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Liverpool vs Manchester – 5 Players that Impressed

FA Community shield
The English FA Community Shield 2019 Clash between Liverpool and Manchester city. City winning 5-4 on penalties. File/

Liverpool vs Manchester city – 5 Impressive players that stole the show at Wembley

Liverpool Communinty Shield showdown with Liverpool was full of surprises as the two teams had an end to end display in front of an overwhelming crowd.

Liverpool had an early schance to score but was quickly by Manchester City defence.

Here are the 5 players that impressed in the FA Community Shield match between Liverpool and Manchester City

1. Raheem Sterling.

Sterling scored the opening goal of the encounter after a cross in the box moved to his own end, which was easily converted for Manchester cit’s first Goal.

2. Allison Becker

Where would Liverpool be if Allison Becker had not produce excellent performance in the game. Becker rise in every attack saved Liverpool from series of damage that could have been made.

3. Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah was everywhere for Liverpool ranging from pases and runs made from the midfield down to the attack for Liverpool.

4. Divock Origi

Origi’s impact was felt in the first half as he was able to make some impressive move back of forth alhough his moved never resulted into a goal.

5. Kyle Walker stood firm at the back for Manchester City and even made the “Save of The Day” after Mohamed Salah shipped the ball over Claudio Bravo, making a bycicle kick to prevent the goal from going in.

Match Result: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City — Regular Time (Liv 4-5 City on Penalties)


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