How to join Atlanta United Academy, Tryouts 2021, cost, location, contacts

How to join Atlanta United Academy, Tryouts 2021, cost, location, contacts

August 20, 2021 2 By Ibiye Ambille

How to join Atlanta United Academy, tryouts 2021, cost, location, contacts.


Atlanta United Academy is one of the top United States development Soccer academies owned by the MLS outfit Atlanta United.


Cool facts

What is the Atlanta United academy? The Atlanta United Academy provides a clear pathway for young players who have the desire as well as potentials, ability to reach Professional status or become part of the club’s first team



The Academy was officially launched in 2016 before it’s the club’s first season in Major League Soccer.



The development team aims to be the premier soccer club locally, regionally and nationally.



This has however been achieved over the past couple of years even as top Academy graduates have gone on to join the Atlanta United Professional team that plays in the MLS.



The Atlanta United Academy consists of various age grades or teams in U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17 and U-19 respectively, most of which do play in the MLS Next League.


How to join Atlanta United Academy/tryouts


Recruitments or registration for Atlanta United is usually based on tryouts. Visit the club’s official tryouts page here.



Atlanta United Academy cost

The cost to become a part of Atlanta United Academy is free for all selected players and has many additional benefits.



  • Comprehensive learning experience
  • Learn under qualified staffs
  • Standard equipment package for all full-time players (including full uniform and the latest Adidas footwear).


How do you try out for the MLS teams? Atlanta United as an MLS team with an Academy, you are required to submit and receive an invitation before you can tryout for a place in the Academy.


Atlanta United Academy location, training centre

The Academy trains and competes out of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground home to comprehensive, modern and fully equipped coaching, athletic, sports science, and medical departments.


The Academy trains and competes out of the same facility as the first team and ATLUTD 2 at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground located in Marietta, GA.

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Atlanta United Academy Age Groups

The team consists of teams in age groups U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17 and U-19.


Atlanta United development pyramid


Atlanta United – MLS

Atlanta United 2 – USL

Atlanta United Academy

Atlanta United Juniors

Soccer Development Partners

Regional Development School

Training Program



Atlanta United and Atlanta United 2 are the two Professional teams owned by the club.


The Atlanta United play in the United States Major League Soccer while the Atlanta United 2 play in USL Championship.


Regional Development School

The Regional Development School Program is a pre-academy feeder system, the Regional Development School.


The Program is a tryout-based program focused on creating high-level training environments for young players and pushing them for the tough challenge.


A program for advanced level players.


RDS tryout based program is for advanced level players or age-grade levels for boys and girls, ages 8 to 14.



How to join the Regional Development Partners, cost

The Tryouts for these tryouts are free. Although, participants who are successful in making the program will be billed upon acceptance.


Schedule: location and training

It is a weekly 90-minute training session. (All players must try out each season).



The tryouts are held in the state of Georgia.


Atlanta United Camps

The Atlanta United Camp are a special Soccer development program geared towards securing a pathway for players to learn new concepts about soccer.


The club offers a variety of soccer camps throughout the year in multiple locations across Atlanta.


The camps are only available for players of all ability levels from 5-14 years of age.


Players would have the opportunity to train or learn under quality coaching and an unbelievable experience.


Reasons to consider the Camp

  • Fun activity-based curriculum
  • Appropriate for all ability levels
  • Professional coaches
  • First Team Player Appearances at select camps
  • CPR and First Aid Qualified Staff
  • Atlanta United t-shirt included in every registration


To register for the Camp, follow the link here.


Atlanta United Clinics

The clinic aims to help players develop to the next level focusing on a particular area.

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The clinic helps in teaching young players in position-specific training focused more especially on goalkeepers and strikers.


It is usually a five-week program that consists of 90-minute sessions once a week on Friday evenings.


As per the club, all sessions would be led by experienced Atlanta United coaching staff who will help players improve key technical skills.


The age-grade levels for the Clinics are for players ages 7-14.



Reasons to consider the Clinic

  • Age-appropriate for children aged 7-14 years old
  • Open registration for all ability levels
  • Low player: coach ratio with a professionally licensed and qualified staff
  • Progressive curriculum and methodology that builds skillset from session to session
  • An Atlanta United t-shirt included with every registration


Ways to succeed during tryouts

Tryouts are occasionally held and you must ensure you are considered for selection if there’s any.


Below are ways you should work to prepare yourself for tryouts


1. Train regularly

One of the most recommended ways of succeeding during tryouts is absolute fitness.


To perform better, you should be fit to pass several tests that would be carried out to ascertain your readiness.


Regular training keeps you fit and well prepared for the task ahead.


Players that fail to impress are usually not good enough as a result of a lack of fitness.


As a soccer player, fitness should be your everyday activity aside from your routine duties.


If you find it hard to train, you could still create a special training schedule that would serve as a guide.


2. Play a particular role

There’s no point going for a position you would find difficult to impress.


As a soccer player, you must look deep down and identity your weakness and strength.


How can a achieve this? You should access yourself to know the particular role that fits your ability.


If you happen to see yourself in an attacking role, present or choose to attack as your number one area.


If you find it difficult to choose a particular role, you could still talk to your coach about it.

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This is because your coach stands to be the person that could detect your strength and weakness.


3. Perfect your strategy

As mentioned earlier, if attacking Soccer fits your description, then you should consider working towards perfecting it now and then.


Continue to work out ways that would ensure you become perfect in your chosen role, this way, you’ll boost your chances of succeeding during tryouts.


4. Learn the basics of Soccer

Although an academy serves as a developing pathway, you should still focus on adding finishing touches to your game.


As an upcoming player, there are areas such as online directories, magazines such as YouTube, where you can find materials or videos about learning the basics of Soccer.


Follow these videos or magazines and practice on your own. If you continue practising, you’ll become a better player.


The basics of soccer include passing, shooting, heading, trapping, running, good positioning, etc.


Coaches would love you and considered you for selecting the moment they notice you are good in these areas.


5. Confident

Avoid stage fright. Always remain confident and play out your best whenever you have the chance to do so.


Some young players have failed to perform at their best as a result of fear or low confidence.


Try your best to focus on your game rather than looking at what the crowd or coaches want to see.


Final Thoughts

Atlanta United Academy is one of the best Soccer development Programs in the United States.


The Atlanta United Academy play in the MLS Next League and USL Championship represented by Atlanta United 2.


Take your soccer career to the next level with Atlanta United programs and clinics.

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The article highlights how to join Atlanta United Academy, cost, location, contacts, tryouts 2021.

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