How to join a football Academy in Nigeria

March 14, 2021 1 By Ibiye Ambille

Enrolling for a football Academy in Nigeria is one of the biggest steps you take towards achieving your dreams of becoming a pro footballer.


An Academy simply serves as a link between you with an already established clubs, making it easier to get a club without much hassle.


The requirements are your level of seriousness as an individual.

Even though it may cost you a few thousands, it is still recommended you join an Academy if professional Soccer is the main career path.



Football Academies play a major role in the development of any footballer in the world, although they’re often overlooked in some parts of the world.


Take it or leave it, an Academy can propel your career to the next level in no distant time.



This article will help you prepare your first step towards climbing up the ladder in your quest to become a Professional Footballer in Nigeria.


Here are the steps to take to join a football Academy in Nigeria


1. Make enquiries


The first thing to start with is all about making an inquiry about the Academy you’ve set out to join.


Right now, almost all the information you need is on the internet.


Most Soccer Academies are present online. Simply browse through their pages, look for their requirements and location.


Sometimes it better to join the one closest to you.


Some have age restrictions, before you signup with them, ensure you go through the terms and conditions.

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Try to know their mode of operation and if they have strong links with scouts within and outside Nigeria. This way, you are assured of getting to point after your study years is completed.


2. Application letter


Your next step is to write and submit an application letter to your preferred Academy you’ve chosen to work.


Ensure you go through their application guidelines before submitting. If you are required to submit any document along with your letter, please do so as this will hasten the approval process.


3. Register

Once your application letter is ready, the step is to register for the program. Just walk into their office or headquarters and submit a copy of your letter.


Fill out the necessary forms that would be given to you upon arrival. Fill it and submit


Note: Major fees you’re required to pay comes after you have been accepted into the Academy.



4. The coach will access you


The next step you will have to take is to wait until you receive a call from a representative.


The Coaches will access you to know if you a fully fit to join them. They’ll also check for your past and recent medical report in some cases.


If you pass the test, you will be allowed to proceed with the next step of registration.

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Form to fill with copies


After you have been accepted, you will be asked to come with important documents alongside the original form given to you the day you began your registration.


You will be asked to come along with originals and photocopies of these documents below.


  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport 1 to 4
  • School cert
  • Medical report
  • Your fees


These documents are very crucial, without which you may not be allowed to complete the registration process


About Football Academy


A good foundation in everything makes it easier to achieve success. The main reason why Academies where introduced to help young people learn basic skills, principles, traditions.


Importance of Academy


Instils confidence in you

The proper team spirit taught in the Academy will help boost the level of your confidence, since you have the chance to play alongside different people in different places.


Puts you in the game

There’s nothing better than leaving with like-minded people for a long period. As you continue with these set people, you find yourself develop more interest in the discipline.


Instils Discipline

I know you heard about players having their working contracts terminated due to misconduct? That is a perfect example of indiscipline.


The essence of the Academy is to teach you basic discipline, eliminate bad conduct fairness so that you can grow with it.


These and many reasons are behind the increase in enrollment into Soccer Academies

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Acquiring new skills


The Academy is another way to help you learn new skills every day. Football has evolved from the dribble and score to a more tactical approach which requires your brain to work at all times.

All these you can learn if you enrol today.



Teaches you to eat the right food.



Some top Football Academy in Nigeria


Pepsi Football Academy (PFA)

Kwara State Football Academy (KWFA)

Abuja Football College (AFC)

Midas Soccer Academy (MSA)

Papilo Football Academy

Barcelona Football Academy in Nigeria

Chelsea Football Academy in Nigeria

Abuja Football College

Juventus Academy

FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup


How much it cost to join an Academy?

It differs and it all depends on the quality of service they offer. In some cases, you could spend as high as 40,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira.

How to join An Academy for free in Nigeria?

Indeed there some Academies which offers free admissions, but you could still be required to pay some fees before you will be offered certificates.


Some free ones include FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup, Juventus Academy, etc.



An Academy is very important, and it is better you signup with one as grow further.

This article will help you as begin the next chapter in your career.

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