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How to become a professional soccer player (play in Europe)



To become a professional soccer player, I mean to turn your soccer career into a professional level is no easy task, but with hard work and commitment, you can achieve your dreams of playing for that big club within a short time.


Soccer remains the most popular sport in the world, most especially in the European continent, Africa, Asia, and South America.


Soccer which started in England in 1833, continues to be a major employer of labour in the Uk and across some European countries where the sport has great followership.


In this article, we have discussed in detail, the recommended ways that should b followed by upcoming soccer stars.


The requirements to be a professional soccer player after our research, here we found the best steps that should be followed towards achieving it.


1. Start young

The best time to begin your journey as a potential professional is at your tender age. You should start from your tender age, build yourself through regular training and consistent practice, which can be achieved by developing a master plan that would suit your everyday lifestyle with your career.




Today, most of the top teams in Europe rely on young players. This has pushed several big clubs to be on the lookout for young talented players. A perfect example is during the early 2000s as major clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus had a greater percentage of their squad made up of overaged players.


In the current decade, soccer clubs send scouts on a regular basis to search for players and these scouts often prefer players with quality and creativity.


An example of which we saw was the Bayern Munich squad 2020 that won the Trebble which includes the DFB Pokal, Bundesliga, and the UEFA Champions League title with so many young players.


Another reason why you should start early, you can adapt to the game quickly. You will develop a passion for the game as grow further.


2. Choose a particular role


Soccer has several roles you can choose from. However, it is better you are adapting to a particular role as it would help you master grow to your A-game.


Choosing a particular playing position would help you focus your interest. You cannot kickstart your career on a particular role only to deviate along the line.


See Benefits of picking a particular role


  • You become a master of your game.
  • You become more confident.
  • During trials, your success rate increases compared to others without a role or dual roles.
  • Gives you an opportunity to become the best wherever you go.


3. Develop a training schedule

What makes you a standout amongst others is your ability to train regularly. Take it upon yourself as an obligation every single day of your life that you must train.


As a street soccer player growing up, you may find it difficult to train regularly as a result of a commitment to other activities. However, to overcome this, you should develop a training schedule that will serve as your guide.


A training schedule does not only keep you committed to your goal, but it gives you the chance to be above others.


4. Be Consistent

Consistency is what makes you a better athlete. Don not stop because you are not at the top of your game yet, continue to work hard, as consistency would pay off in the end.


If you continue with your regular playing schedule, you will get used.


How do you become a professional soccer player?


It is these measures that can aid you. Always stay focus and work hard. As you continue with your work rate, a professional team will come scouting.


5. Have a CV

What is a CV?

A curriculum vitae (CV) provides a summary of your experience and skills. Typically, CVs for entry-level candidates are longer than resumes—at least two or three pages. (Thebalancecareers). It is also known as the short course of life.



A CV typically includes information like work experience, achievements and awards, scholarships or grants you’ve earned, coursework, and places you’ve played or visited in your search for greener pastures. You may be asked to submit a CV to apply for an Academy or a soccer club.


Every professional soccer player has a complete CV. This document serves as identification. Your CV consists of personal documents such as a home address, your personal information, email address, passport, and ID card.


6. Attend scouting matches, Camps, Training Meet-ups

Do not sit at home expecting an opportunity to come looking for you.


Go out there, attend scouting matches or trials as you could get picked. Always be on the lookout for such opportunities on social media, the internet, radio stations.


Scouts serve as a link between grassroots players like you with already established clubs looking for upcoming talents. If information is your problem, you can check through local listings, magazines, newspaper for the possible announcement.


These days, the first place we get our information is on the internet. You can follow industry insiders and stay updated.


Tip: Follow social handles of Professional soccer club Junior sides e.g, Chelsea FC Academy, or U15 on Twitter, Facebook.


7. Join a local team in your area

Consider joining a local team within your locality. It could help you gain more exposure and popularity within a short time. Local teams can still help you secure your dream to move to a big club.


8. Check for opportunities online

Check out for scouts online. Follow football activities, camp online. You can follow insiders, representatives, and organizations to be updated on the latest.


9. Join a Soccer Academy

Football Academies are the best places to secure that could help you secure a move to a professional club. It will help you learn new ideas, skills, and also improve your game as an upcoming player.


10. Create Video Clips showcasing your abilities

In today’s world, almost everything has gone online and soccer development is not an exception. You can create social media accounts, record and upload videos of yourself.


As you upload, you can tag industry insiders, teams. Scouts, representatives could find your Videos useful. Who knows, you could get a call from them if they are impressed with what they saw.


11. Ensure you have complete training kits

Get used to training kits so that, as you move on with your development, you will not find it difficult to training with them on a professional level. Do not compromise. Ensure you have a complete set of kits ready.


If you have no training kit, consider buying some for yourself.


Basic training kits: Balls, Goalposts, Nets, Footwear, Boots, Gloves, Tracksuit, Bars, Cones, etc.


12. Workouts

Do not joke with workouts. As an athlete, you should perform workouts every single day to stay fit. You should ensure your body system becomes balanced by regular exercise.


Workouts Help you control your weight, also reduces the risk of contracting heart disease. Workouts also help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. Also, it Improves your mental health and mood.


13. Food

Eat the right set of food as an athlete. You should try your best to search for food that would help you stay fit as an upcoming footballer. Eating the right food will help you a lot.


Avoid eating too heavy food. What am I trying to say, light foods should be added to your daily diet as an athlete. Successful soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic each have their own healthy diet.


14. Join Schools offering Scholarship

There are schools offering scholarships to upcoming Athletes also includes Soccer. Always be on the lookout for schools willing to sponsor your career to the highest level.


These schools could accelerate your career to the next level. As an athlete, you could easily go for trials as scouts would give priority to schools they can easily get what they want.


15. Possess basic Skills

Ensure you possess basic skills which include Heading, shooting, trapping, dribbling, and good positioning. This can be learned during your normal training exercise.


16. Develop a passion for the game

Do not stop playing street soccer alone. Try to support a club as it will help you develop more passion for the sport.


17. Sign a contract

Whenever you are presented with an opportunity to join an academy, football club, or organization, do your best to sign the contract papers with them. The contract you sign with them shows you are committed to what you are doing.


18. Train with others

Consider having group training as it would help you grow in confidence. Group training will help you learn new skills, ideas, and develop a new mindset about the game.


19. Watch Video Clips

There are several ways you learn new skills and concepts. If you want to learn new skills, ideas from already established players, you should consider watching video clips of them. You can also watch video clips of training sessions online without spending a dime.


Tip: Watch Clips of Xabi Alonso, Andreas Iniesta, Xavi, Sergio Kun Aguero, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Erling Braut Haaland, Sergio Ramos, Robben, etc. These are great players you can learn from.


A good place to start is Youtube.


20. Learn basic Skills

If you have no skill, there’s no problem. You can start now to learn the basics of Soccer as it is never too late to try.


Also Read:

Every day as you train, try to master the basic skills of football. The only judgments scouts would give to you, is your ability to handle the ball.


The way you position yourself passes, shooting, and observing your opponents. These are some of the qualities that make up a good soccer player.


21. Look for an agent

You need an agent that can easily secure and negotiate deals for you. Agents can get you to the highest places in your career.


22. Communication

Always communicate with people whom you know to have information regarding upcoming soccer activities within or outside your locality. Try to create a standard channel where people can easily reach out to you.


23. Establish contact with Insiders

Whenever you attend a soccer scouts meeting with players, camps, etc. Ensure you find contacts from people you come across.


Avoid the mistake of leaving without establishing contact with people you find there. I mean to make new friends. They may turn out to help you in the future in terms of the information they would give to you.


If you can, establish contact with scouts and or club representatives, it would go a long way.


24. Travel out

Move out of your current City if you feel sporting activities taking place is not up to the level you require. As an upcoming player, you need to stay close to areas where sporting activities do take place regularly.


Move out of that location if nothing good that would help your career exist.


25. Go for Trials

Go for trials whenever they present themselves to you. Trials are a good avenue to get a club quick. Trials remain one of the biggest places that will accelerate your career fast.


26. Enrol yourself in Sports Colleges

College is another place to start. In the United States, College sporting activities have very strong followership most especially those in Athletics, NFL, Basketball, Cricket, Baseball, Soccer, and Swimming.


Colleges will not only teach you your field of endeavors, but you will have the opportunity to learn a whole lot of things.


27. Visit Websites of Professional Soccer teams Regularly

Do not compromise, always visit websites of professional teams as there could be offers available to join its feeder teams. Remember, feeder teams form the basics of every club and thus they’ll always be on the lookout for young talented players.


Do not wait for somebody to tell you before you start doing so. Believe me, you could get lucky. Players like Thomas Muller, Lionel Messi, started at the Academy of their respective clubs, but today they are big stars.



You should continue to work hard no matter how hard it takes to achieve your dream career.


Today, Soccer is a very lucrative sport where some professionals earn even higher. I believe ideas from this article can take you far.

I'm a sports enthusiast, love writing about football. I have been writing about top teams in Europe, the Premier League and La Liga.



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