La Liga winners – Spanish league all-time Champions list

La Liga winners – Spanish league all-time Champions list

April 15, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

The Spanish La Liga is the top-flight professional football league in Spain and has produced several Champions in the past.


Since the inception of the competition, Real Madrid and Barcelona as emerged as the most successful winners of above another team only to be followed by Atletico Madrid.



In the whole of Europe and the world in general, the Spanish La Liga is regarded as one of the strongest and the most competitive.


This was as a result of performance by clubs in from the league competition across international competition like the European competitions and the FIFA Club World Cup.



Barcelona won the inaugural La Liga title to become the first winners in Spain, but could not defend the league as Athletic Club Bilbao won it in two consecutive seasons before Real Madrid entered the scene three years later.



In total titles won in the country, Real Madrid top the chart with 34 titles followed by Barcelona with 26 titles.


Atletico Madrid has won 10 titles followed by Athletic Bilbao with 8 titles.


La Liga teams performance in Europe

Real Madrid

The rise of Real Madrid painted the Spanish name on the list of countries with prominent teams that have emerged to win major European titles such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

La Liga winners - Spanish league all-time Champions list


Real Madrid has won a record 13 UEFA Champions League titles in the past and this was achieved in a time the club was having some of the legendary footballers of Spanish football.



Winning the continental showpiece still did not end there, in recent times, the Royal Madrid club created a statement, winning over three Champions League titles in successive seasons which further earned more respect for the club.


In European competition, Real Madrid as a club had not failed to go beyond the first round knockout stage.


Meaning, the club had always gotten close to the finals of any major European competition even though they failed in the end when it comes to winning it.

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In the history of the Los Blancos, they have owned a couple of titles including the FIFA Club World Cup which is also a record time they have won it.


Making them one of the most successful teams in world football history.


Talking about UEFA Super Cup, it also another Cup title the club has several times.


Would there be any other team in the history of European football to win consecutive titles the Real Madrid did in the past?


Starting from. 1955-56, Real Madrid began winning the Champions League for about five consecutive seasons, becoming the most successful and the strongest in the competition since its inception.



955–56, 1956–57, 1957–58, 1958–59, 1959–60. It was was one of the most remarkable achievements by any club in the history of football competition in Europe.


This achievement did not stop, it was yet again another era of glory after Zinedine Zidane had joined the club as a manager after playing for the team in the past as a professional footballer.


In his reign, the Los Blancos won the UEFA Champions League once again in three consecutive seasons without problems.


This time was against some of the biggest team in modern football including Atletico Madrid, Juventus, etc.


The club won it in three seasons between 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, making it a record 13 titles in its history as a football club.



The Catalans are second on the all-time achievement list in Spain.


Barcelona has won a total of 26 Spanish La Liga titles while ending up as runners up on 26 occasions.


While having some of the best football players at that time, Barcelona could win several La Liga titles including back to back achievements with notable players including Puyol, Iniesta, Ronaldinho, Xavi, etc.


Barca also achieved winning the La Liga in three consecutive seasons between 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11.



The club has won a single La Liga title in the past.


However, the club’s achievement lies in European competitions like the UEFA Europa League, where they won the competition in three consecutive seasons.

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La Liga winners - Spanish league all-time Champions list


Sevilla is the record Champions of the UEFA Europa League, winning the competition six times


Total La Liga titles won by clubs in Spain


Real Madrid 34

Barcelona 26

Atletico Madrid 10

Athletic Bilbao 8

Valencia 6

Real Sociedad 2

Deportivo La Coruña 1

Sevilla 1

Real Betis 1



La Liga most successful clubs, the all-time Spanish league titles


Real Madrid

Real Madrid is a professional football club based in the Spanish capital Madrid.


Real Madrid is simply the most successful club in the history of Spanish football winning over 34 titles in the past and most notably in recent times.


The Los Blancos boast of winning the league title in five successive seasons, becoming the only club in Spain to do so, even though the club could only manage to win it three years later after it was established in 1929.


How the legendary club made it in its history is a subject under discourse.


In all Real Madrid is the most successful and the best club winning lots of domestic and international trophy.



Barcelona was the first football club from Spain to win the Spanish La Liga Italy title back in 1929, opening the door for Athletic Bilbao to complete a double in the first three seasons.


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Having notable clubs in the past, Barcelona has gone toe to toe with Real Madrid on several occasions in the past even though they ended up as runners up in most cases.



Atletico Madrid

The city rivals of Real Madrid is the next club on the list to have won up to ten titles in its history competing in the La Liga.

La Liga winners - Spanish league all-time Champions list


Atletico has also emerged as Runners up in several occasions.


City Championships Club(s) (titles)

Madrid 44 Real Madrid (34), Atlético Madrid (10)


Barcelona 26 Barcelona (26)


Bilbao 8 Athletic Bilbao (8)

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Valencia 6 Valencia (6)


San Sebastián 2 Real Sociedad (2)


Seville 2 Real Betis (1), Sevilla (1)


A Coruña 1 Deportivo La Coruña (1)


See the current La Liga Table

List of La Liga winners and most Champions of all-time

2020-21 Atlético Madrid

2019–20 Real Madrid

2018–19 Barcelona

2017–18 Barcelona

2016–17 Real Madrid

2015–16 Barcelona

2014–15 Barcelona

2013–14 Atletico Madrid

2012–13 Barcelona

2011–12 Real Madrid

2010–11 Barcelona

2009–10 Barcelona

2008–09 Barcelona

2007–08 Real Madrid

2006–07 Real Madrid

2005–06 Barcelona

2004–05 Barcelona

2003–04 Valencia

2002–03 Real Madrid

2001–02 Valencia

2000–01 Real Madrid


1999–2000 Deportivo La Coruña


1998–99 Barcelona

1997–98 Barcelona

1996–97 Real Madrid

1995–96 Atlético Madrid

1994–95 Real Madrid

1993–94 Barcelona

1992–93 Barcelona

1991–92 Barcelona

1990–91 Barcelona

1989–90 Real Madrid

1988–89 Real Madrid

1987–88 Real Madrid

1986–87 Real Madrid

1985–86 Real Madrid

1984–85 Barcelona

1983–84 Athletic Bilbao

1982–83 Athletic Bilbao

1981–82 Real Sociedad

1980–81 Real Sociedad

1979–80 Real Madrid

1978–79 Real Madrid

1977–78 Real Madrid

1976–77 Atletico Madrid

1975–76 Real Madrid

1974–75 Real Madrid

1973–74 Barcelona

1972–73 Atletico Madrid

1971–72 Real Madrid

1970–71 Valencia

1969–70 Atletico Madrid

1968–69 Real Madrid

1967–68 Real Madrid

1966–67 Real Madrid

1965–66 Atletico Madrid

1964–65 Real Madrid

1963–64 Real Madrid

1962–63 Real Madrid

1961–62 Real Madrid

1960–61 Real Madrid

1959–60 Barcelona

1958–59 Barcelona

1957–58 Real Madrid

1956–57 Real Madrid

1955–56 Athletic Bilbao

1954–55 Real Madrid

1953–54 Real Madrid

1952–53 Barcelona

1951–52 Barcelona

1950–51 Atletico Madrid

1949–50 Atletico Madrid

1948–49 Barcelona

1947–48 Barcelona

1946–47 Valencia

1945–46 Sevilla

1944–45 Barcelona

1943–44 Valencia

1942–43 Athletic Bilbao

1941–42 Valencia

1940–41 Atlético Aviación

1939–40 Atlético Aviación

1935–36 Athletic Bilbao

1934–35 Real Betis

1933–34 Athletic Bilbao

1932–33 Real Madrid

1931–32 Real Madrid

1930–31 Athletic Bilbao

1929–30 Athletic Bilbao

1929 Barcelona


About the La Liga


The Spanish La Liga is a men’s professional football league in Spain contested by 20 teams across the Royal Spanish federation having its inaugural season in 1929.

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