Mexican Liga MX winners – List of Mexico league Champions in history

Mexican Liga MX winners – List of Mexico league Champions in history

May 5, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

México Liga MX winners, list of Mexican league Champions in the all-time history chart.


The Clausura and Apertura winners

Guardianes and Guard1anes winners

Who is the most successful team in Mexico? Club América is the most successful team in Mexico.


Who is the defending Champions of the Méxican Liga MX Guardianes 2021? Cruz Azul are the 2021 Guard1anes winners.


Who has the most league titles in Méxican league soccer? Club América had the most league titles in Méxican league soccer with over 13 titles.


Who is the best Méxican Soccer team? In 2020, Club León is the best after lifting the Guardians. The all-time best Méxican team goes to Club América.


How Many titles Monterrey have?

Monterey has 5 titles in the Liga MX, 4 CONCACAF Champions League, 3 Copa MX, etc.


The Mexican Liga MX is a men’s professional football league in Mexico contested by 20 teams across the federation.


Since its establishment, over twenty-five, different teams have lifted the trophy.


The league, unlike some European Competitions that appears to be one-sided, the domestic league in México is fiercely contested by several teams in the country.


Also unlike European countries where a single Champion emerges at the end of the calendar year, the reverse is the case in the North American country.


In the Mexican Liga MX, two titles are awarded to two different Champions in a calendar year with the starting tournament known as the Apertura and the closing Competitions known as the Clausura.


Despite this division, there have been scenarios where a single team have won the two titles in the same year.


In the country’s top division, Club América, Chivas Guadalajara and Toluca have won the most titles than any other side


México Liga MX winners, list of Mexican League Champions All-time most successful teams in history


Club América

Club América is a professional football club that competes in the Liga MX since its inception.


Club América is one of the founding members of the Mexican top-flight and has never been relegated.


When it comes to the Mexican Liga MX, Club América remains the most successful team in the country with over 12 titles won over the years of its participation in the top flight.


The team is based in the country’s capital city México City and also doubles as one of the most popular football clubs in the country.


The national and continental Champions plays it’s home games in one of the largest soccer stadium Estadio Azteca.


América holds a long-standing deep rivalry with Chivas Guadalajara as both teams are the most successful in the country also with the highest number of fans and supporters within and outside the country.


Not just on the home front, Club América has shot itself to the status of an international football club that has won the CONCACAF Champions League with a record seven titles more than any other Mexican club.


Other notable trophies including another record six Copa MX, and six Campeón de Campeones last won in 2019.

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Golden Era

América entered the scene in 1965–66, by then it was a single calendar year trophy.


The club also won back to back league titles between 1983–84 and 1984–85.


At the beginning of the Clausura and Apertura season, the first Clausura 2005 was achieved and the first Apertura was achieved in 2014.


Since its last trophy triumph in the Apertura 2018 Sea, Club América has failed to reach the position of winning the league title again.


The popularity of Club América

Club América is one of the most popular football clubs in México with a high number of fans most especially in Mexico City, the country’s capital city.


Today, the rivalry between Club América and Guadalajara is one of the biggest in the world.


1965–66, 1970–71, 1975–76, 1983–84, 1984–85, Prode-1985, 1987–88, 1988–89, Verano 2002, Clausura 2005, Clausura 2013, Apertura 2014, Apertura 2018.



Club Deportivo Guadalajara is a professional football club based in Guadalajara and competes in Liga MX, the country’s top tier soccer division.


Chivas Guadalajara is also one of the founding members of the country’s elite division and has never been relegated from the division alongside Club América.


In the country, they hold a unique ability of not allowing foreigners from playing for its first team and has also focused on building homegrown players in a bit to promote local players.


Guadalajara is one of the most successful teams in the history of México Soccer and the second most successful in the Liga MX haven won twelve titles as against Club América’s record of thirteen titles.


Chivas won its first league title in the 1956–57 season but waited for another two years in 1958–59 to add another title.


After the success that was recorded in 1958–59, Guadalajara went further to win four consecutive titles which could have been extended but were cut short by a surprise team Oro 1962–63.


Guadalajara is also one of the most popular clubs in the country.


The club boasts a total of twelve league titles, four Copa MX, seven Campeón de Campeones.


At the international scene, the club has also won two CONCACAF Champions League titles.


Today, Chivas Guadalajara has an intense rivalry with the other most successful club in the country Club América known as the El Súper Clásico.


The club also has other local derbies with other smaller clubs in the country.

1956–57, 1958–59, 1959–60, 1960–61, 1961–62, 1963–64, 1964–65, 1969–70, 1986–87, Verano 1997, Apertura 2006, Clausura 2017.



Deportivo Toluca Fútbol Club is a professional soccer club based in Toluca and competes in the top flight.


In total, the club has won over ten titles and are behind Chivas Guadalajara and Club América who are the most successful with twelve and thirteen titles respectively.


In its own right, Toluca is the third most successful club in Mexico with some notable titles including the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup which was lifted twice in the history of the club.

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Other notable trophies including two Copa MX and four Campeón de Campeones.


Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul is a professional football club based in Mexico City and competes in the Liga MX.


After the first three most successful teams, Cruz Azul follows with a total of eight Liga MX titles.


Azul is back to back winners of the league in the early years of its entrance to the scene in 1968–69 and 1970.


Following up with this success, the club further went on to win three consecutive titles 1971–72, 1972–73 and 1973–74.


But Azul has never won the silverware in the modern era.


Azul is the second most successful Méxican club in the CONCACAF Champions League with six titles behind Club América with ten titles.


Club León

Club León is a Méxican professional football club based in León and a member of the top flight.



They are joint the title holders alongside Cruz Azul with eight wins respectively.


A total of eight titles, León prides itself as the Guardianes 2020 after the league was renamed as Guardians in support of the healthcare workers against the coronavirus pandemic.


Club León are proud to back to back Liga MX winners in 1947–48 and 1948–49.


The club also spent five seasons in the second División, winning five.


León also boosts five Copa MX titles and five Campeón de Campeones.


Pumas UNAM

Pumas UNAM has won seven Liga MX titles representing the autonomous University of México.


UNAM shares a fierce rivalry with Club América in the country’s capital city México City known as Clásico Capitalino.


The club has also won three CONCACAF Champions League titles in the past.


Pumas UNAM made history after clinching the two annual Championships.


The University football club won the 2004 Clausura and Apertura respectively.


Its first title came in 1976–77. The last time the title was lifted came in the Clausura 2011 season.


UNAM has been crowned Champions seven times.


Tigres UANL

Tigres UANL is a professional football club based in San Nicolás de Los Garza and competes in the Méxican league.


Representing the University of Nuevo León, Tigres is one of the vibrant clubs in modern football in the country.


Tigres boost of seven league titles most of which came in the modern era.


The club has consistently followed up with the fast-growing competitive nature of the domestic league.


Its first crown came in 1977–78 and the last was won in the Clausura 2019.


In 2020, Tigres surprised the whole of México by winning the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League and advancing to the finals of the FIFA Club World eventually losing to record German Bundesliga winners Bayern Munich.


1977–78, 1981–82, Apertura 2011, Apertura 2015, Apertura 2016, Apertura 2017, Clausura 2019.


Club Santos Laguna

Santos Laguna is a professional football club based in Comarca Laguna, competing for honours in a top tier football league.

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In total, Santos Laguna has won six League crowns most of which came in the modern era of Mexican professional football.


Invierno 1996, Verano 2001, Clausura 2008, Clausura 2012, Clausura 2015, Clausura 2018



Monterrey is a football club based in Monterrey and a full member of the Liga MX, the top tier league of México.


The club has won five domestic league titles.


However, the club’s success only came more from the international scene with over four CONCACAF Champions League titles won in the past.


Most of Monterrey’s titles came in the modern era.

The club lifted its first league crown in 1986. Monterrey have won more Apertura than the Clausura.


1986, Clausura 2003, Apertura 2009, Apertura 2010, Apertura 2019.


List of Mexico Liga MX winners, Méxican Champions in the all-time history of the league

Guardianes 2021 Cruz Azul

Guardianes 2020 León

Clausura 2020 Abandoned (Covid-19)

Apertura 2019 Monterrey

Clausura 2019 Tigres UANL

Apertura 2018 Club América

Clausura 2018 Santos Laguna

Apertura 2017 Tigres UANL

Clausura 2017 Guadalajara

Apertura 2016 Tigres UANL

Clausura 2016 Pachuca

Apertura 2015 Tigres UANL

Clausura 2015 Santos Laguna

Apertura 2014 Club América

Clausura 2014 León

Apertura 2013 León

Clausura 2013 Club América

Apertura 2012 Tijuana

Clausura 2012 Santos Laguna

Apertura 2011 Tigres UANL

Clausura 2011 Pumas UNAM

Apertura 2010 Monterrey

Bicentenario 2010 Toluca

Apertura 2009 Monterrey

Clausura 2009 Pumas UNAM

Apertura 2008 Toluca

Clausura 2008 Santos Laguna

Apertura 2007 Atlante

Clausura 2007 Pachuca

Apertura 2006 Guadalajara

Clausura 2006 Pachuca

Apertura 2005 Toluca

Clausura 2005 Club América

Apertura 2004 Pumas UNAM

Clausura 2004 Pumas UNAM

Apertura 2003 Pachuca

Clausura 2003 Monterrey

Apertura 2002 Toluca

Verano 2002 Club América

Invierno 2001 Pachuca

Verano 2001 Santos Laguna

Invierno 2000 Monarcas Morelia

Verano 2000 Toluca

Invierno 1999 Pachuca

Verano 1999 Toluca

Invierno 1998 Necaxa

Verano 1998 Toluca

Invierno 1997 Cruz Azul

Verano 1997 Guadalajara

Invierno 1996 Santos Laguna

1995–96 Necaxa

1994–95 Necaxa

1993–94 Tecos UAG

1992–93 Atlante FC

1991–92 Club León

1990–91 Pumas UNAM

1989–90 Puebla

1988–89 Club América

1987–88 Club América

1986–87 Guadalajara

Mexico 1986 Monterrey

PRODE 1985 Club América

1984–85 Club América

1983–84 Club América

1982–83 Puebla

1981–82 Tigres UANL

1980–81 Pumas UNAM

1979–80 Cruz Azul

1978–79 Cruz Azul

1977–78 Tigres UANL

1976-77 Pumas UNAM

1975–76 Club América

1974–75 Toluca

1973–74 Cruz Azul

1972–73 Cruz Azul

1971–72 Cruz Azul

1970–71 Club América

México ’70 Cruz Azul

1969–70 Guadalajara

1968–69 Cruz Azul

1967–68 Toluca

1966–67 Toluca

1965–66 Club América

1964–65 Guadalajara

1963–64 Guadalajara

1962–63 Oro

1961–62 Guadalajara

1960–61 Guadalajara

1959–60 Guadalajara

1958–59 Guadalajara

1957–58 Zacatepec

1956–57 Guadalajara

1955–56 León

1954–55 Zacatepec

1953–54 Marte

1952–53 Tampico Madero

1951–52 León

1950–51 Atlas

1949–50 Veracruz

1948–49 León

1947–48 León

1946–47 Atlante

1945–46 Veracruz

1944–45 Real Club España

1943–44 Asturias



The article highlights the List of Mexico Liga MX winners and Champions since it’s the establishment.

Apertura and Clausura winner list

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