How to join Chicago Fire Academy: tryouts 2021, cost, location, contacts

August 23, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

How to join Chicago Fire Academy: tryouts 2021, cost, location, application, contacts.


Chicago Fire Football Academy is the development wing of the MLS side Chicago Fire Football Club.


The Academy has been operational over the years and has helped the main team in the aspect of developing top players for the competitive MLS league.



The club run series of programs to help players achieve their dreams of becoming professional soccer players.


Cool facts

How do you get into the Chicago Fire Academy? To get scouted for the Chicago Fire Academy, you’ll have to submit your details for review and attend tryouts if you are invited.


Where does the Chicago Fire train? The Chicago Fire Soccer Academy trains at the SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview.


How long is the Chicago Fire Academy? It usually takes a year or sometimes a couple of months for players to get promoted from one level to the other at Chicago Fire Soccer Academy.



How to join Chicago Fire Soccer Academy – tryouts 2021


The Application Process…


1. Prepare yourself

2. A personal invitation from a Chicago Fire Football Academy scout

3. Complete a ‘player identification’ application to be observed and/or to attend a trial or ID Event – you will register first

4. Participation in a Chicago Fire Juniors program nationwide


5. Participation in other Chicago Fire Youth Development camps and/or clinics.


What to do after going through the above-mentioned steps provided by the club


The next step for approval into the Academy is pretty simple as it only requires the Academy handlers to respond to your application and invite you when they are interested in you.


1) The Technical staff at the club or technical handlers will review your submitted application.


2) If interested, the club will contact you and invite you to a player trial at SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview.


Tip: It is recommended you include video footage of yourself in training showing the best skills, runs and abilities you’ve acquired.


Scouts are always on the technical side when it comes to the selection of players for their clubs.

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Ensure your video footage is clear enough to enable scouts to identify your main objective.


Submitting your video increases your chances of getting into the Academy or making the list of players for trials.


Requirements for consideration in the Chicago Fire Soccer Academy


Playing Position

The position you play e.g defence, attack, etc

Playing Experience at a high level

Your level of exposure to soccer.

Existing team needs

Your ability to fill in the void left.


Chicago Fire Football Academy teams

The club has over five age groups participating in the Academy program and they include U13, U14, U15, U17, and U19.


These teams participate in the MLS NEXT League (Know more about the MLS Next League).


Chicago Fire Soccer Academy Location – Training Centre


Tryouts and training sessions will take place at the Chicago Fire Football Academy Training Facility at SeatGeek Stadium (Bridgeview, Ill.)


Chicago Fire Academy schedule


The club training schedule is usually three to four times every week. Although the schedule is subject to change.


Other ways to join – Chicago Fire Academy Affiliate Clubs



Most clubs do rely on feedback from affiliate clubs and this is because these clubs have really good scouts who identify players for their team.


There are lots affiliate clubs in partnership with Chicago Fire Football Club.

The affiliate clubs are listed below…


Chicago Fire Juniors City

Chicago Fire Juniors North Shore

Chicago Fire Juniors South

Chicago Fire Juniors West

Illinois Fire Juniors

Indiana Fire Juniors

Indiana Fire Juniors South

Michigan Fire Juniors


The club runs in partnership with other networks of scouts to identify players in the Chicago area.


These clubs serve as scouts to help the club identify the best performing players in the region.


Players unable to cut submission for the player Identification Program could still join the Academy through an affiliate club in the region.


Get scouted by an affiliate club and you could be on your way to the Chicago Fire Football Academy.


Young and talented players across the United States are also allowed to apply for the Academy directly or via affiliate clubs.

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Ways to succeed during the Chicago Fire Academy trials


Trials are good opposition to impress coaches and scouts this is why you should make the most out of the opportunity at all times.


Follow these recommend ways below..


1. Good training

The only solution to become successful during tryouts is regular training that keeps you fit.


That been said, you cannot succeed in trials when the fitness level on your end is lacking. As a result, you should ensure good fitness before setting out for any tryouts.



The secret of most successful players worldwide is fitness. Top players have their training hours outside of their team training.


This makes them stand out and better compared to their counterparts.


What this means is you must make your training schedule a priority else you could lose form which is dangerous to your development as an upcoming Soccer player.


2. Good at the basics of Soccer

Another area to look out for is your ability to perform the most basic form of Soccer. These include shooting, heading, passing, trapping, running, etc.


These areas are also the most basic areas scouts are always on the lookout for.


To be on the safe side, you should work on these to at least near perfection to be able to compete with your peers.


You could still learn these skills on your own. Simply make the ball your friend daily by carrying out training exercises.


You can also watch videos of top players to learn from them.


3. Ball Mastery

You should be able to play around with the ball like you own the pitch. Your ability to carry out runs, make decisive decisions on the field of play makes you stand out.


One of the areas scouts do watch out for is your level of confidence.


Players with a high level of confidence tend to perform better when they are called upon compared with players that usually have problems with their confidence on the field of play.

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4. Sticking or adopting your preferred position


In soccer, the most decisive area is your choice of position.


This is the main area scouts would make their final judgements as to whether you are qualified enough to be considered for selection.


To avoid choosing the wrong position, you need to access yourself by looking at the areas you can confidently play to your strength.


If you find this difficult, you could still speak to your coach about it. I’m sure you’ll find a quick solution for this.


You cannot achieve success in soccer without choosing the position you can confidently handle.


So before you head out for that trial, ensure you are a master in a particular role to further boost your chances of getting selected by the club’s representatives.


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Final Thoughts


The Chicago Fire Football Club Academy stands out as one of the most promising player development outfits in North America.



Over the years, the team have gone a long way in it’s bid to become a hub for soccer development by improving the standard of play, provision of world class training facilities, etc.


About Chicago Fire Soccer Academy

Chicago Fire Soccer Academy is the development wing of the Chicago Fire Football Club of the MLS.


The Academy was created to help young players reach the highest level of their career in soccer by providing a pathway to aid in their quest to become Professionals.


The club believes in the future, as a result, several steps have been taken to ensure young players are developed in a more conducive environment with a standard education curriculum.


Players stand to benefit more from this program.


At the end of your stay as a player, you’ll have the opportunity to sign for the professional team or even grabbed a contract with another top team probably in the MLS or abroad.

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