How to join Toronto FC (TFC) Academy: tryouts 2021, cost, price, location

How to join Toronto FC (TFC) Academy: tryouts 2021, cost, price, location

June 19, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

How to join Toronto FC (TFC) Academy: tryouts 2021, cost, price, location.


The Toronto FC (TFC) Academy is the youth wing of Major League Soccer outfit Toronto FC solely responsible for the development of young players for the senior team.


Competing in the MLS Next League, the team comprises of various Soccer development levels including U12 to U19 and includes as well as other development squad owned by the team.


Cool facts

How much does TFC Academy cost? The TFC Academy cost is free.


The club makes it free as a result of sponsorship with Adidas. Additionally, training equipment for players (cleats, jerseys, goalie gloves) is provided at no cost.


Does Toronto FC have tryouts?

The Academy conducts tryouts to admit players into the TFC Academy through the TFC Juniors.

How to join Toronto FC Academy

To join the Toronto FC Academy, you will sign up for the Toronto FC Juniors through the club’s official website indicating interest.


The Toronto FC Academy Juniors is the pathway to the main Academy and is the main source for recruiting players to the various development teams owned by the club.


What you should know about the various levels of Toronto FC Academy development


1. Toronto FC III

The Toronto FC III is one of the development wings of the Academy. The team competes in League 1 Ontario.


Other teams

U-21 Ontario Soccer League

Ontario Youth Soccer League (OYSL) Team: U-16 OYSL


Ontario Professional Development League (OPDL) Teams: U-13, U-14, and U-15.

York Region Soccer Association High-Performance League: U-11 and U-12.


The division was created to develop players for the main team.



Age Group: U21

Level of Competition: Professional Development

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Description: Toronto FC’s most senior Academy Club competes in League1 Ontario as well as several competitive tournaments worldwide.


3. TFC Academy

The main Toronto FC Academy is open to players from U11-U20.


Players from the variola age-grade levels are trained with the use of the club’s professional facilities for soccer education providing for its players to help them succeed with their dreams of becoming professionals.


Toronto FC Academy tryouts

Toronto FC Academy Open Tryouts is conducted to recruit young players for the main Academy.


Players can apply through the TFC Juniors team.


How to join the Toronto FC Academy through the TFC Juniors team

The team comprises players within the age-grade levels of U8-U13.


The Toronto FC Junior (TFC) aims to offer a soccer development program that to further strengthen the relationship between the TFC brand and the Ontario football community


This is achieved by offering the best soccer development and identification for players aspiring to join the TFC Academy.


The Toronto FC Juniors team is the main player development, identification, and tracking program for the Toronto FC Academy.


The team runs a policy based on a curriculum-based program, in grassroots development for players aged six to fourteen.


The team and its handlers make it easier for players to thrive by creating a suitable training environment.


Players train with the team once or twice per week with the chance to participate in the academy or teams for the remainder of the week.


TFC Juniors Camps

The Toronto FC Juniors Camps is a program that recruits new players based on their performance through camps that are held in communities in Toronto.


Camps are held for full-day and half-day for young players ages six to fourteen.

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Players participate in the program following the Toronto FC Me-We-Us curriculum.


Juniors Toronto FC Juniors camp program is performance-based and is built for the same purpose as all of our other programming.


The club uses the program to identify new talent for the club’s main academy.


TFC Juniors hours

The full-day camps others from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with an early drop-off at 8:00 AM and a late pick-up at 5:00 PM.


Toronto FC Juniors Soccer Schools

The Juniors Soccer Schools provides an environment for young male and female grassroots players from the city of Ontario.


The program is held across various Regional Training Centres (RTC) throughout the GTA.


Male and female players from the ages of six to fourteen years old.


It was built to support the Soccer development training young players receive at their clubs and academies.


How much does it cost to enrol for TFC Juniors Soccer School? It cost $650.00 for players ages nine to thirteen and $485.00 for players ages six to eight.


Although the registration fee is dependent on the number of training sessions in the season and the fee varies.


What you are expected to do as a participant

The club will provide a full training kit for each player who registers.


TFC Juniors pre Academy

TFC Juniors Pre-Academy is a special Soccer development program designed primarily as a pathway into the Toronto FC Academy main Academy as well as other development teams.


The levels of the program begin from U10 to U13 age group.


Players for the Pre Academy are selected directly from TFC Juniors programs including TFC Juniors’ Soccer Schools, Camps, Embedded Programs, Clinics, and TIP.


The staffs and coaches primally focus on scouting players through this avenue.

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TFC Pre Academy annual schedule

Preseason (October), Competition (November-June), and Assessment/Individual Development (July-August).


TFC Juniors Pre-Academy will have the luxury of participating in MLS competition through exhibition matches.


The players also participate in tournaments in Adidas and Patterson Cups.


Toronto FC Academy location

The team trains at the BMO Training Ground 85 Carl Hall Road Toronto, Ontario.


Toronto FC Juniors

Toronto FC Kia Training Ground

85 Carl Hall Rd.

Toronto, ON

M2K 2B9



85 Carl Hall Rd.

Toronto, ON

M2K 2B9


How to Register for Toronto FC Juniors


To register for the team, visit the link.


About the Toronto FC Academy

The Toronto FC Academy is the youth development department responsible for the development of young players from different age-grade levels up to the professional level.


Academy members have full access to the team’s cafeteria, at no cost, where they are served meals following training on a daily.


The Academy covers all costs Including regional and International soccer Competition.


It also financial support for players who need financial support to cover commute costs.

Final thoughts

The Toronto FC Academy standout as one of the best youth development programs in Canada.


In a bid to help young players succeed, the club offers its Academy at no cost.


The only requirements are a serious-minded soccer player.


If you love Soccer and would love to see yourself play for a professional team, then you should consider enrolling for the Toronto FC Juniors.


This article highlights How to join Toronto FC Academy, tryouts, Academy cost, location, contacts, price and numbers.

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