How to watch Bundesliga on Startimes, 2020/2021

The German Bundesliga as a result of its increasing popularity has led to the demands by viewers wishing to see live games I their favourite teams at the comfort of their homes.



Despite the dominance of Bayern Munich in the German elite division, the league has continued to attract the attention of fans since RB Leipzig broke into the scene with lots of surprises including the elimination of Tottenham, Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League during the 2019/2020 season.


How to watch Bundesliga on Startimes


For the broadcast rights Chinese digital pay-TV network Startimes alongside French Company Canal Afrique, Azam and GH TV hold the exclusive rights to broadcast live games.



In Sub Saharan Africa, Startimes (English) and Canal Afrique (French) controls the right while Azam TV is in charge of Tanzania in Eastern African.



Back in 2015 when the exclusive deal was signed between the DFL and Startimes, the company from China held the majority of rights, but the recent inclusion of Canal Afrique change the model of operation.



The article in how to watch the German Bundesliga in Sub Saharan Africa and the rest of Africa on Startimes



Startimes (Nigeria, Ghana and other Startimes operating regions)


1. Startimes World Football HD


Startimes World Football HD channel features exclusive, live and top-notch football matches around the world in HD including the Bundesliga, FIFA Club World Cup and International Champions Cup, Europa League, Coppa Italia, etc. On average, there are 10 top-shelf matches live on World Football every week.


Premium Bundesliga games involving Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Mönchengladbach, RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen are shown live on this channel every matchday.



You can watch it on Channel 254 DTT_Classic and 245 Sport Plus and Startimes On the official mobile app.



2. Startimes Sports Arena


Sports Arena is a comprehensive sports channel covering top sporting events across the world.


The Channel provides various live sports events including football, racing, fighting, basketball, volleyball and other popular sports.



Every matchday, Sports Arena broadcast live Bundesliga games as well as replays and magazine shows.



Sports Arena covers up to 30 live events. It offers viewers at least 20 magazine shows and news programmes in a week.


The sole purpose of this channel was to attract the most sports enthusiasts. It is designed to meet the demands of sports lovers.



Bundesliga games involving Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Mainz 05, etc.


3. Startimes Sports Life


Sports Life is a 24/7 Channel dedicated to lifestyle-related athletes. It focuses on “a relaxed approach to sport” and caters to the needs of viewers who might have a bit more time on their hands.



Sports Life offers tips on the latest fitness strategies, health, cartoons, documentaries and fun sports.



On weekends, special Live events, replays and highlights of matches will are provided for viewers.


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You can follow the Chinese Super League, Bundesliga on this channel.


Watch it on TV 253 DTT_Basic, 243 Sport Plus.



4. Startimes Sports Focus


Startimes Sports Focus is a comprehensive sports channel, providing fast and general global sports news. You can watch replay and highlights of football and fighting events on Sports Focus.



Watch Bundesliga games involving average clubs in the division. Most matches on this channel are aired on Friday’s and Sunday’s.


Watch it on TV

250 DTT_Nova

240 DTH_Nova



The acquisition of the rights to broadcast live Bundesliga matches on Startimes was one of the best moves the Chinese PayTV media took in its bid to further expand its reach.


At least followers of the top German division would easily follow their favourite team from the comfort of their homes.



How to watch Bundesliga on Startimes has been made easier for customers. You can also download the Startimes ON official App to stream live matches on your phones too.