overcome the lack of training hours by creating a special training schedule that will serve as a guide for your day to day activities.


Your training schedule will help identify days suitable for your training.


The more you train, the better you are expected to perform on the field of play.


2. Go for a soft landing

Do not see yourself as a master of the pitch. Instead, focus on one area and continue to work hard.


3. Access yourself

Access yourself early, pick up a particular role you can confidently play or defend.


If you are more comfortable handling a particular role, then you should consider working towards perfecting your skills daily that would make you stand out.


If you find it difficult, you can still talk to a coach about it.


Do not switch positions, stick to the position you can play.


Final Thoughts

The Revolution Academy is one of the top Soccer development program in the United States.


The club offers players an opportunity to play soccer in top class facilities.


Players accepted into the Academy will also play in the MLS Next League (Know more about the MLS Next League).


About New England Revolution Academy


The New England Revolution Academy is a special Soccer development program organized by the MLS outfit that provides young players access to MLS and United Soccer League (USL) youth development pathway.


The youth development teams are fully funded by the New England Revolution.


To be consistent for a place in the team, tryout opportunities are created which is based on players that were invited.


The players selected during tryouts are drafted into the MLS Next League Academy teams.



Article highlights how to join New England Revolution Academy, tryouts 2021, location, cost, contacts, etc.


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