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How to join Los Angeles FC (LAFC) Academy: tryouts 2021, location, Slammers



How to join Los Angeles FC (LAFC) Academy: tryouts 2021, location, Slammers.


The Los Angeles Galaxy (LAFC) Academy is the development department of the MLS franchise Los Angeles Football Club.


The Academy’s is responsible for the discovery, identification, recruitment and development of young players for the first team.


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Cool facts

Where does LAFC Academy train? The LAFC Academy trains at Cal State LA Stadium Field, State University Drive, Los Angeles.


What is LAFC Academy? The Los Angeles FC Academy is the development wing of LAFC saddled with the responsibility of developing young and talented players for the first team.



How to join Los Angeles FC (LAFC Youth) Academy – Tryouts/trials


The LAFC Academy tryouts are based on an invitation-only basis as players are identified through the club’s scouting network.


Interested players or guardians with the desire to register their wards should submit and apply to be considered for a trial.


The tryouts registration process


1. Head over to the trials registration page.

2. Fill out the form.

3. Submit.

4. Wait until a response from an Academy representative.

5. Attend trials on the specified day.



The team’s representatives will evaluate each application closely and extend invitations to selected applicants.


Invitations will be extended based on the Academy’s timelines and needs, as well as the applicant’s demonstrated ability to compete at the appropriate level.


Due to the high volume of applications, applicants could experience delays in feedback, although not all players will be invited for the trials.


Los Angeles FC Academy cost


LAFC’s Academy is a fully-funded program that not only allows greater access to the game but is guided by a collection of globally successful coaches and leaders.


The Academy operates without the pay to play system. Players are allowed to participate in tryouts without the payment fee.


LAFC Youth Academy Teams

Teams: U-19, U-17, U-15, U-14, U-13, U-12, U-11.


Los Angeles FC Girls Academy


Los Angeles FC Slammers

The Slammers Academy holds the Los Angeles Galaxy girls teams across various age groups.


LAFC’s Girls Academy, LAFC Slammers Academy, is poised to developing world-class players.


The program focuses on maximizing elite youth player development.



Other ways to walk your through the LAFC Academy


Lafc Socal Youth


LAFC So Cal Youth is a competitive program where teams are formed through tryouts.


It is a year-round program where all teams are professionally coached and play in either the SCDSL, ECNL-RL or ECNL leagues.


Know more about the LAFC So Cal Youth.


Areas of learning at the Academy


As a member of the Los Angeles FC Academy, you will be taught in every aspect of Soccer development.


Under the guidance of some of the best coaches in the United States, you’ll be taught the most basic techniques, ways to adapt to the game as well as making decisive actions on and off the pitch.


  • Goalkeeper Training

Players interested in goalkeeping positions will be taught using Internacional best practices.


Goalkeeper drills, moves and every other technique will be taught.


  • Ball Mastery

Learn the basic ball Mastery skills and techniques from some of the best coaches around the United States.


Ball Mastery is the most important aspect of Soccer. Without a good foundation in this area, it becomes difficult to thrive or enjoy your career.


  • Physicality

Another aspect of Soccer is physicality. Without physicality, in your Soccer skills, your chances of making the best of your ability could be pegged back.


Coaches will help you master the physical areas of Soccer by teaching you the most advanced techniques.


How to succeed in trials


1. Early training

Early to bed, early to wake as the popular saying goes.


That been said, you should consider preparing for trials early enough by going through series of training on your own.


As an individual, if you find it difficult to manage your work hours, you can still achieve hours of your training by creating a mini-training schedule for yourself.


Training keeps your body up to shape for the challenges ahead.


As an athlete, training should form a big part of your everyday habit because it is the secret weapon to your success in any venture.


2. Choose a particular role you can confidently play

In the current era, you should always go for a soft target. What I mean, you should consider playing a role you can confidently handle.


This can be achieved when you access yourself and identify your ability.


On the field of play, if your capacity carries you in the attack role, then you should stick to it and work out ways to perfect it.


If you find it difficult to decide on whether you should take up this role or not, you can still approach a coach for more advice.


4. Learn the basic rules, skills and techniques in soccer

Knowing Soccer rules will go a long way in your career development.


Soccer rules are a set of instructions that guide you to become a better player on and off the pitch.


One of the most important areas scouts are always watchful of is your ability to control the ball.


Ball control is another area you must work your way through without which your chances in tryouts would have no headway.


To avoid issues, take your time to learn the basic skills in soccer including heading, shooting, running, positioning, etc.


5. Always work with like-minded people

Another way to succeed in soccer is to follow players with a high interest in taking their career to a greater level.


Follow players capable of helping you with information, tips as well as other measures that could help you out in your quest to become a professional soccer player.


6. Be serious with your soccer development strategy


The only way to stay on track is to work towards achieving greater heights in your career.


To be able to achieve this, you should look for every means that’ll help you succeed at every point in time.


Serious minded people are the only ones that get it right.


Of course, there’s no other way to achieve success without applying seriousness to whatever you do and there’s no limit.



About Los Angeles FC Academy

Los Angeles FC Youth Soccer Development Academy is built with a core focus on developing world-class players for the first team.


The LAFC’s Academy provides a professional pathway for elite players with the potential to become a Homegrown players for the LAFC team.


The LAFC Academy team features over seven age groups including U11 U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19.


The team has gone on to produce the Club’s first Homegrown players, as well as multiple players representing Youth National teams, and a CONCACAF championship.


Players are taught every single aspect of soccer development on and off the field.


MLS NEXT Participation

The LAFC Youth Development teams participate in the MLS NEXT.


MLS NEXT is an elite player soccer development program aimed at providing the best player development experience in North America.


Governed and controlled by the MLS Soccer body through the organization’s new youth group which has brought about innovation.


The MLS NEXT creates a pathway or a conductor environment in which players receive the highest level of competition while acquiring the training and personal development.


The league consist of over six age groups. Know more about the MLS Next.



The article highlights how to join Los Angeles FC (LAFC) Youth Academy, tryouts 2021, cost, location, contacts, Slammers Academy information.

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