How to join New York City FC (NYCF) Academy: tryouts 2021, contacts, location

How to join New York City FC (NYCF) Academy: tryouts 2021, contacts, location

June 19, 2021 3 By Ibiye Ambille

How to join New York City FC (NYCF) Academy: tryouts 2021, contacts, location.


The New York City FC (NYCF) Academy is the youth development department of the club which operates as a separate entity.


The New York City Football Club Academy is a local development setup for the Tri-state area, to discover young talent in the area.


Every Soccer lover is allowed to be part of the experience.


The best performers would stand a chance to join the Academy.


The goal of the Soccer Academy was to develop young Soccer talents by allowing them to train with the best standard sporting facilities.


The team targets young players within the New York Metropolitan Area.


Cool facts

Where does Nycfc Academy train? The soccer development team trains at St. John’s University (Belson Stadium) and Orangeburg, NY.


Utilizing the best industry-standard approach, the club aims to provide the best player development environment as well as creating a competitive, atmosphere for young players to thrive.


The team seeks to provide a genuine pathway for young players to reach the highest levels of their careers by creating a free-to-play program for everyone.


NYCFC Academy operates with various age groups including groups (U12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19) and is provided with the best soccer development coaches.


The team also offers an educational approach to the game as well as monitoring the performance of each player registered.


How to join the New York City FC Academy

To be considered for a place in the Academy, you need to be part of the youth program organized by the club, scouted or through recommendations from NYCFC Youth Affiliates.

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To stand a chance of getting into the New York City FC Academy follow these means


Join Youth Programs: Talent Centers, Camps, Clinics


Be scouted in local tournaments within the New York City Area.


Get a Recommendation from NYCFC Youth Affiliates clubs.


The cost for NYCFC Academy

It is provided free for all selected players with additional benefits.


New York City FC NYCF Academy tryouts


The club will select qualified players for the main Academy based on assessment while playing for Youth Affiliate Clubs and while at NYCFC-hosted Talent Centers.


To qualify for the tryouts, interested parties should contact the nearest Youth Affiliate Club.


Some of the affiliate clubs include Downtown United SC, Manhattan Soccer Club, SUSA FC, World Class FC, etc.


What players stand to benefit by joining the New York City FC Academy

An atmosphere for every player like you to showcase your talent without any restrictions or limitations placed.


The club will ensure players play to the very best standard utilized throughout the entire brand most especially the professional team in Major League Soccer.


To improve the level of confidence of individual players, there’s a measure already in place by the team’s handlers to help you develop your game by becoming addicted to every related to your career development.

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The club promises to take care of the welfare of every Academy player with utmost priority.


As a result, you will be taught off and on the pitch.


One good point is the free will given to every participant of the Academy, by providing a pathway for players to take their career to the next level within a short time.


Players in The New York City Area, as well as the United States, are expected to benefit from the best development experience offered by the club.


New York City FC Academy

The age groups (U12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19).


The players are trained by expert coaches, evaluation as well the opportunity to have direct contact with NYCFC Academy and first-team coaching staff,


The Players will be involved in invitational international tournaments.


The club also offers a program for girls.


NYCFC Soccer Academy program provides a training environment  across four age groups (U-14, U-15, U-16/17 & U-18/19).


The players will train with some of the highest levels of technical standards provided by the club.


Where does the New York City FC Academy train or where are they located?


The holds every session at the Orangeburg New York Soccer Complex location.


The facility is regarded as one of the best soccer-specific facilities in the United States. It is situated opposite the Club’s Etihad City Football Academy.

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The various teams

NYCFC has 6 teams: U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-17, and U-19.


How to get scouted by the New York City FC Academy


New York City FC Talent Centre

NYCFC Talent Centers offers is another creation to helping young players find their feet through the provisions of state of the art facilities to ensure players become better with NYCFC.


The best players in the program will have the opportunity to be invited to NYCFC Academy.


Players are expected to participate in the Talent Center Cup meant for U9-U14.


Players will also have the chance to participate in friendly and tournament through an invitation throughout the year.



NYCFC Soccer Camps is a week-long Soccer development programs to help young players seeking to develop their career by providing q competitive playing environment.


Coaches will be on hand to provide expert coaching to players with age-appropriate learning objectives.


NYCFC Soccer Camps are open to boys and girls of all ages & playing levels.


Finals Thoughts

New York City FC Academy is one of the top Soccer development Academies in the United States.


The Academy promises the best for its players including free packages for players interested in taking their career to the next level.



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