How to Become a Professional Soccer player in Australia

March 9, 2021 3 By Ibiye Ambille

Soccer is not even considered as a number one Sport in Australia since Cricket, Australian Football and the National Rugby League are the most popular sports in the country.


As a result, it becomes a problem for the younger generation to consider Soccer as a number one priority.


This article outlines the various ways that should be followed to prepare yourself in your quest to become a Professional Soccer player in Australia.


Even if Soccer does not achieve such status in the country as the number one sport, it is still considered as the most played outdoor team sport in the whole of the country and there moves by the Football Federation Australia to ensure the sport gains more relevance in the country.



Even though, it still a relevant Sport. Soccer is still a growing Sports in Australia that requires more attention.


As such, the country’s national soccer teams have not done too well in international competitions in recent years.


This can be seen in an age-grade level where the Australian National team setup has failed to make a mark in junior tournaments at the international stage.



The low priority of the sport in the country at youth level makes it harder for young players to become successful easily compared to their counterparts in some Asian countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Qatar and South Korea.


This article spells out the working plan you should follow if your dream is to become a Professional Soccer player in Australia where other sports are more dominant.


Here are the ways you should follow as one who aspires to become a Professional Soccer player in Australia



1. Start young


The best time to pursue your career in soccer is at your tender age, although there are no limitations as to when you should make the headway towards building your career up to a professional status.

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However, it enables you to work with the basics of Soccer, and as such it will serve as a guide as you grow older.


2. Be Confident


Show no fear as you pursue your career.


We all know Aussie Rules, Rugby with Track and Field events dominate the sporting scene in the country.


That should not stop you from following your passion. Since you are passionate about Soccer, just continue with it.


3. Be consistent

Consistency plays a major role in any career-building role. You have to be at your A-Level at all times.


To be called a professional in your field, you have to be consistent so that you can be ready to face the real test at all times.


Be consistent, even though you feel you are not getting it right, keep on with your efforts as it will eventually pay off. Consistency enables you to learn new skills, patterns and techniques.


4. Join NPL junior Teams


The NPL or the National Premier League acts as the semi-professional Soccer competition which consists of over 90 clubs.


You could accelerate your career to the next level with an NPL club in no distant time since A-League teams are always on the lookout for young players in the lower divisions.


5. Attend FFA Nationwide screening exercise


The Football Federation Australia simply put the FFA organizes Nationwide screening exercise to pick young talented players that will qualify to represent the country at various age-grade level more especially the U17.


When it comes to youth competitions, Australia lags behind standard compared to the likes of Nigeria, France, Germany, England, etc. Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Canberra used to be the hub for Australian youngers years back, but now, things have changed.


As things stand currently, the future of the Australian National Soccer Team (the Socceroos) is left in the hands of the A-League teams which is increasingly witnessing high inflows of foreigners each year.

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6. Develop a training schedule


Even though you are into Soccer or any other sport, the best option is to develop a good training schedule that will serve as a guide for you.


To become a better Soccer player, you have to be consistent and consistency is driven by the regular practice which falls into your training schedule.


The most important part of any sporting activity is to develop a schedule. Try your best to create one that will suit you.


7. Have a CV

Develop a CV that has important documents of yourself including your birth certificate, name, address other relevant information that can be used as a means of identification.


CVs are very important in all aspects of our everyday life. So try your best to have a Professional CV attached to you wherever you go.


8. Follow the official social handle of A-League teams


In our modern world, almost everything has gone digital and you should try to keep up.


A-League teams are run professionally and as such, almost every bit of information from clubs are made available online which is accessible.


Always follow the official website, Twitter or Facebook handles of these football clubs to know when there are screening or registration for their Academies.


You can equally make enquiries through their official website if any openings are yet to be made available in the public domain.


You can also subscribe to the latest updates concerning these teams so that you will be the first to obtain the information.


9. Eat right

Always eat the right food. As an athlete, there is basic food recommended for you, particularly food which are lighter.


10. Join local youth teams

Soccer is a developing sport in Australia compared to the Australian National Rugby League and Cricket.

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Most youths are more interested in Rugby and other sports and this gives ample opportunity for others to exploit.


A-LEAGUE clubs are always on the lookout for young players even though these days it appears some of the clubs are now considering finished products from other countries outside the Asian continent.


Try to join a local youth team within your locality be it in Canberra, Perth, Sydney or Melbourne or Victoria. Clubs will most likely send scouts to search for players to fill their Academies.


11. Apply for Australia A-LEAGUE clubs Academy or any other Academy


Almost all Australian A-league teams do have a working Soccer Academy, functioning perfectly year in year out.



This Soccer Academy is another avenue to accelerate your growth as an upcoming Soccer player in the country. If you can register for an Academy, you are one step away from promotion to the main team in the nearest future.


The years go by, the competition in the Australian A-league is getting more intense. Remember it was initially consisting of 10 teams. But recently, it was expanded and there are plans to further increase the number of participating Teams.


There would be more teams in the division and more opportunities would be there for players like you out there.


12. Develop yourself on a particular role

What makes Tim Cahill special, or Viduka extraordinary? This is because these players are specialist at their position. If you see yourself a defender or good at attacking opponents, stick to them and continue with it. You can speak to your coach or trainer about this.


13. Go for trials

Trials are avenues that could accelerate your dreams within a twinkle of an eye. Always be on the lookout for trials at various A-League or National Premier League clubs.

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