Martin Braithwaite would stay for 4 years since he's fastest at Barcelona right now 1
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Martin Braithwaite would stay for 4 years since he’s fastest at Barcelona right now

Martin Braithwaite is optimistic about his future at Barcelona, with the Danish footballer giving hints about reaming at Barcelona for at least four and a half years.


However, this is followed by a twist, if he would remain, that would mean extra hard work and consistency on his part.


Barcelona is one of the most difficult grounds to stake a claim. I mean the signing of big names like Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann all stood up for the hype.


But along the line, these players haven’t particularly stepped up to the occasion.


And whilst we are still talking about them, Braithwaite thinks he would remain in Barcelona for at least four and a half years which is massive.


He could be optimistic because arguably he is the fastest player Barcelona had to offer in the team, aside from Lionel Messi.


Braithwaite has the right attitude as a player and he is currently at his peak and there’s no way Coach Quique Setien would consider keeping him on the bench.


Once again, his level of consistency determines what happens to the rest of his stay at Barca, be it for the next four years or beyond.


He is looking Sharp and sound and he is currently becoming a key player of the squad. But come to think of it, the club could even sell him this summer.

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What i think is Barcelona needs good winger, not that he is not good, but he needs time to set in well.


It is good to imagine yourself staying at a club for a longer period of time, but Barcelona is the need for a quick solution to problems.


Braithwaite will only remain in Barcelona for that long if he is capable of solving part of the problems faced by the club.


This and others have increased the need to sign Jadon Sancho or Neymar from Paris Saint Germain.


What future the for holds for  Braithwaite is great, but he still needs time and this wouldn’t be as easier as it were in Barcelona at the moment.


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