How to join LA Galaxy II Academy, tryouts 2021, location, requirements & numbers

How to join LA Galaxy II Academy, tryouts 2021, location, requirements & numbers

June 15, 2021 6 By Ibiye Ambille

LA Galaxy Academy: how to join, tryouts 2021, location, requirements & phone numbers.


LA Galaxy Academy is the youth and development department of the Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy.


The academy was created with the sole aim of growing young players that will eventually graduate into the senior team.




Cool facts

Is the LA Galaxy Academy free? Yes, The LA Galaxy Youth Academy is offered for free. The club also supplies players with the best equipment (cleats, running shoes, jerseys, bags, pants, full kits, etc.)


How much does it cost to play for LA Galaxy Academy? The LA Galaxy Academy is a fully-funded program. You can participate at no extra cost. Also, you will be competing in the USL First Division.


The Academy has been in existence and can be traced back to when the MLS franchise was established about ten years ago.


The Academy offers World Clash and exclusive faculties that will help you build up your career towards the level you dream of as a young Soccer player.


Just as a standard Soccer Academy in the United States, the LA Galaxy Academy also has its standards and requirements you must possess before you will be granted a place.


Reasons you should join a Soccer Academy, more especially LA Galaxy Academy


The LA Galaxy Academy is one of the best Soccer Academy in the United States today offering you the best opportunity as a youngster aspiring to take up your career to a professional level.


LA Galaxy is one of the most successful team in MLS today with more MLS Cup titles than any other side.


It is also one of the most popular teams within and outside the country.


As a result of these achievements, the club would always see it as a priority to improve on its Academy so that more players can be drafted into the senior team in the nearest future.


Even though the club buys players from other clubs, there’s still more priority on its Academy.


Also, if you end up performing well, you will be added to the matchday squad for some important MLS matches which will boost your level of confidence as you continue to grow.


Another reason to join the LA Galaxy Academy is the level of exposure you are expected to get.


The club is one of the most popular clubs in the United States and Canada and there More chances of getting noticed by clubs even though you are not able to cut the senior team.


What is LA Galaxy Academy and what are my chances of getting into it? LA Galaxy Academy is the development team of the club and your chances of succeeding are high as long as you meet the requirements set by the team’s handlers.


Reasons LA Galaxy Academy should be your top destination


1. LA Galaxy Academy cost us free

Unlike some other Soccer academy, the club’s Academy focused on achieving success in the long-run has promised to provide everything you need as a youngster aspiring to join the team.


By successful becoming a part of the Academy, you get added benefits which includes some of the best offers that are not available out there.


As per the club, they supply every player with the best equipment needed for their day to day training which is an added advantage for the players.

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The club supplies equipment including cleats, running shoes, jerseys, bags, pants, full kits, etc. All these equipment and materials are provided to their players for free as long as they are accepted into the Academy.


Looking at how it is being done at other places, it is one of the best offers and you should take advantage by ensuring you sign up with the Academy.


You know acquiring these items all by yourself will be an additional cost on your end, so you should take it upon yourself to register for the Academy today.


2. World-class and industry-standard equipment

In the development of every player in the world, the availability of a world standard Soccer facility plays a major role as it helps in learning modern techniques needed to succeed in the modern era of Soccer.


At LA Galaxy, the club offers some of the best and top-notch Soccer training facilities to help its youth players achieve their full potentials.


Why is it different? As per the club, you are given access to everything which the professional team benefits from.


You get to train with facilities used by the club’s professional setup.


What you are expected to train with

As an Academy player at La Galaxy, you are allowed to access the weight room, athletic training facilities, professional locker rooms, top tier fields, team lounges for film sessions, etc.


This is a huge plus for you and it is because some top Academies may not offer you these things at this level of your development.


But, you can access these facilities which are expected to boost your morals as you continue to grow.


3. Train under top-class coaches

The best here is, you get the opportunity to train professional soccer coaches hired by the club.


These coaches will teach you everything you need to know about your Soccer development from the basics to the main aspects of the game.


As per the club, all its Academy handlers have been enrolled in various coaching programs and are professionals on their rights.


You should expect the best from them as you enrol on the Academies.


Some of these coaches are also involved in the college Soccer program and as such, they are expected to bring in their wealth of experience to further help you succeed with your career.


4. A chance to be a part of the Professional team in the future

The best thing that can happen to you as a youngster is to be a part of the professional squad of your team.


At LA Galaxy Academy, you are guaranteed a place with the professional as long as you are good in whatever role you play.


There are players currently in the first team that were graduates from the Academy. Today, they form a key part of the senior team which is a plus for them.


Competitions you will play as you are accepted into the LA Galaxy Academy


Southern California Developmental Soccer Leagues (SCDSL)

Age Groups: U12, U13, U14/15.


This Competition serves as a development for young players out there.


As you enrol for the club, you get the chance to play against players within your age group and stand a chance to learn new Soccer tips, techniques and skills.

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U.S. Soccer Development Academy

Teams: 77 of the top youth soccer clubs in the U.S.

Age Groups: U-16 & U-18 teams


What you are expected to learn by joining LA Galaxy Academy

The sole aim of the Academy is to build world-class players that can fill in the gap in the nearest future with industry Standard equipment, ideas and techniques.


The Academy is poised to developing Academy student-athletes as players, students, and people interested in becoming professionals in Soccer.


The club’s administrators and coaches will be on hand to teach students the best in the industry.


Also, students will be taught to meet the student-athletes meet academic and behavioural standards.


As such, every student is expected to be at their best, placing their development at the forefront.


How to join LA Galaxy Academy

1. Sign up and register for the LA Galaxy tryouts by visiting the clubs official portal.


2. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (High school students, Juniors, Seniors).


2. Take the ACT or SAT and submit your scores to the NCAA using code 9999.


3. Complete College Applications

4. Complete FAFSA


LA Galaxy Academy location

To enrol for the Academy, your next turn is to visit the club Academy


LA Galaxy Academy

18400 Avalon Blvd.

Carson, CA 90746


LA Galaxy Academy tryouts

The LA Galaxy tryouts is an avenue created by the club to further help in discovering young talents across the United States and Canada, as well as players from other parts.


The tryouts are the most important aspects of joining the club’s Academy fast as you will be selected by top-class coaches that are on the ground to monitor the tryouts session.


To be eligible for the tryouts, the club has further gone on to disclose what must be done and what you should expect.


The LA Galaxy tryouts are open to players between the ages of 17-25. Tryouts aim to provide the opportunity for players to showcase their talents in front of our LA Galaxy staff, coaches, etc.


The club uses the process of tryouts to recruit players for the LA Galaxy II which serves as the reserve team of the club.


Players who cut will have the opportunity to be discovered for the USL season.


Since its inception players discovered through this medium have gone on to play for the LA Galaxy II and First Team.



The requirements for the LA Galaxy Academy tryouts

1. Participation

As a participant, you must be within the ages of 17 – 25 years which is the basic and started age for any development setup.


2. One game per day

Similar to the usual open day trials, here you get to play one game per day.


You will be mandated to feature for a selected team that will play against another selected team for sixty minutes.


This is a full team consisting of 11 players. These are the most important areas you must show your talent to convince the scouts that are present.


You should try your best to convince the coaches with an outstanding performance during the trials sessions.

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3. A registration fee of $185

Every participant is expected to pay a registration fee of about $185.


Mind you, this fee is paid as per every open trials session that will be conducted daily.


This is the more reason you should do well to impress the LA Galaxy Academy staffs present during the session.


Your chances of getting picked solely dependent on your ability to impress the handlers.


3. Take care of your personal needs by carrying additional money

This one area you should watch out for. Do not leave your location to the tryouts ground with the belief that you are covered by the club.


You will take care of your fees such as fares for taxi, food and another personal cost that may be incurred as a result of your visit to the tryouts organized by the club.


Before setting out, you must ensure these things are well taken care of to avoid problems in the long run.


Additionally, you should be fully prepared for the tryouts so that the staffs will pick you up eventually.


4. Provide your own kits

Since you are not yet a part of the club’s Academy, the basic equipment or materials needed from your end will not be provided.


You should Carry your Soccer boots, socks, shorts, gloves, shin pads as well as other important equipment needed for the tryouts.


5. Represent a role

The club handlers will pick play randomly according to their roles. On your part, you should represent a role you can easily boost of satisfying the Academy staffs.


6. You must register before attending the tryouts

Before you make the move, ensure you have fully registered for the program through its official platform.


You must register, without which, your kick-off times will not be emailed to you.


7. You must play the role you registered for

Ensure you know what to do during the time of registration.


This is because you will only be allowed to play the role you registered for and not what you decided to play with.


8. There will be no refund except the tryouts were cancelled

Note that failing to appear for your trials will not get your money refunded.


You must attend the open tryouts the day your kick-off times was emailed to you.


LA Galaxy Academy price

The LA Galaxy Academy price is free, but during the tryouts, you are mandated to pay a registration fee of about $185.


The tryouts allow you to join the academy after the scouting process.


Final thoughts

The LA Galaxy Academy is the best place, to begin with, your professional soccer career.


Before you can join, you have to go through the tryouts program and if you qualify, you will be selected for the LA Galaxy II that will compete in the USL First Division.


Also before you you make the move, ensure you have read the requirements and that you have already registered for the tryouts.



This article highlights how to join the LA Galaxy Academy, tryouts, Academy location, price and requirements for young players.

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