Man City biggest loss – Top 5 heaviest defeats listed 


Although Manchester City Football Club is now one of the most powerful in the world, it wasn’t that long ago when it seemed that they would never reach the status of a giant club.


Moreover, everything was changed by the well-known arrival of the Arabs and a powerful investment from the United Arab Emirates – in 2008, on the first of September, Mr. Mansour agreed to buy the club, which would later turn out to be one of the biggest turning points in the entire football world.


But, of course, City existed long before the arrival of the new owners.


Moreover, less than 24 hours before the purchase was made official, “Citizens” played a league match against Sunderland, in which they won 3:0. At this moment, how many of you could name the starting line-up of Manchester City, which entered the field in that match? You definitely remember some names, and there are also players that only the most loyal fans of English football and the Etihad team will remember.


There was Company, Joe Hart, Richards, Haman, etc. At that point, Manchester City was considered a stable member of the Premier League, finishing away from the relegation zone and from the top half of the table. During its history, this team had many ups and downs, and here are some of the worst results this team had:


5. Chelsea 6 – 0 Manchester City – 2007/08

Some may remember that the Chelsea team is among the best in the club’s history. They showed it many times and certainly showed their power over Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

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Drogba scored twice, and Cole, Essien, Kalou, and Schevchenko scored one goal each. Avram Grant, Chelsea’s manager, was delighted by the performance, especially since the habits of former manager Mourinho were almost replaced and forgotten. Manchester City, with Sven – Goran Erikson as the manager looked desperate during the match, and they were lucky that Chelsea didn’t push much harder.


4. Derby County 7 – 0 Manchester City 1949/1950


These teams have different fates. While City became one of the most powerful and respected football clubs in the world, Derby County is falling deeper into financial problems and currently is a member of English League One, 3rd ranked league in England. But in 1949/1950, while these teams were part of the English First Division, Derby disrespected Manchester City by putting seven goals into his net. It is still one of the most painful defeats in the history of citizens.


3. Wolverhampton 8 – 1 Manchester City 1962/63


Any team who can score high goals in a match should be prized, but this match is considered one of the classics of the English First Division because the hosts were considered to be underdogs because of the many young teenage players in the team. However, the visitor, even with some young players in the squad, didn’t show much professionalism and was heavily defeated 8:1.

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2. Middlesbrough 8 – 1 Manchester City 2007/08


Not so long ago, Middlesbrough was part of the Premier League, and they had one of the biggest and most iconic wins in the league over Manchester City. Middlesbrough’s manager was today’s England’s national team selector Gareth Southgate while City’s boss was again Sven-Goran Erikson.


Manchester City got a red card early in the match, and it was the turning point from where everything went downhill for the visitors. But even though Middlesbrough dominated City in that match, similar as it was the case with Derby, fate wanted this team to fall into lower leagues while Manchester City to be among the best teams in the world.


West Bromwich Albion 9 – 2 Manchester City 1957/58


Another away match finished as a debacle for Manchester City in English First Division in the 1957/58 season. WBA humiliated the Citizens with a score of 9:2.

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The sky-blue team from Manchester was holding up in the first half but was destroyed in the second half. This is the most humiliating defeat in the history of Manchester City. Interestingly, all heavy defeats City got in away matches, and most of the teams that won against City are now in lower English leagues.