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DC United Academy Tryouts 2024: How to join, cost, schedule



Hamid in action for DC United in 2015

Here’s how to join the D.C United Academy, tryouts, and how much it would cost.


DC United Academy is the development department of Major League Soccer outfit DC United to develop young players from scratch.


The Academy is owned and controlled by DC United through its youth and development section and has been operational and practical over the years.



It comprises various age-grade levels, including U-17, U-16, and U-15).


The club’s development team has been regarded as one of the most successful in the United States over the years due to the performance and contribution the youth section has made to the professional team in the MLS.


The DC United player recruitment

There had always been the interest and desire by the club’s top hierarchy to improve the level playing ground and the overall state of Soccer in the country.


DC United States Academy includes U-14s, U-16s and U-18s and each year, players move from one level to the other, creating space for others to key in.

The age limit for the U15 department is for players between the ages of 10 and 15 years.


How to apply for DC United Academy in 2024


Step 1: Visit the Academy website and read the terms

Step 2: Study the requirements

Step 4: Sign up for the Academy by visiting the club’s online Player Questionnaire section

Step 5: Fill in your correct details so you can be contacted easily

Step 6: Speak to your parents/ guardian about it

Step 7: Follow the instructions if a call is placed across to you by a staff of the DC United Academy.


Your chances are 50/50 due to the high volume of applications they receive daily. You could get a call from a representative about your inclusion in the Academy.


What to expect if you are invited

  • You will be given an opportunity to the team during a scouting match, which would be used to select players.


  • You can join the main Academy team and participate in Talent Centre Tryouts.


  • Your chances increase as a call is placed through to you.


Where is the Academy located?

Location: Segra Field – 42095 Loudoun United Drive, I Leesburg, VA 20175


How to contact them today: send a mail indicating interest regarding trials or other ways of getting admitted into the Academy. Send your inquiries to

DC United Academy Tryouts 2024

Once a call is placed to you after you have finished submitting your details confirming your interest in joining the Academy through the Player Questionaire, you’ll be handed a place in the tryouts.


Remember, you would have to pay the necessary fees the moment you are selected for any of the age-grade levels.


As you set out for the tryouts, make necessary provisions for yourself, including taxi fare, lodging, airfare, transportation, food, kits, etc.


Other things to note about the tryouts

1. It is Part of the Northeast Pre-Academy League.


2. Players are divided into groups or teams according to age and position. The teams would train for selected days every week for the entire year.


3. USSF Licensed Coaches will train players


4. The teams will play other MLS Next League.


How to get scouted by DC United Academy without applying

The club sends its Academy Scouts to Identify young players during Soccer events regionally or across the country.


Soccer events, including matches, tournaments, etc.

The scouting team observes your performance during these events and reports to D.C. United’s Head Scout.


The report brought forward to the Head of Scout is worked on, and steps are taken to ensure following plans to follow up with the player’s progress.


Once you are identified as a major target, the club will either be your current local team or an invitation will be placed across to you regarding age-appropriate Academy Team training sessions.


Also Read: How to join LA Galaxy Academy, tryouts, location, cost and requirements.


After initial contacts are made, you will not be immediately inducted into the team, but necessary steps will be taken to ensure the right connections are made.


How to become successful during tryouts


Know what scouts are looking for

The most important aspect here is to know what scouts want from players.


Some basic things they look out for are your ability to control balls, make decisions and overall individual performance.


There’s a long list of scouts who want to see in you, and it would be in your best interest to work towards it.


One of the main reasons people fail to cut necessary trials is their inability to satisfy these scouts.

Before you set out for any soccer tryouts or trials, you should know what scouts want to get from you.


One of the important areas scouts do look out for is your ability to make good use of the ball whenever you are in control of it.


There are thousand and one expectations scouts would like to get from you, and it is impossible for them all.


Instead, your goal should be to perform the most basic areas that make you qualify to be a soccer player that would be considered for selection.


To get a tip-off on how to impress a scout, you can begin with your local team coach, who will give you proper insight on what to expect and how to do it.


Whenever you get to showcase your talent, always do your best to impress so your inclusion will be much faster.


Choose a convenient role

There are several roles in soccer you can choose from. But always play to your strength and not necessarily for passion.


The moment you’ve identified the perfect role, continue to work with it and improve yourself daily to become perfect with it.


During the trial sessions, scouts would place more priority on you the moment you are spotted as one of the best on the day.


So how can you achieve this? It would help if you perfected your preferred position so that your chances of succeeding with it increase.


Be consistent with the role you’ve chosen to play, and always look for ways to improve on it.


Train regularly

What makes you a better player and stand out amongst your peers is your ability to train regularly.


As you train regularly, you learn more ideas, skills, patterns and techniques to make you a better player.

You don’t expect to stop playing for a long time and, simultaneously, wish to perform at the highest level whenever you are called to do so.


If you find it difficult, you can create a personal training schedule and work with it. I believe it is the second-best strategy you should follow.


Creating a personal training schedule gives you the time and space to work on your activities and time for your soccer development.


Eat right

Eat the right type of food to enhance your performance in the field of play. Look for the best foods for athletes and ensure you follow them.


You can speak to a sports expert who deals with professional or amateur athletes like you to know more about the best food to eat as an upcoming athlete.


Final Thoughts

Your chances of succeeding are always open and depend on your efforts.


To join DC United Academy, you would benefit immensely from looking at the club’s pedigree and level of exposure in the country.


You get the chance to train under good coaches and also stand a chance to meet with United States Soccer Federation representatives. To join, follow the necessary steps and pay the necessary fees.

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