How to join Nigeria Football Federation

March 13, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

The Nigeria Football Federation is the country’s football governing in charge of the Sport from the local level to the international scene.


The NFF for short had been in existence for years putting the country’s football in limelight.


However, unlike the State sports ministries and the state football F Association, it is not as easy as it sounds for people aspiring to join the Nigerian Football Federation board.



Before you become a member, you must be affiliated to either your state football association or appointed on merit after serving the nations national team setups be it the super eagles and the Women’s national team either as a coach or a football player retired after several years.



Below are ways that should be considered before aiming for a position at the Nigerian Football Federation in Abuja.



1. Ensure you have the Basic requirements as a graduate of any discipline at any educational level such as HND, BSC OR Masters in any discipline and not limited to Senior Secondary school certificate.


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Although, in some cases, this may not be criteria as Sports or Football does not require you to have a certificate in any discipline before you join.




2. Join your local government sports council


The local government sports council is another place to start. This level of sports management will help you gather more experience from the grassroots, which will serve as a backup or a guide as you move the ladder in your sports management career.




3. Move on to the state level


After serving at the local level, you should take the bold step to your state Football Association.


First, you have to look for ways that will make it easier to join the State Football Association either as a result of achievements made during your reign at your local government sports council or through nominations.


Also, you should try your best to establish contacts with some top hierarchy at the state level.

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4. Join state delegates for national football congress meeting related to the national teams


If you are already a member of your state Football Association, try your best to be included in your state Football Association delegates for any national congress like the NFF Annual General Assembly.



5. Consider running for elective positions in your state FA


As a chairman of your state Football Association, you can equally run for the position of the NFF President even though this may not be the main criteria to contest for that position.


6. Go for elective positions at the national level as a representative of your state


Apart from the FA Chairman in your state, there are other elective positions you can still vie for as your state representatives.


There are positions left by state representatives. You can still consider such a position.


7. Contest for the position of NFF President or Vice President or any other role


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Another position that can make you a full member of the NFF is the official of the vice president.


The Vice President has first and second. At least you can aim at one.


8. Alternative (become the leader of Nigeria’s Football supporters club)


Join the Nigerian football Supporters club. This group is much closer to the national team than any other external body.


As a president of the group, you can still eye a position at the NFF based on your record as chairman of the group.

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