How to become a professional footballer in Ghana

How to become a professional footballer in Ghana

March 26, 2021 0 By Ibiye Ambille

Becoming a Professional Footballer in Ghana could be a daunting task, at the same time looks achievable with the abundant number of followers and talents which attracts scouts from the different parts of the world.



Scouts do visit the country in search of young talented players since Ghana is another top destination behind Nigeria and South Africa.



Football in Ghana is another popular sport played both at the Professional level down to the grassroots.



A country just like Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa and Egypt is another top destination for the sport.



Ghana’s domestic football is not as high as other domestic leagues like South Africa, Egypt and Algeria. Be that as it may, Ghanaian clubs have also won laurels at the continental stage.


How to Become a Professional Footballer in Ghana


To become a professional, you have developed a high level of interest and commitment to your career.



There are several ways you’ll have to follow if you plan to succeed in your quest to become a professional.


These ways are not difficult to follow, however, it requires you to be consistent with what you have in mind.


In our well-researched article, here are the recommended ways you should consider if you plan to become a professional footballer in Nigeria from the grassroots.



1. Start young

The basic recommended age for any beginner in football is between 4 to 5 years and beyond. At this age, you can learn the basics of the game.



As you grow older, it becomes a basic part of your life.


These days, professional soccer clubs are always on the lookout for young players, who can adapt to the system or philosophy of the club at that age.



This is to make it easier for them to adapt to the style of play at the club as they grow older towards moving to the senior team.



This way, the players will not find it difficult to adapt to the system of the club.


Take a closer look at Lionel Messi at Barcelona, he was flown from Argentina to Spain when he was a teenager playing for Newell’s Old Boys.

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As he grew older, he became addicted to the system in Barcelona. There are several football Academies out there in Ghana that would help accelerate my career.



You can also apply for scholarship programs abroad.


2. Have a goal


Goal setting is one of the best ways to achieve whatever you wish to get. So, if you are planning on taking football as your career, you should be prepared to face the challenges that comes with it.



Always have a target and stick to it. Professional football is not a one day become a successful career thing. Rather, you have to work right, hard work and consistency would be your only answer.


3. Be consistent


Consistency pays. You need to have it at the back of your mind that your efforts determines how successful you would be in the long run.



Another aspect is your efforts in terms of your personal development. You should train regularly to keep fit.



You should take your training more serious since opportunities do come at a time you would not expect.



In Ghana, there are so many places where grassroots players hold their training. Visit some of these places and become a part of them, this way you can easily develop yourself.



4. Develop a training schedule


Since football is not the main source of income for many grassroots players, it becomes difficult to develop a schedule to help them develop their existing knowledge.



Try to draft out a training schedule that would be convenient for you. At least, twice a week is the right step to take.



The more training you do, the more your chances of becoming successful during trials.



5. Attend trials


Do not sit at the comfort of your house and expect clubs to come looking for you. Instead, be on the lookout for trials within and outside Ghana.



When I talk about trials, trials from Local Ghana Premier League teams or second division club or even the ones at the Amateur level.

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If you are good, bigger teams from top divisions will come looking for you.


6. Start local


The Ghana Premier League, the second division are good places to start. Always be on the lookout for opportunities like trials involving local Ghanaian teams.


7. Approach clubs


Clubs like Berekum Chelsea, Aduana Stars, Asante Kotoko, Ashanti Gold, are bigger clubs in the county’s top division and they are always looking for players that would help move them forward.



If you believe in what you can offer, approach some of these clubs by writing directly to them or you can even visit them during training hours.


You can also meet some of the handlers of the professional development squad, to tell them about what you can offer.



Do not sit at home, approach some of these clubs and you could be heading towards the right way.


Remember, football pays a lot. As you move higher, you are expected to get more.



Examples like Asamoah Gyan, Emmanuel Boateng, Thomas Partey, Jordan Ayew, are some of the top high earners of Ghanaian football.



8. Join an Academy


The best place to start is the Academy. A football Academy serves as a link between grassroots or amateur players with already established teams.



The only thing they require is your registration. Most of them charge less.


On your part, try to go through the process of registration and pass through their requirements.



9. Move out of your current Location


In Ghana, cities like Accra is one of the major places. If you reside in places with little or no football activities, you should have a rethink.



If you want to move up higher, then you should move to places with high football interest. Places that would attract scouts.


10. Attend Nationwide trials

Nationwide trials are carried out biennially for the U15, U17, U20 Ghana national teams.


If you are within the aforementioned age range, you should consider these national trials.

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Several Professional Ghanian footballers have used these avenues to secure bigger clubs outside the country


During the FIFA age-grade competition, clubs do send scouts to search for talented players.


11. Attend trials Abroad


If you have the capacity, you could likewise attend trials outside Ghana. Places like Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Cameroon and South Africa are good options.


Trials outside Ghana could make it easier for you to get a club.


12. Look for an agent or player management organization


The biggest step you would have to take is to sign a working contract with a football agent or player management organization that would help you secure clubs.



Look for a well-established agent or player management organization with several contacts across the world.



As you sign up with them, also take your personal development more serious, so that you can deliver whenever you are invited over for trial.


13. Establish Contacts


As you attend camps, trials, always establish contacts, ideas with your peers over there.


This way, you would be notified whenever there’s a camping, trial, etc.



14. Visit the official website of clubs


Another option is to follow the official website of already established teams within and outside Ghana.



Clubs always post about the latest news, activities which concern various teams, departments.



15. Apply for scholarship


You can apply for scholarship programs abroad. In the United States, for example, the NCCA is in charge of amateur sports management and development.


Every year, the colleges produce talents.


Enrol for sports scholarship programs that would help you accelerate your career.


Today, Ghanaians are representing different countries which could be a result of scholarship programs offered to them by those countries.



How to Become a Professional Footballer in Ghana can be a bit challenging or easy, depending on how you go about it.


You should start at a young age, be consistent, attend trials, migrate to cities with more Football activities and attend trials outside Ghana.

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