México Liga MX founders: Analyzing every single team

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The Méxican Liga MX remains one of the biggest leagues in the Américas having some of its founders still actively working.


Cool facts

What is the oldest team in the Liga MX? C.F. Pachuca is the oldest Liga MX club in Mexico and the Américas founded in 1901.


When was Liga MX founded? The Méxican Liga MX was founded on 17 October 1943, after ten clubs from various regional leagues came to a round table to agree on a single national championship.


How many teams are in Liga MX? 18. The league has 18 teams with the bottom-placed team relegated to the Ascenso MX.


Who has the most Liga MX titles? Club América has won 13 league titles and is the most Liga MX winners followed closely by rivals Chivas Guadalajara.


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The league initially started as an amateur league before it was officially moved into the professional phase in 1943.


The league has a total of ten founders some of which are still actively participating in the league including Club América, Necaxa, Veracruz, Atlas and Chivas Guadalajara.


These teams have also gone on to win the Championship more times just as the case of Chivas Guadalajara and Club América who are the Leagues most successful team in history with 13 and 12 titles respectively.


The ten founders of the Liga MX came together to form a single national competition where a winner will emerge and crowned Champions.


One of the earliest teams in the Liga MX history than in the amateur era was Asturias in 1927.


During this period, it was mainly a league Competition played by teams within México City vicinity.


The professional era of the Méxican Liga MX formation came into play in 1943 with a total of ten clubs announced as members.

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The founders of the Liga MX include América, Asturias, Atlante, Veracruz, Necaxa, Marte, Atlas Chivas Guadalajara, ADO and Moctezuma.


List of Liga MX founders, the founding members in history


1. Club América

Club América is a professional football club based in México City.


It is one of the founding members of the Liga MX after it pulled out of the Primera Fuerza which served as the top club Competitions as at then.


Today, Club América is the most decorated Soccer club in Mexico with 13 Liga MX titles, 7 Copa MX and 6 Campeón de Campeones.


At the International scene, Club América has also won over 7 CONCACAF Champions League titles which is a North American record.


These achievements accelerate the club’s status to the level of the most successful team in México.


The club was founded in 1916 and have never been relegated from the Liga MX since its establishment.


The club is owned by the media company Grupo Televisa.


It has a long-standing rivalry with Chivas Guadalajara with matches between them known as El Súper Clásico which is the biggest Soccer derby in México.


The club plays its home games at the Estadio Azteca which is one of the biggest stadia in the country.


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2. Club Necaxa

Impulsora del Deportivo Necaxa is a professional soccer club based in Aguascalientes and competes in the Liga MX.


The club was founded in 1923 and is also the founders of the league.


Since established as a member of the Liga MX, Necaxa has won three league titles between 1995, 1996 and 1998 Invierno seasons.


Necaxa also boosts eight Copa MX titles as well as two triumphs in the Campeón de Campeones in 1966 and 1995.


Necaxa also has two CONCACAF Champions League wins between 1975 (as Atlético Español) and 1999.

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Although it was not a smooth stay in the first division, Club Necaxa was eventually relegated to the Méxican second division, the Ascenso MX but bounced back in 2016.


Club Necaxa also played in the old Primera Fuerza of Mexico City league, winning four titles.


Today, the club prides itself as one of the top clubs in history with notable trophies domestically and internationally.


3. Chivas Guadalajara

Chivas Guadalajara is a professional soccer club based in Jalisco and competes in Liga MX.


Founded as Club Deportivo Guadalajara in 1906, the club is one of the founding members of the league and has never been relegated from the Liga MX since its establishment.


They are one of the only two teams alongside Club América that have never been relegated from the First Méxican Primerica Division.


It is also the only club in the country which runs a strict policy and doesn’t allow foreigners in their team up to date.


Chivas Guadalajara is the second most successful team with 12 titles which is just a single win away from equalling Club América’s 13 wins.


In another league record, Guadalajara holds the record as the only club with the longest league match winning streak from the beginning spanning up to eight consecutive wins.


In terms of several titles won, the club boost 12 league titles, 4 Copa MX, 7 Campeón de Campeones, 2 CONCACAF Champions League titles.


4. Atlante

Atlante Fútbol Club is a professional soccer club based in Mexico City.


It is one of the Liga MX founding members.


The club was founded in 1918 and currently competes in the Liga de Expansión MX or Ascenso MX after it was relegated from the top flight at the end of the 2013–14 season.


Atlante has won three Liga MX titles, three Copa MX, two Campeón de Campeones as well as two CONCACAF Champions League.

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5. Veracruz

Veracruz Sporting Club is a professional soccer club based in Veracruz State and is one of the league founders.


Founded in 1908, the club now plays in the Liga TDP, Mexico’s fourth tier football league.


The club’s most notable honours were achieved during the amateur era. Veracruz won the Liga Amateur de Veracruz eleven times.


6. Atlas

Atlas Fútbol Club is a professional soccer club based in Jalisco and competes in the Liga MX.


They are one of the founding members of the Liga MX alongside city rivals Chivas Guadalajara.


Founded in 1916, Atlas has been consistent in recent years when it comes to performance in the Mexican Primera Division.


The club has won a single Liga MX title, 4 Copa MX, and 4 Campeón de Campeones.


Atlas are also winners of the Liga Premier de México three times which is the country’s third-tier league.


7. Marte

Club Deportivo Marte was a Méxican Soccer club establishment in 1928 and are one of the league founders.


Marte won a single Primera División de México (Liga MX).


The club’s notable triumph was in the 1954 Campeón de Campeones final, beating Club América to the title.


8. Moctezuma

Moctezuma de Orizaba was a Méxican Soccer team founded in 1932.


The club won two Copa México and a single Campeón de Campeones.


9. Albinegros de Orizaba

Albinegros de Orizaba was a Méxican Soccer club established in 1898.


The club won the league once.


10. Asturias

Centro Asturiano de México was a Soccer club based in Mexico City.


The club won the Liga MX once as well as eight Copa MX titles.


Asturias is one of the founding members of the Liga MX.


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