How to become a pro soccer player without Academy, college or qualifications

May 16, 2021 4 By Ibiye Ambille

How to Become a Soccer player with Academy, college or qualifications


How can I join a football club without passing through an Academy? How can a break into any professional team without having qualifications?


These are ailing questions that bother the minds of so many young players across the world.


It is very much possible to play football professionally without passing through any Football Academy, college nor having any form of qualifications.


So how can this be possible? We research the various ways you can utilize without having any qualifications nor passing through a college in your bid to become a Professional Footballer.


1. Attend open day trials

Open day trials is simply an avenue for you to showcase yourself as an upcoming footballer without a club or having to sign up for any college.


Attend open day trials because scouts do place priority in these areas for picking up raw talents at the grassroots level.



The open day trials are not age-restricted.


Rather what they are looking out for us what you can offer and what makes you successful is your ability to impress these scouts from the different club that are in attendance.


The sessions could be paid for or free.


However, the option you should prioritize is the paid one because your chances of getting picked are much higher compared to free sessions.


Another reason to choose paid sessions is that more scouts are expected to be in attendance compared to the free version of the open day trials out there.

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2. Visit clubs during training hours

Another avenue to get closer to professional clubs is to visit during the club’s training hours.


Find out how you can part of the club by establishing contacts with some of the handlers of the team.


Show them what you can offer and you could be invited for a proper trial session with the club within a short time frame.


Remember, before you attend any club trials, you have to prepare yourself well because it will help increase your chances of getting picked.


Also know the fact that even after getting picked by a club, you could still be sent to the development squad for further development on your part.


However, you can still break into the professional set-up within a short time without having to move to the development squad or any other options that could be decided on your behalf.


3. Attend training camps organized by professional clubs

Unlike open day trials, you can also attend a normal playground where scouts regularly visit.


How can you achieve this? You can achieve this by creating avenues for the latest information regarding trials, camps etc, within and outside your locality.


Whenever you have the luxury of attending these camps, do your best by making sure you establish communication channels with your peers you find there.

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Although you may not become successful the first trial you attend, you will eventually perform better in the nearest future.

4. Join a local team

Local teams are also one of the best places to start your Football career.


Local clubs gives you more opportunity and time to play to your full capacity as an upcoming footballer.


They’re also avenues to further gain more exposure and experience from the grassroots level.


Individuals watching from the stands some of which are club representatives could be interested in meeting with you.


Another advantage of a local team is it keeps you growing and increases your level of confidence.


This will help you overcome stage fright that could come at you during professional trials.


5. Participate in major tournaments

Always ensure you are among those players on the team’s starting eleven at all times.


Join a local team and participates in local Football tournaments within and outside your locality.


In the search for professionalism, locals matters and it is because you can not grow in places where there are little or no scouts visiting.


6. Sports Scholarships

Apply for scholarships that would help you secure a move abroad. A scholarship program helps you learn more about your chosen sport.


Scholarships programs are similar to Football Academic but operate differently.


Here as you enrol, professional clubs always send scouts regularly to monitor the best performing players which could get you invited.

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7. Ask Club directly (knock on the doors of football clubs)

You can even go the extra mile by approaching clubs directly and informing them about what you can offer to them as a player.


You could be invited to express what you have.


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Train regularly

Regular training is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit at all times. Train regularly and enhance your ability on the field of play.


Develop yourself on a particular role

Become a professional by taking up a particular position in football and continue to work on it. Learn how to be effective and how to become successful with it.


Devote time to your career

Although this is not a completely easy aspect, you should consider your career as a top priority always.


Exploit the weakness of the team

In any team, you plan to break into, across the team and know where and what is lacking. Develop and train yourself to become that ideal option they need.


There’s an opportunity out there for everyone. Do your best and remain committed to your chosen career and you will surely emerge successful in the nearest future.


This article highlights the ways to become a professional footballer without joining a soccer Academy, College or qualifications.

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