How to become a professional soccer player in Canada, join a club

How to become a professional soccer player in Canada, join a club

April 5, 2021 1 By Ibiye Ambille

To become a professional soccer player in Canada, you need to have some form of consistency, determination to succeed if you plan to end up successful in the nearest future.


Soccer is the most popular sport in terms of participation having competitions like the United Soccer Leagues, the Canadian Premier League and the Major League Soccer.


Canada is one of the nations in North America with a high number of followers of football despite high competition from Ice Hockey and Baseball.


Canadian teams adopt the United States Major League Soccer as its number one competition even though there’s a separate Competition known as the Canadian Premier League.


The interesting nature of the sport in the country has further motivated young players to consider a career in it whilst looking at the high revenue it has generated.


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However, to be considered a professional, there are steps you’ll have to take which requires you to be patient and hard-working.


Highlighting the ways you should follow if your dream is to play at the highest level


Here are the recommended ways to consider if you plan to become a professional soccer player in Canada


1. Have a target

Your first step in this case if your dream is to become a professional, is to have a working plan, a set target that would serve as a guide as you pursue your dream career.


Setting a target is good because working without a target, you could end up disappointed and lose concentration as a result of frustration from your end.


Set your target like you want to get to somewhere within the space of two to three years.


By so doing, all your time and effort would be headed towards getting to the destination you have already projected yourself to be within those three years.


There are so many successful players in the world today not because they are good at playing. It is all about the target they made which they followed up until getting to that stage.


Goal setting is one of the best ways to achieve success in any discipline or activity.


Your target at times should be circled moving up higher with your career. If you have this in mind at all times, I do not see anything getting in your way.


2. Learn basic skills

Skills are not all about dribbling around on the pitch with the soft leather round-shaped material. Simply put, it is the ability to dictate the current situation as you are on the field of play.


Try your best to acquire basic skills such as pass, shoot, heading, crossing, running, etc.

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Your accuracy in these areas plays a big role in your career.


In the 21st century, what coaches need from you is simply your ability to control the ball, your final decision making and your teamwork.


Learn a piece of skill every day and over time, you would become a master at it.

Ensure at every time you train, you take your time to learn a new piece of skill. This was the way a lot of professionals today became successful.


3. Approach clubs

If you believe in what you can offer as a player, it is recommended you approach professional teams yourself without waiting for an opportunity to come at you.


Approach teams in the MLS, Canadian Premier League, United Soccer Leagues or any semi-professional competition in the country.


You could also approach the reserve teams of professional sides in the division.


Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Toronto FC and Montreal Impact. The aforementioned teams play in the Major Soccer League and they are always on the lookout for young, vibrant and talented players like you.



Do not sit at the comfort of your house and expect clubs looking for players to knock at your door.


You have to go out there and engage yourself with activities that would increase your chances of becoming a professional.


4. Apply for scholarship programs

Apply for sports scholarship programs in the country. There’s a reason Canada had always excelled on the world stage.


This is because of athletes that were enrolled in special sports scholarship programs some of which are state-sponsored end become successful.


These programs are set to help build your potentials as an amateur.


You should be on the lookout for these scholarship programs through online directories or from government powered sports management programs.


5. Join an Academy

Academies would help you establish links with already established clubs in no distant time.


This is because they have well-established links with international clubs, scouts, agents or player management organization.


Apart from that, an Academy will also teach you the basic things you need to know as a player.


To have a working relationship with an Academy comes with benefits attached to it.


Thus your next destination should be with an Academy.


To get started with this, browse through online directories and search for their fees and requirements. Pay up the fees and ensure you meet up the requirements specified by individual academies.



Today, there are so many academy graduates that play professionally for bigger teams across the world.


7. Go for trials

Trials are one of the best places that could easily help you secure a deal with a professional team as quick as possible.

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However, if you are not endowed with the basic skills of the game, you may end up disappointed.



To achieve success during trials you must prepare yourself well, do your background checks before heading out.


Remember, coaches are on the lookout for what you can offer and it is not all about your talent, but what you can offer on the Soccer pitch.


Some of the best trails you should attend in Canada


  • Leeds United youth academy football trials
  • Ipswich Town academy trials
  • St Neots Town FC trials
  • East Leigh FC Academy elite development
  • Juventus academy trials in Toronto


Always be on the lookout for these types of trials which can be found online.

There are some online directories available that are regularly updating people about talent scouts and talents programs.


Look for these directories and signup for their Newsletter so you would be notified about the next destination that important trial would take place.


8. Choose a particular role

To become a better player, in the long run, you would have to choose a particular role you can confidently play.


In this case, you need to access yourself to see which of the position is most suitable for you to play.


The more you are addicted to a certain role, the higher your chances of becoming a professional in that role.


See Alphonso Davies as a case study and how an unknown player from Canada took the world by storm with Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.



Today, he is a Champions League winner and a FIFA Club World Cup Champion, considered as one of the best left-backs in the world.

He devoted his time and effort towards developing himself.


9. Apply for trials Abroad

As a Canadian, you can still apply for Soccer trials outside the country like in the United States, Mexico and Argentina or you could still consider moving to Europe.


Trials abroad could also help move further with your career.


10. Move out of your current City

If your current city has fewer Soccer activities, you should consider moving out to cities with more activities related to Soccer.


11. Visit the official website of clubs

Always visit the official website of already established clubs for the latest information regarding youth development.


12. Be patient

Becoming a professional is not a one-day activity. What that means, you have to be patient and consistent with your efforts.


What you need is to continue with your regular training exercise that would further boost your chances of making it in trials.


Your level of patience is a huge factor. I know many have given up in their pursuit of a professional career.

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But it requires you to be patient and consistent.


13. Start young

Today clubs are only interested in young talented players that can perform. If you are still within the age of 18 to 24, there’s still chances of playing Professionally.


Your development is the main factor. Take it upon yourself to further develop your career every day with constant training, fitness and eating the right food meant for sportspersons.


If you start young, you will adapt to the game easily.


14. Have a training schedule

Even though Soccer is not your main source of income, you should take time to create a training schedule that will cover your personal development.


At least in a week, you can dedicate two or three days to your training activities. At least do it in a way not discord your day to day activity so that you will not feel under pressure.


Draft out a plan to cover your regular training exercise. At least, this would help you go a long way as you pursue your dream career.


15. Play alongside people with the same concept

If you must succeed in any discipline, you need to around people having the same vision as you are. This way, your level of concentration will always be high.


Also, your focus will always remain to be successful despite the challenges you face as you continue to work on yourself.


You can do this by creating a circle by establishing contacts with like-minded people. Take it upon yourself to do this and you could go a long way with it.


16. Establish Contacts, communicate with like-minded people


Anytime you attend trials, camps or meetings, try your best to establish contacts with people you might come across and this way, you could be notified about important information regarding trials and training camps.


17. Follow Professional clubs as a fan

Follow Professional clubs that would further increase your interest in the game. If you have passion for a team, you find yourself getting motivated at all times.


Motivation is the main driving force behind any Successful venture and has to be motivated at all times.



Soccer is a very good sport is very lucrative if you end up successful.


Although it is not a one day become a successful venture. But you have to take your time and work on it.


The article highlighted the various ways that would help Canadians or people outside Canada working towards becoming Professional Soccer players.

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