Man United wages 2023 – Top 5 players’ salary per week


Man United is one of the wealthiest football clubs in the world and has got one of the highest salary budgets among the big six.


As winning titles remains the ultimate goal, United has spent a significant amount of money in the transfer market to sign some of the best legs in Europe. That said, some of its players are among the highest-paid players in the English Premier League.


Interesting Football looks at the Man United wages and the highest-paid players’ salaries at the club.


1. David De Gea (£375,000 per week)


Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea is the highest paid player at Manchester United. He earns £375,000 per week.

De Gea joined Man United in 2019, and his current contract would end in the summer of 2023.

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Since he arrived at Old Trafford, he has been outstanding and has been hailed for his heroic performance.


2. Jadon Sancho (£350,000 per week)


Following an anticipated move to Old Trafford, Jadon Sancho became the second-highest earner at the club. The English winger earns £350,000 per week.

Sancho joined Manchester United in 2019, and his current contract will end in the summer of 2026.

He was one of the best players at Borussia Dortmund. However, he has not hit the ground running in the Premier League.

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3. Casemiro


Casemiro is the joint second highest earner at the club. The Brazilian is paid a whopping sum of £375,000 per week. He joined the club from Real Madrid after a successful career with the Spanish club.


Casemiro has turned out to be a game-changer in the Man United midfield. He has been outstanding and earned praise for his role in the team’s triumph in the Carabao Cup.

United boss Erik ten Haag has built the first team around the Brazilian.


4. Raphael Varane – (£340,000 per week)


French defender Raphaël Varane is one of the players with the highest wage bill at the club. He is paid £ 340,000 every week.

Raphael Varane, along with Casemiro, were the two players that formed a rock-solid defence at Real Madrid. He’s also replicated the same form at Old Trafford and is currently considered one of the best defenders in the Premier League this season.


5. Anthony Martial – (£250,000 per week)

Anthony Martial is surprisingly one of the highest paid players at Man United. The French forward earns £240,000 weekly. He joined the club in January 2019, and his current contract will end in 2024.


Martial was in good form in the early stages of his career at Old Trafford. However, he’s faced ups and downs and has been unable to live up to expectations.


6. Bruno Fernandes (£240,000 per week)

Bruno Fernandes 1

Bruno Fernandes is arguably one of the best players at Man United and the most creative in the midfield. The Portuguese footballer joined the club in 2020. He earns (£240,000 per week).

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