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How to join a football club and Academy in Germany



To join a professional football club or an Academy in Germany could be worked out if you go about it the right way.


Taking your career higher to a professional level is not completely easy if you do not work it out in the right direction.


You know you cannot walk into any club to declare your intentions of being part of them and expect positive feedback.


This is because most clubs rely on recommendations from expert football scouts regionally and internationally.


Football in Germany is a lucrative sport where players can earn higher weekly or monthly.


The lucrative nature of the sport in the country has further pushed the need for young players in Germany and other countries to consider joining a professional club in the country.


How to join a professional football club / Academy in Germany


1. Age (Start young)

Football clubs of the 21st century are always on the lookout for young players because of the advantage it holds for them.


What I’m trying to point out is that age matters when it comes to a professional football club.


Young players are capable of adapting to the system, philosophy as well as style of play adopted by the club for the various teams it owns.


Another aspect, clubs tend to offer you long term contracts and would be willing to invest heavily in you.


These are some of the reasons clubs do consider the age of players. If you must achieve professional football fast, your best bet should bank on football early.


According to stats, the 2019/2020 German Bundesliga season featured more young players across the 18 teams that participated.


For already established professional players within the age range of 25 upwards, your chances of getting to play for a professional club without having a previous club would be to have a football agent.


Your agent would be in charge of negotiation with clubs and making recommendations.


2. Search for Youth Sports Programs in Germany


In Germany, there’s are numerous Sports development programs organised by either government or private organisations across the country.


If you reside in places with little or no sporting activities, you might as well consider moving out to other areas to increase your level of exposure.


Places with high football activities include Munich, Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, etc.

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Top regions like Bayern, Hamburg, Saxony, Westfalen and Bremen are significant hubs for youth sports programs in Germany.


Some of the top youth programs in these areas include the FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup organised by Bayern Munich.


Sports Programs allows you to show your talent and possibly enter the list of players that would be scouted and considered for a top club.


Also, note that some youth sports programs could be offered on a payment basis. Alternatively, you could enrol for sports Programs organised or sponsored by regional bodies.


3. Look for a football agent in Germany


Dealing with a professional football club requires the presence of a football agent. Look for a professional football agent in Germany with well-established links with professional football clubs.


You would sign an agreement with the agent, who will, in turn, search for clubs on your behalf and make recommendations when necessary.


Well established and trusted agents would accelerate your chances of getting invited by a club looking for players. As a football agent, he would be the first to be contacted by professional or even semi-professional clubs looking for players.


The most crucial reason clubs may not consider if you approach them all by yourself is because there’s little or no idea of you, including your history or career stats that are more of importance.


These are reasons clubs would always consider dealing with agents instead of direct approaches or applications from interested players. In the case of teenagers, they may be redirected to the club’s Academy.


However, you should have in mind the issues of fake agents. Before proceeding, try to carry out background checks on the agent to remain on the safe side.


Another aspect of agents is all about the expenses. Agents could charge you higher, and there’s no way you can afford this when there’s little or no direct income or funding for your career pursuit.


4. Join a local team in Germany


Local teams are one of the best places to begin your career. This is because you could join a local team without heavy expenses, and local groups with links to professional clubs would always have scouting events for players.


As a local team member, you could travel for regional and national competitions. Some of these competitions attract scouts from top clubs.


What would cause scouts to be attracted to you or even consider you as an option is your ability to convince them throughout the competition.


On your part, you should play to your strength to increase your chances of getting picked by a scout. Scouts are always looking for areas to add value to their current team.


Some of the areas scouts are always watching includes your stamina, final balls, control and overall individual brilliance. If you can satisfy some of these, you are good.


5. Attach yourself to any scouting network


Scouting networks are groups of scouts to discover young talents from the grassroots and link them to professional clubs.


6. Visit the club’s training ground


Another way to get started is by visiting teams during training hours. Clubs in the 3. Liga and Regionalliga. Visit some of the teams in the division during training hours and establish contact with some of the handlers like trainers, coaches or coordinators.

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Although most clubs would prefer reports from scouts, you still have a clear chance of succeeding following this approach.


7. Go for Open day trials in German cities


Open day trials are the most accessible means of getting a contract with clubs in Germany. At Open day trials, scouts from various teams in the country would be on the ground to monitor and select the best players.


8. Enrol on football Camps


Football Camps are also promising avenues to find scouts looking for players for the teams they represent. In Germany, there are many football holiday Camps you can select and participate


Most of these camps are affiliated with already established professional clubs in the Bundesliga, 2 Bundesliga and 3. Liga.


Although the most popular holiday Camps are a bit expensive, you could still go for the least expensive ones.

Football training Camps would give you an edge when it comes to new ideas concepts and increase your level of exposure to the round leather game.


9. Consider clubs in the lower divisions

Lower divisions clubs are also the best places to begin your professional career in Germany. This is because of the attention it receives across the country.


Also, top Bundesliga clubs are always scouting for players in the lower divisions. If you watch closely, Bundesliga clubs prioritise homegrown players more than foreigners.


Most Bundesliga clubs prefer young talents in the country more than some already established professional players outside the country.


Starting in the lower leagues even as a foreigner is much better and increases your chances of getting scouted by big teams. The top club scout for players within Germany more than players in foreign leagues.


You are talking about lower leagues, the 3. Liga and the Regionalliga are the perfect places to kickstart your career.

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10. Join an Academy


The next stop destination is a football Academy in Germany. All clubs in the Bundesliga to the 2. Bundesliga does have a youth development academy.


Try to enrol in an Academy to increase your chances of getting a professional contract.


Football Academies were established as a pathway for young player development by teaching young players various aspects of the game on and off the pitch.


Best football Academies in Germany

  • FC Bayern Munich
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Schalke 04
  • Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • Hamburger SV
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Note: Academies are “Ranked”  in no particular order.


11. Establish contact with insiders

If you want to stay informed of the latest concerning trials, recruitment, and scouting activities, you should contact insiders.


Try your best to establish good contact with insiders so you would be notified whenever there’s information or update from the club regarding players recruitment, trials, etc.


12. Social Media


Never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to our everyday life. These days, almost every club has an active social media handle where club activities are posted for the public.


Be on the alert for new information regarding the club’s youth development system. You should follow the social media handle of Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, 3. Liga Youth teams or Academy to stay updated regarded programs, recruitment and others.


Social media is an essential tool, and you should make good use of it.


14. Emails or Postcard


Every day, clubs in Germany receive tons and tons of emails and postcards from young players and parents within and outside the country.


These requests are often ignored for reasons best known to the club representatives. However, some emails do receive feedback from them.



  • Your age matters
  • Attach a video clip of yourself
  • Your ability to play enough and that you are “good enough”.


Final words

Football in Germany is one of the most popular and lucrative sports. If you wish to join a professional football club in the country, you need to apply for an Academy camp. 

I'm a sports enthusiast, love writing about football. I have been writing about top teams in Europe, the Premier League and La Liga.

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